Value proposition

Australian based Plus Daily Limited have developed a unique supplement solution designed to counter the hangover effects of alcohol consumption.

Its flagship product, Recoverthol, strives to mitigate the dreaded symptoms, by providing the body with additional cofactors and co-enzyme precursors that are used up when you drink alcohol.

Simply pour a tiny vial of Recoverthol into your drink before you get started. The company claims the product is tasteless, preserving the drink’s original taste.

After 10 years of research and development, the company launched Recoverthol with TGA approval.

With 22 years of experience in product development, CEO Arash Gol recognises the implications of alcohol overconsumption on society. It’s reported that Australians take up to 11.5 million sickies per year as a result of hangover symptoms.

Considering this impact, Gol introduced a product that has both positive health implications to individuals and efficiency enhancements to Australian businesses.


Wholesale Investor is facilitating Plus Daily’s crowd-sourced funding capital raise, targeting a figure of $1 million, with a pre-money valuation of $3.7 million.

There’s a minimum application of AU$2,500 per investor.

The funds will be used to scale the business, introducing new processing equipment, marketing and sales, repayment of liabilities and new stock manufacturing.


Since Plus Daily was established December 2007, the firm has been conducting research and development programs leading up to the release of Recoverthol product in 2017. Revenue to June 2018 was $55K with a loss of $352K.

However, the company claims its unaudited revenue for Q4 2018 was $87K as it starts to ramp up shipments to wholesale and retail customers.

With the company’s primary focus on Recoverthol, the firm is working hard to promote and export the product in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and China. Since Recoverthol caters for such a large global market, the projections are dizzying (read “inherently uncertain at this time”).

Competitive advantage

The company aims to be player in the global vitamins, minerals and nutritional and herbal supplements (VMHS) market that is valued at US$82 billion. Over the last decade, the VMHS sector has surged with many new companies entering the space.

Our research has identified a myriad of products addressing the “hangover remedy” market. Most of these products indirectly assist hangover recovery, or only treat the symptoms of the hangover after the damage has already been done.

Recoverthol contrasts these products, specifically working to hangover prevention and treating potential symptoms before they occur.

The main competitive advantage Recoverthol has is that it is an easy to use, tasteless liquid formulation that does not require consumers to swallow tablets.

Anecdotally, one of our team members ventured out to a party last weekend and tried Recoverthol for the benefit of this correspondence.

Jordan showed up to work on Monday with no noticeable effects from the bender.

Could it be youth, could it be that he also had Sunday to recover or could it be the Recoverthol? Alas, with only one observable data point we can’t draw any inferences of the product quality, only keep interested readers apprised of Jordy’s spirited social antics.

More research at parties is required, clearly.


Plus Daily has committed a substantial amount of time and financial resources into the product development of Recoverthol, leading to its product release and TGA approval in 2017.

The opportunity to expand domestically and globally will present challenges, and investors must consider the potential risks and business model timeframes before investing, otherwise their investment in Recoverthol may be the cause of their biggest hangover.

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