Work is advancing to finalise the company’s bankable feasibility study at the Minim Martap Bauxite Project, a direct shipping ore development opportunity.

Canyon Resources (ASX:CAY) has confirmed that all the bridges on the rail line from the Minim Martap Bauxite Project in Cameroon, Africa will be suitable for planned tonnages required to transport greater than 5 million tonnes per annum of bauxite.

This confirmation follows a report from Camrail, which highlighted that all major bridges will be suitable for the planned use and will not require additional upgrades by CAY to begin the transport, meaning the company will avoid potential delays and additional costs to the Minim Martap development.

The project is adjacent to the main rail line linking the region to the Atlantic port of Douala.

Ramping up to operation

Canyon managing director Philip Gallagher said he had confirmation of the suitability of all the bridges on the Camrail rail line from the operators themselves.

“(That) adds to our confidence that the ramp up to operation on the project will be able to be completed in a fast timeframe,” he said.

“It also highlights the positive working relationship between the Camalco team in Cameroon, Camrail and the Ministry of Transport.”

Bridges are rated to a 20-tonne axle load, the requirement of the rail to achieve greater than 5 million tonnes per annum, and final upgrades of the track and bridges are currently underway, targeted for completion before operations start.

The current list of bridges and viaducts on the rail line are:

  • 90 concrete deck bridges, the longest being 513m, the second longest is 240m and the rest are between 20m and 40m. Many are less than 15m;
  • 28 metal bridges, the longest being 264m, two over 100m and the rest average 10m to 40m; and
  • 3 viaducts of 510m, 240m, 60m.

The most important logistical challenge’

CAY director of rail and port Andre Henry said it is very positive to receive written confirmation from Camrail of the good condition and suitability of all bridges on the rail line for the project.

“The current upgrade program on the northern part of the track, the replacement of the rail track to 54kg rail completes the upgrades to the track and this will allow increases to the axle load to 20 tons, which is suitable on all the bridges.

“An increase to this axle load will allow Canyon to add 12 million tonnes per wagon, our target weight.

“We have just completed a final detailed study of all the rail stations and this information will be added to the final BFS for the project.

“The rail is the most important logistical challenge of the Minim Martap Bauxite Project and it is pleasing to have the final studies show the suitability of the existing infrastructure for our project.”

Looking ahead

The upgrade of the rail to 54kg between the towns of Belabo and Ngaoundere is underway and marks the last phase of rail upgrades on the track.

Confirmation of the usable and suitable status of the bridges on the Camrail rail line will avoid potential delays and additional costs to the Minim Martap Bauxite Project development.



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