• Haranga Resources finds uranium anomaly at Saraya East from infill termite mound sampling
  • Regional sampling now 80% complete with work ongoing at Blocks 11 and 12
  • Auger drilling has also confirmed the Mandankoly uranium anomaly


Special Report: Infill termite mound sampling has added yet another uranium anomaly to Haranga Resources’ inventory of targets at the Saraya project in Senegal.

Termite mound sampling is a cost-effective method of exploration in the Saraya project area, taking advantage of the termites having done the hard work of evacuating subsurface material – which might include uranium or uranium pathfinders – to the surface.

Ongoing permit-wide sampling completed on a 1000m by 100m scale first identified potential anomalies that were firmed up by infill sampling.

Doing so has allowed Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) to quickly identify several anomalies outside the current contained inferred resource of 16.1 million pounds (Mlb) U3O8 at a grade of 587ppm U3O8.

These have been earmarked for further testing using auger drilling.


New target, more likely to come

Infill termite mound sampling at Saraya East – the fifth infill grid to be tested so far – has now identified another significant anomaly for auger drilling.

HAR sampled Saraya East on a 200m by 50m grid, collecting 1,552 samples that were later tested using pXRF.

This identified an anomaly with up to 11ppm uranium – more than four times higher than background levels – in the catchment of a stream draining the eastern Saraya Plateau that is less than 4km east of the main Saraya uranium deposit.

Meanwhile, regional sampling has been completed over the Blocks 9 and 10, covering the northern-most portion of the permit.

This has identified two groupings of anomalous samples of up to 15ppm uranium.

One of the anomalous groups is located on the Eastern Saraya Laterite Plateau (NW), while the second group covers the area around the erosional/colluvial Diale river.

Further sampling is under way at Blocks 11 and 12 and about 80% of the regional sampling is now completed.


Meanwhile, the drill bit is spinning

Auger drilling is continuing at the Mandankoly target with 67 more holes drilled on lines 2 and 3.

Notably, pXRF results from auger line 3 has confirmed the TMS uranium anomaly.

The auger rig is now drilling a line parallel to Line 1, along which a significant anomaly associated with a structure and alteration has been discovered.

Once this is completed, the rig will move to the Sanela prospect to prepare that anomaly for RC drilling target definition.



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