Stock analysis veteran and resident host Dr. Nigel Finch chats with Michael Oredsson, CEO at Biome Australia and Blair Norfolk, Founder and Managing Director of Activated Nutrients.

Biome Australia, the company behind Activated Nutrients and Activated Probiotics, is targeting an aggressive growth strategy to rapidly broaden its footprint to key Asian geographies such as China, Korea and southeast Asia.

The company’s Activated Nutrients brand offers a range organic, plant-based nutritional products aimed improving the nutrition of key target groups, particularly the 50+ age segment, as well as specific medical needs such as weight management.

Biome’s Activated Probiotics brand is focused on the distribution of precision probiotic supplements, many unique to the world market, aimed at specific medical needs, such as osteoporosis prevention, management of allergic asthma, management of mood and depression, iron deficiency, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and more.

All products in this range are backed by randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trials complying with the highest international standards.

Chatting with Dr Finch in Stockhead’s Sydney studio, the group discuss all things activated nutrients and probiotics.