With the NASDAQ soaring, its no surprise investors want a part of it but some ASX ETFs focused on the NASDAQ have managed to do even better.

The NASDAQ has gained over 15% in six months and the NASDAQ 100 is up nearly 20%.

Yet the most pureplay NASDAQ ETF on the ASX, Betashares NASDAQ 100 ETF (ASX:NDQ), managed to gain 21% in the last six months.

Other ETFs offering exposure to NASDAQ shares among other equities have done even better. The best is the BetaShares’ Geared US Equities (ASX:GGUS) which has gained 38%.

While it predominantly tracks the S&P 500, this includes NASDAQ shares as well as those on the NYSE and it has done more than twice as well as the S&P 500 which is only up 17% in six months.

It is a similar story with iShares S&P 500 ETF (ASX:IVV) which is up 24% in 6 months.

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Monthly ASX ETF winners

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On a monthly basis tech ASX ETFs are still popular but different ETFs top the winners list.

The best ETF is BetaShares Australia Technology (ASX:ATEC) which is up 14%. This fund tracks the S&P/ASX All Technology Index, which the Australian bourse only launched 18 months ago.

Robotics and cloud computing have also proved popular with BetaShares Robotics and AI (ASX:RBTZ) and BetaShares Cloud Computing (ASX:CLDD) taking up spots 3 and 5 with gains of 10% and 9% respectively.

Taking up spots number 2 and 4 are India focused ETFs – ETF Securities India Nifty 50 (ASX:NDIA) and BetaShares India ETF (ASX:IIND) – which are both up 10%.

Just like the NASDAQ ASX ETFs, NDIA is performing better than the underlying index with the Nifty 50 up only 8% in the past month.


Yearly winners

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The top yearly winner is still BetaShares’ Geared US Equities (ASX:GGUS) which is sitting on a 67% gain. 

The next two are tied with a 52% gain – Van Eck Banks ETF (ASX:MVB) and ETF Securities Battery Tech (ASX:ACDC).

Both of these have had modest performances in the past month but have run hot in the last year as investors sought out these sectors because of the anticipated growth lying ahead.