Ionic Rare Earths is strengthening its board with the appointment of diplomat and multi-national military negotiator Jill Kelley as an executive director.

In her new role, Kelley will drive engagement with key stakeholders and potential end users in the US, aiding the progression of key relationships with global groups in the US and elsewhere.

This is in line with Ionic Rare Earths’ (ASX:IXR) strategy of increasing its presence in North America.

Kelley previously played a crucial role in supporting US military operations spanning over 60 countries, giving her networks in and knowledge of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.

She was a former honorary ambassador to US Central Command General Mattis and was bestowed the title of honorary counsel general to South Korea for helping advance international security, trade and economic opportunities.

Chairman Trevor Benson said Kelly’s extensive experience globally and within strategic areas of US Government and connections to key industries that require secure supply of critical commodities would allow Ionic to become a serious contender in providing end users with rare earths.

“Undoubtedly, with IonicRE’s focus on delivering secure supply of rare earth products to the US, Ms. Kelley will be a valuable addition to the IonicRE team, to negotiate with potential US stakeholders including at high levels within US Government,” he added.

Managing director Tim Harrison added that her appointment is an important step in engaging with potential end users and the company’s increased corporate activity in the US.

“Ms. Kelley will greatly assist the Board of IonicRE to now capitalise on the unique appeal of Makuutu, and formalising partnerships to enable IonicRE to maximise the value of the basket, specifically the forecast supply constrained heavy rare earth oxides,” he noted.

Makuutu project

Ionic recently started Phase 4 infill drilling at its unique Makuutu ionic adsorption clay-hosted rare earths project in Uganda.

This is aimed at converting the inferred portion (approx. 82%) of the massive mineral resource estimate of 315Mt at 650 parts per million total rare earths oxide (TREO) to the higher confidence indicated and measured categories.

These higher classified resources will then be used to underpin the Makuutu feasibility study.

IAC deposits are commonly considered to be some of the cheapest and most readily accessible sources of heavy rare earths and Makutuu is one of the very few to exist outside of China.



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