The A12 prospect will be drilled for the first time in the company’s upcoming drilling program scheduled to begin shortly. 

Besra Gold has uncovered a new gold anomaly – the A12 prospect, around 1km along strike from the large Jugan deposit, demonstrating a clear potential extension to the deposit in the wider Bau Gold project.

The company says A12 exhibits similar geophysical and geochemical signatures to the Jugan deposit, only significantly larger in scale and possibly more prospective.

Unlike the Jugan Deposit, however, the surface outcrops of A12 exhibit extensive silica alteration, suggesting A12 host rocks have been more susceptible to space-forming brittle fracture and consequently potential for enhanced mineral endowment.

Drilling to begin within two weeks

Besra (ASX:BEZ) says it will begin drilling at the Bau Gold Field within two weeks, which will include investigating strike extensions of the Jugan mineralisation within the A12 prospect precinct.

Conceptually, the extension of mineralisation to the southwest beyond the Jugan Deposit is supported by the A12 Prospect exhibiting similar, but not identical, geological, and geophysical anomaly signatures.

Importantly, differences between the signatures suggest that A12 may even be more prospective than Jugan because:

  • The modelled EM anomaly of A12 is volumetrically significantly larger than the equivalent coincident with the Jugan Deposit;
  • Surface outcrops at A12 include silica rich lithologies, suggesting local exposure to silica rich fluid alteration making the Pedawan Shale host rocks more susceptible to brittle fracture with potential for greater mineralisation endowment; and
  • A12 appears to have been subjected to more extensive epithermal alteration.




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