Infinity Stone has formed a new subsidiary to both develop and facilitate the spin-out of its Rockstone graphite project near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The company plans to transfer the project to AirCarbon Technology Corporation then seek a public listing of the subsidiary on a Canadian securities exchange – a move that will realise value from the 785ha Rockstone project.

Infinity Stone Ventures has also reached a partnership with R&D Innovation to use their patent pending and proprietary air classification separation technology to process samples from Rockstone.

Air Classification eliminates the need for flotation, chemicals and drying in the graphite milling process and greatly reduces the capital costs for a traditional graphite mill.

It has also been designed to eliminate the need for tailing ponds and greatly lessen the need for significant infrastructure at a mine site.

R&D Innovations president Robert Rice believes that Rockstone material has the right geological make up for a very successful test run of his company’s Air Classification System.

Following the initial pilot run of the Air Classification System on Rockstone samples, the company plans to engage NEI Corporation for coin cell testing and full material characterisation of the Rockstone material.

Testing will cover both traditional floated and chemically treated air classified material.

Graphite overlooked

“We firmly believe that graphite is being overlooked in the market, considering its critical position in the battery metal supply chain,” chief executive officer Zayn Kalyan said.

“The recent announcement by Volkswagen of its subsidiary PowerCo SE, opening its first overseas Gigafactory in St. Thomas, Ontario supports the growing demand for domestically mined graphite.

“Rockstone is strategically positioned to meet this demand given its geographic location near infrastructure and easy shipping routes to the VW new battery plant.”

Rockstone is just 45km west of the seaway port at Thunder Bay and has excellent infrastructure including logging haul roads providing access which connect to paved/gravel roads with nearby railways and a shipping port.

Previous drilling had already returned results such as 24m at 25% cg.

It also features natural graphite which already possesses the spherical shape of the graphite used in batteries while testwork has successfully refined samples to 99.73% carbon.

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