The lives of two people from Queensland and one from New South Wales changed forever after last night’s $150 million Powerball jackpot.

The three lucky winners will pocket $50 million each after beating out half the Australian population who entered as well. We can only imagine what it’d be like to win.

But as an event that occurred 44 years ago today shows, there are other things in life to win at.


Kyckr (ASX: KYK) +150% 

Many ASX boards may think to themselves that events such as a major investor buying in are just as good as winning the lottery. And for a tech company such as Kyckr that’s aspiring to grow like WiseTech (ASX: WTC) there’s nothing quite like Wisetech’s founder, Richard White, buying up a cornerstone stake in the business. That is just what happened on Thursday when Kyckr received a ringing endorsement from the boss himself. “I can see in Kyckr, a product, business and opportunity set that can be leveraged and accelerated to major advantage,” White said.

Candy Club (ASX: CLB) +75%

Investor James Bailleu is taking his faith in the sweets-as-a-service stock to the next level. He will become chairman and put in another $3 million (half in shares and the other in a bridging loan), taking his stake in the business to 28.5 per cent. The stock is 75 per cent higher than last Friday which means Baillieu — who bought in at 8 cents per share — has made an on-paper gain of around $375,000.

YPB Group (ASX: YPB) +50%

The product authentication provider began the week with a big breakthrough. China’s leading security label supplier, PanPass, signed on as its first client to prevent QR codes from being counterfeited. A $2.5 million capital raise announced today drew it back from earlier highs but it still posted a weekly gain of 50 per cent.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for September 16 – 20 (intraday)

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Code Name Price last Friday Price this Friday % Return Market Cap
MTB MOUNT BURGESS MINING NL 0.002 0.006 300 $3.1M
ROG RED SKY ENERGY LTD 0.002 0.004 100 $5.0M
KYK KYCKR LTD 0.100 0.025 150 $45.9M
AZM AZUMAH RESOURCES LTD 0.015 0.028 87 $27.4M
CLB CANDY CLUB HOLDINGS LTD 0.057 0.100 75 $15.4M
AZI ALTA ZINC LTD 0.003 0.005 67 $9.1M
ADN ANDROMEDA METALS LTD 0.047 0.072 53 $97.8M
ABL ABILENE OIL AND GAS LTD 0.002 0.003 50 $1.2M
YPB YPB GROUP LTD 0.006 0.009 50 $11.5M
CAD CAENEUS MINERALS LTD 0.001 0.002 50 $3.2M
VIC VICTORY MINES LTD 0.001 0.002 50 $2.2M
SCN SCORPION MINERALS LTD 0.009 0.013 44 $2.3M
RDF REDFLEX HOLDINGS LTD 0.410 0.555 35 $83.7M
DDD 3D RESOURCES LTD 0.002 0.002 33 $2.3M
TNR TORIAN RESOURCES LTD 0.012 0.016 33 $5.1M
OAU ORA GOLD LTD 0.012 0.016 33 $10.3M
RXH REWARDLE HOLDINGS LTD 0.003 0.004 33 $2.1M
CGN CRATER GOLD MINING LTD 0.015 0.020 33 $24.5M
ECG ECARGO HOLDINGS LTD 0.046 0.061 33 $37.5M
BNO BIONOMICS LTD 0.040 0.053 33 $28.9M
EUC EUROPEAN COBALT LTD 0.025 0.033 32 $25.1M
GSM GOLDEN STATE MINING LTD 0.091 0.120 32 $4.4M
BEE BROO LTD 0.019 0.025 32 $16.0M
FUN FUNTASTIC LTD 0.038 0.050 32 $11.7M
1AD ADALTA LTD 0.115 0.150 30 $24.6M
SGC SACGASCO LTD 0.023 0.030 30 $8.0M
JDR JADAR LITHIUM LTD 0.010 0.013 30 $5.6M
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BMG Resources (ASX: BMG) -46%

Its tough enough as it is being a lithium miner, even in the Lithium triangle with low prices due to an over supply. But BMG Resources told shareholders on Friday morning ‘no brine has been intersected to date’ at its project.

Aus Tin Mining (ASX: ANW) – 33%

Another stock that had bad drilling results and hence a bad Friday. The Tasmanian focused tin miner announced its mine truck experienced transmission problems so had to be sent to the repair workshop. This was on top of its mine excavator failing a few weeks ago. The company said it is now reviewing the project to determine the most efficient means of extracting value from the project. While it told shareholders it would provide an update in early October, some shareholders did not want to wait.

Smiles Inclusive (ASX: SIL) – 22%

The dental stock has asserted for months that things were turning around. But the ASX received information suggesting otherwise – and it confirmed just $323,344 was left in the bank plus $1.2 million Bartercard trade dollars. The company said it would stay afloat but shareholders kept dumping the stock – which is now over 95 per cent down from its IPO price.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for September 16 – 20 (intraday)

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Code Name Price last Friday Price this Friday % Return Market Cap
KP2 KORE POTASH PLC - CDI 0.029 0.023 -21 $19.8M
UNL UNITED NETWORKS LTD 0.029 0.024 -21 $2.9M
MLL MALI LITHIUM LTD 0.105 0.080 -21 $22.0M
UBN URBANISE.COM LTD 0.033 0.026 -21 $18.0M
JRL JINDALEE RESOURCES LTD 0.320 0.250 -22 $9.6M
SIL SMILES INCLUSIVE 0.059 0.046 -22 $3.1M
SKY SKY METALS LTD 0.081 0.063 -22 $16.0M
VKA VIKING MINES LTD 0.013 0.010 -23 $3.1M
GAL GALILEO MINING LTD 0.150 0.120 -23 $13.8M
RD1 REGISTRY DIRECT LTD 0.020 0.015 -25 $2.6M
ELT ELEMENTOS LTD 0.004 0.003 -25 $4.6M
TKM TREK METALS LTD 0.004 0.004 -25 $1.3M
NSE NEW STANDARD ENERGY LTD 0.004 0.003 -25 $2.5M
THD THRED LTD 0.002 0.002 -25 $2.7M
GUL GULLEWA LTD 0.035 0.026 -26 $4.0M
PPL PUREPROFILE LTD 0.019 0.014 -26 $1.7M
DVL DORSAVI LTD 0.060 0.042 -30 $8.6M
GO2 GO2 PEOPLE LTD/THE 0.051 0.035 -31 $4.1M
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY LTD 0.002 0.001 -33 $2.3M
VMG VDM GROUP LTD 0.003 0.002 -33 $13.9M
ANW AUS TIN MINING LTD 0.006 0.004 -33 $9.0M
DTR DATELINE RESOURCES LTD 0.003 0.003 -33 $16.3M
BUY BOUNTY OIL & GAS NL 0.006 0.004 -33 $3.8M
SUR SUN RESOURCES NL 0.003 0.003 -33 $2.6M
MZN MARINDI METALS LTD 0.130 0.085 -35 $6.8M
BMG BMG RESOURCES LTD 0.014 0.008 -46 $4.6M
VAR VARISCAN MINES LTD 0.002 0.001 -50 $1.6M
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The ASX Small Ords and ASX 200 both gained over 1.3 per cent this week – the second consecutive week of gains following a flat August.