Special Report: Strategic Elements has two massive gravity anomalies in its crosshairs – the aptly named Leviathan and Behemoth. A mineral discovery at either WA-based project could be a game changer.

Because valuable metals are often denser than surrounding rocks, explorers use ‘gravity surveys’ – which pick up variations in rock density — to locate potentially mineralised targets. It’s especially helpful if there’s no rocks showing at surface.

Some of these targets are massive. Strategic Elements’ recently acquired Leviathan anomaly is currently about 4km in diameter and prospective for copper, gold and rare earths.

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No one knew it was there until new gravity data became available early in 2019.

The denser rock shows up as ‘warm’ colours.

Now, Strategic has kicked off a fresh round of more detailed gravity work to help identify the estimated depth of the gravity anomaly and targets for further follow up work.

Full data interpretation and modelling work is expected to be completed within the next three to four weeks, the company says.

This new data will also assist in the drilling of the Behemoth project, 140km to the north in another virtually unexplored area.

The 7km-wide Behemoth is a potential meteorite impact structure in the Gibson desert with potential for nickel, copper, gold and rare earths, the company says.

“The experts are divided on whether the large multi-ringed magnetic feature at the Behemoth project is caused by the impact of a meteorite from above, an intrusion of magma from below and/or an associated mineral system,” Strategic managing director Charles Murphy says.

“Either way, the recent IP surveys identified multiple large potential zones of buried sulphides within the ring feature.

“We will target these zones with a number of drill holes with the objective of hitting some nickel, copper, gold bearing sulphides or rare earths.”

Agreements with a drilling contractor and construction teams are now being finalised, the company says, with drilling to start soon.

The Australian government has registered Strategic Elements as a pooled development fund with a mandate to back Australian innovation.

Strategic Elements operates as a venture builder where it generates ventures and projects from combining teams of leading scientists or innovators in the technology or resources sectors.


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