Runaway inflation, the war in Ukraine, soaring interest rates, skyrocketing energy prices, out-of-control carbon emissions… maybe even Trump 2024?  If 2022 proved anything, it’s that anything can happen, any time.

With that behind us, and a new year nearly upon us, the case for engaging experts to manage our nest egg seems stronger than ever.

Welcome to Outperform. Our purpose is simple: to introduce retail investors to the best and brightest investment managers across a range of asset classes and investment styles.

Today’s investment management industry provides more choice for retail investors than ever before.  Fixed interest, domestic equities, international equities, small cap equities, sector funds, digital assets, the boom wave of ETFs – this isn’t the investing world your grandparents, or even your parents grew up in. And if there’s one sure bet in markets today, it’s that it won’t be anything like what your children will face either.

More choice is always a good thing. The ability to tailor your investments to your income, your lifestyle, even your ethical considerations means you are able to make a personalised, meaningful impact beyond the workplace on your own financial future.

But with it comes noise. A lot more noise.

In this – our first edition – we are proud to introduce you to some of the most respected large-scale and boutique money managers around to help you navigate your way through the hawkers, sales pitches and shills.  We’ll also aim to include commentary and advice from other relevant specialists such as tax advisors and wealth managers so that you can be properly informed and ready to make the choices that suit your financial situation, your future, and your family best.

We’ll start by offering Outperform to you monthly, for free. You’re already winning.

It’s almost Christmas. Let us help you end 2022 with many happy returns, and more to come in 2023 and beyond.