• Infill termite mound sampling identifies large Katafata uranium anomaly
  • Total number of anomalies delineated to date now up to seven
  • RC and auger drilling of Saraya South anomalies – including Katafata – to start in February
  • Results from auger drilling at Diobi, Sanela and Mandankoly prospects also due in February


Special Report: Haranga Resources continues to build up its inventory of uranium anomalies at the Saraya project in Senegal for further testing following the ongoing success of infill termite mound sampling.

Termite mound sampling followed by auger drilling has proven to be a cost-effective method of exploration across the Saraya project area.

Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) has used this exploration technique to identify several anomalies outside the current contained inferred resource of 16.1Mlb @ 587ppm U3O8.

The company’s ability to delineate uranium anomalies for follow-up exploration is certainly a positive in the current bullish market for the energy metal.


Uranium exploration portfolio increasing

Termite mound sampling over the nine infill grids defined to date have already delineated seven uranium anomalies.

Amongst the latest to be defined is the Katafata anomaly that covers 600m by 1000m and hosts uranium concentrations of up to 11ppm, about five times higher than the 2ppm background, within the Saraya South prospect.

Katafata sits at the foothill of the Eastern Saraya laterite plateau, suggesting a potential continuation under the plateau westward.

It also features similar geology to HAR’s known Saraya deposit.

“The addition to the company’s resources of our own portable XRF analysis machine has dramatically improved the turn-around time in analysing our termite mound and auger samples,” HAR managing director Peter Batten noted.

“The outcome of this, is that we are able to assess our prospects quicker and we are rapidly growing our portfolio of anomalies requiring auger drilling, increasing the possibility of further deposit discoveries.

“Whilst searching for the next Saraya, we are cognisant of the value sitting at Saraya and have decided to progress the development of this deposit at the same time as we explore for another.”


Upcoming activity

HAR plans to start auger drilling of the Saraya South anomalies – including Katafata – in February to further understand their extent and nature.

Additionally, auger drilling results from the Diobi, Sanela and Mandankoly prospects are also due in February.

The company is also continuing permit scale sampling to generate new prospects.



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