• A huge 20,000m auger drilling program is planned at the Diobi and Sanela prospects at 5Mt Saraya uranium project in Senegal
  • A follow-up RC drill campaign is also being planned
  • Termite sampling at Ibel South is complete
  • Results from metallurgical studies may lead to an updated resource


Special Report: With uranium prices at decade highs, Haranga Resources is looking to increase resources at its flagship Saraya project where ~20,000m of augur drilling has kicked off.

Uranium production is back in vogue as governments around the world green light an increasing number of nuclear reactors being built as part of our clean energy transition.

Believe it or not, well… maybe just believe it, nuclear energy is one of the cleanest forms of baseload energy production available.


So what’s going on in Senegal then?

Apart from conventional exploration, the geology of Haranga Resources’ (ASX:HAR) Saraya uranium and Ibel South gold projects have a bucketload of termite mounds that can indicate uranium, gold and other types of mineralisation from deep below the surface.

Fresh from delivering a maiden inferred resource of 12.5Mt @ 587ppm U3O8 for 16.1Mlbs for Saraya, Haranga has recommenced field work at both Saraya (for uranium) and Ibel South (gold) projects.


Latest moves

After termite sampling ~70% of the permit area, auger drilling has started at the Diobi and Sanela uranium anomalies.

Based on results, HAR says it will select targets for an RC drilling campaign, which is expected to start next month.

At the Ibel South gold prospect almost 1,500 termite samples have been completed and assayed, and the gold anomalies that have been discovered are going to be defined by further auger drilling.

The highly prospective area laces over Birmian greenstone, structures hosting major nearby deposits such as Endeavour’s Massawa and Douta deposits, as well as Thor’s tenements to the north.

Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR)
Progress of termite mound sampling at Saraya. Pic supplied: (HAR)

“The initial program is aimed at defining the orientation of the anomalies, which will then be followed up by an RC drill program,” managing director Peter Batten told Stockhead.

“The initial Haranga resource, Saraya, is open in all directions and can be expanded by drilling. Haranga has chosen to drill outside Saraya and look for the next resource from within our 25 km long anomaly trend.”

“Diobi and Sanela are the most advanced of the 6 other anomalies, in exploration terms, and these anomalies will be the first tested by auger drilling to determine the selection of the RC drilling targets.”

“At Ibel South, results of the second stage of termite mound sampling has identified low tenor anomalies in the direct vicinity of artisanal gold workings.

“These anomalies along with the higher grade anomalies resulting from the first stage sample programs will now be subjected to drilling (aircore/auger) to determine the orientation of the source of the anomaly and define potential drill targets.”



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