Fixed Loop Electromagnetic (FLEM) surveys across the Palma Project at C3, Macaw and Mafico have resulted in multiple new, potentially mineralised VMS conductors being identified.

Most importantly, Alvo Minerals (ASX:ALV) says high and lower tenor conductors have been highlighted, associated with known high-grade VMS mineralisation.

Multiple new conductors, which could be significant vectors toward new discoveries, have also been revealed.

Alvo will now systematically test both the discovery and extensional targets highlighted by the recent surveys as part of its ongoing phase 1 and phase 2 diamond drill program at the C1 and C3 prospects.


No time to rest

ALV managing director Rob Smakman says the company is “incredibly pleased” with the efficiency and quality of data delivered by the recent FLEM survey results that have been collected and processed by the team daily.

“The EM plates at the C3 deposit in particular, represent exciting possible extensions to the high-grade VMS mineralisation – both along strike and down-dip,” he says.

“We intend to aggressively test these extensional targets following the interpretation of downhole EM at C3, anticipated to commence shortly.”


Results at C3, Mafico and C3 West

The interpreted plate location at C3 closely matches the known mineralisation, with the plate extending at depth and extending ~ 1km NE-SW.

This plate will be tested in phase 2 drilling, set to begin once the additional information from loop 2 FLEM and downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) is complete.

As such, the current interpretation and inversion of the data (at C3 and Mafico) is preliminary only and will be improved prior to drilling.

The interpreted plate at C3 extends for at least 200m to the NE and SW beyond known mineralisation and up to 200m below the known mineralisation.

The apparent thickness/conductance is very high at ~1,000 siemens.


Coming up next

Since listing in October 2021, Alvo has been aggressively carrying out its stated three-prong exploration strategy – upgrade, expand, discover.

With the consistency of existing mineralisation confirmed through phase 1 drilling at C3 and C1, the company now anticipates the next phase of exploration, which is aimed at expanding existing high-grade mineralisation and making new discoveries.

Exploration works include completing phase-1 diamond drilling at C1, starting phase 2 diamond drilling at C3, completing a FLEM survey at C3 West, drill test discovery targets at Mafico, Macaw and C3 West and follow up with additional drilling or DHEM as required.

Metallurgical test work will kick-off at C3 in July.



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