Prospectivity analysis completed by Mercartor Geological Services has generated nine target areas at Ross and seven target areas across the Cancet West projects as planning and logistics continue for the upcoming field season.

New prospective target areas have been identified within both the Ross and Cancet West lithium projects, following the completion of the prospectivity analysis.

These new target areas encompass,  a number of specific LCT pegmatite targets which has led Fin Resources (ASX:FIN) to stake an additional 44 claims covering both project areas.

A total of nine target areas have been identified at the Ross project while another seven target areas have been confirmed at West Cancet.

Location of Ross and Cancet West lithium projects in Quebec, Canada. Pic: Fin Resources

At the Ross project, the nine target areas have a general east-northwest orientation that coincides with the local geology (i.e., strike of regional faults and orientation of amphibolite/basalts).

Within the broader target areas, 21 specific targets have been defined by the ‘structure’ sub-scores and to a lesser extent the three ‘geochemical’ sub-scores (LCT, primary pathfinders and secondary pathfinders).

The highest priority target areas identified at Ross by the prospectivity mapping and previous work reported by Fin will be targeted during the upcoming field work programme.

Meanwhile, the seven target areas generated at Cancet West (‘WC01’ through ‘WC07’) have a general east-northeast orientation that again coincides with the local geology.

Within the broader target areas at Cancet West. nine specific targets have been defined that require immediate follow up.

FIN is now steaming ahead with plans for the upcoming field program, which will include field mapping, outcrop sampling and geochemical sampling over the most prospective target areas and is expected to begin in Q3 2023.

Upcoming activity

Near-term works program will include continued in-depth review of historical datasets and mapped outcrops across the projects, remote sensing and geophysics as required, with interpretation in conjunction with the historic datasets, as well as planning for the upcoming field season.




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