Blue Star and its partners are preparing to flow test their Sammons 315310C helium exploration well on the Serenity prospect after intersecting further gas pay.

The well, which already has a 83ft (25.3m) high-quality gas column in the Upper Lyons formation had intersected an additional 15ft of gas pay with no water encountered in the Lower Lyons.

Notably for the joint venture, initial flow testing produced gas at rates of about 115,000 cubic feet per day from the 15ft drilled while data from offset wells indicates that there could be up to 40ft of additional Lower Lyons sand in addition to the 15ft penetrated.

The Operator in partnership Blue Star Helium (ASX:BNL) now plans to carry out a three day flow test followed by a two-day shut in and pressure survey. During testing gas samples will be collected for compositional analysis.

The drilling rig is now on route to a new exploration location on the Galactica/Pegasus prospect to spud the JXSN#4 well about 1.7 miles (2.7km) northwest of the JXSN#1 helium discovery well.

Over at Serenity, operator Vecta Oil & Gas (25%) has advised that further activity at Sammons 315210C will be undertaken with a workover rig.




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