Special Report: Graphene-based technology company Sparc Technologies has appointed inventor, tech specialist and former ResMed executive Don Darkin as its strategic advisor.

Newly-arrived ASX company Sparc Technologies (ASX:SPN) has brought on board former ResMed (ASX:RMD) innovation and operations president Don Darkin to be its strategic advisor for new technologies.

Darkin has extensive global experience in developing new technologies from early-stage development right through to commercialisation, and he is linked to 81 granted patents.

“Don’s addition to the team will be an enormous benefit to the company given his track record at ResMed and beyond,” executive chairman Stephen Hunt said.

“His depth of knowledge and experience in the commercialisation of new technologies is highly regarded worldwide, and to gain this level of expertise is a major coup for the company, demonstrating confidence in Sparc’s pipeline of new technologies and solutions.”

ResMed’s market value soared during Darkin’s 20-year stint 

As president of innovation and operations at ResMed in 2014 to 2016, Darkin was instrumental in delivering a number of pioneering and innovative solutions and technologies to market.

Prior to this top role, Darkin held vice-president roles at the medical technology company for product development and for business divisions, and he was a senior vice-president for global product development.

After a 20-year career with ResMed, during which time the company’s market value grew to $40bn, his most recent role was in an advisory capacity in 2019.

Darkin studied mechanical engineering in the UK, and he has pursued additional studies in the field of professional management in Australia and the US.

“Don will advise the board on all aspects of strategy and product development across existing projects and significantly, he will help guide the company with new innovative opportunities,” said Hunt.

Sparc Technologies appointment, Don Darkin
Sparc Technologies new strategic advisor is former ResMed president for innovation and operations, Don Darkin. Image: company supplied

Sparc Technologies has three areas of focus for its graphene tech

The company listed on the ASX in November and is developing technology applications for graphene based on research carried out by the University of Adelaide and partly funded by the Australian Research Council.

The University of Adelaide is a significant shareholder in Sparc Technologies.

Areas of focus for Sparc Technologies include, marine coatings, metals recovery from tailings and environmental remediation – all of which it is seeking to commercialise.

“The primary intellectual property the company has that we now wish to commercialise are some patents that have been developed by Adelaide University in the use of graphene to improve industrial materials,” managing director Tom Spurling told Stockhead.

Sparc Technologies raised $4m of fresh capital in a share placement led by Morgans Corporate and has $6m in cash to spend on pursuing business opportunities in graphene.

Graphene is a light and thin material that is super conductive, strong, and water resistant.

It is a derivative of graphite, a crystalline form of carbon, and Australia has large deposits of the material.


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