Suvo is moving up the kaolin value chain with the start of research and development on high purity alumina, battery minerals and other high tech applications.

The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Suvo Minerals Technology has kicked off hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical beneficiation trials on kaolin ore from its White Cloud project in WA to produce HPA to the high purity 4N and 5N specifications.

HPA is used as a base material to manufacture sapphire substrates in high tech applications such as high energy efficient LEDs, semi-conductors, optical lenses and bio-medical devices.

It is also the basic key material used in coating porous polymer separators that are used in lithium-ion batteries to improve safety by improving thermal performance.

Suvo Strategic Minerals (ASX:SUV) executive chairman Robert Martin said the move into high value applications comes after early exploration efforts revealed that its kaolin and silica sands projects have the potential to produce very high value products that are suitable for new battery and electric vehicle technologies.

“Suvo Minerals Technology now gives us the opportunity to research products for these and other highly sought-after markets whilst continuing to focus on the development of our White Cloud kaolin and Nova silica sand projects both in Western Australia and our operating mines at Pittong in Victoria. Additionally the valuable intellectual property is maintained in our wholly owned subsidiary.” he added.

The company has appointed its global sales executive Eileen Hao to lead its R&D activities as its new Chief Technology Officer.

Eileen has a technical background in chemistry and materials engineering along with 25 years’ experience working within leading global industrial minerals enterprises in technical and business development roles.

Over the past 15 years, Eileen has been deeply involved in research and development of lithium-ion battery minerals and materials.

Other research activities

Suvo will also begin investigating the potential of producing synthetic zeolite from its kaolin deposits.

Zeolites are manufactured aluminosilicate minerals with a sponge-like structure made up of tiny pores that make them useful as adsorbents, catalysts and ultrafine filters.

They can be designed to selectively adsorb molecules or ions dependent on their unique construction and have the ability to be regenerated over and over again for reuse.

The company will also seek R&D funding assistance from Australian federal and state governments to help grow and commercialise any new technology developed.

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