ASX small cap winners May 13-17

Has Crowd Media (ASX: CM8) turned things around?

The struggling global media and marketing company has secured some big marketing contracts with a number of international brands including PJ Masks (popular kids TV series), Expedia (leading travel website), N26 (leading European Fintech challenger bank) and Pasta Garofalo (Italy’s leading pasta brand).

This was enough to send the share price up 131 per cent this week to 3.7c.

Shares in bug killing biotech Zoono (ASX:ZNO) rose 112 per cent this week to 17c following successful trials of its antimicrobial product in chicken farms, as well as receiving a purchase order for $33m worth of ZPP.

Results showed that pathogen levels inside a shed treated with Zoono’s Z71 Microbe Shield (ZPP) were 87 per cent lower than an untreated shed, and that the average bird weighed 60 grams more despite eating 10 per cent less food.

Chase Mining (ASX:CML) was this week’s third-biggest winner, up 110 per cent to 3.8c, after completing a successful mining survey.

The survey outlined potential for several significant massive sulphide conductors, the company said, supporting its view that there is the potential for a significant nickel discovery within the Belleterre Angliers greenstone belt.

Andromeda Metals (ASX:ADN) rose 43 per cent to 1c after forming a joint venture with Minotaur Exploration (ASX:MEP) to develop intellectual property and investigate commercial applications for halloysite‐kaolin nanotubes from the Poochera halloysite‐kaolin project in South Australia.

A three-year agreement to provide SaaS services to global logistics provider Geodis Singapore sent Yojee (ASX:YOJ) shares up 51 per cent to 11.5c this week.

Yojee will provide its SaaS logistics and supply chain management technology on a project by project basis across multiple projects in the Asia Pacific.

And Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) shares jumped 44 per cent to 8.2c after it announced a phase 2 trial of its drug Bisantrene in patients with relapsed/refractory acute myelogenous leukemia in Israel, the first such trial in a quarter of a century.

Bisantrene is an old chemotherapy drug Race Oncology is repurposing.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for May 13-17:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket cap
CM8CROWD MEDIA HOLDINGS LTD0.0160.037131 $ 8,634,410
ZNOZOONO GROUP LTD0.0780.170112 $ 26,946,596
CMLCHASE MINING CORPORATION LTD0.0200.038110 $ 8,692,401
VARVARISCAN MINES LTD0.0010.002100 $ 2,542,147
AKNAUKING MINING LTD0.0010.002100 $ 1,865,169
CCACHANGE FINANCIAL LTD0.0440.07082 $ 7,907,491
YOJYOJEE LTD0.0730.11551 $ 93,218,400
MGTMAGNETITE MINES LTD0.0040.00650 $ 4,791,899
PCHPROPERTY CONNECT HOLDINGS0.0020.00350 $ 2,057,590
TRMTRUSCOTT MINING CORP LTD0.0080.01250 $ 1,414,099
AHNATHENA RESOURCES LTD0.0090.01344 $ 3,522,362
RACRACE ONCOLOGY LTD0.0570.08244 $ 6,743,337
KKLKOLLAKORN CORP LTD0.0070.01043 $ 2,097,772
ANDANDROMEDA METALS LTD0.0070.01043 $ 13,554,992
AL8ALDERAN RESOURCES LTD0.0320.04541 $ 5,832,401
DCCDIGITALX LTD0.0610.08039 $ 46,665,504
SP3SPECTUR LTD0.1400.19539 $ 10,965,947
ARMAURORA MINERALS LTD0.0110.01536 $ 1,756,999
PWNPARKWAY MINERALS NL0.0030.00433 $ 2,433,308
BUYBOUNTY OIL & GAS NL0.0030.00433 $ 3,813,604
UWLUNITI WIRELESS LTD0.6150.8733 $ 107,439,320
IBNIBUYNEW GROUP LTD0.0230.0330 $ 653,805


ASX small cap losers May 13-17

It was a tough week for Living Cell (ASX:LCT), which fell 51 per cent to 2.9c after revealing a mixed bag of results around its Parkinson’s treatment, NTCELL.

In January, four-year results from the phase 1 and phase 2a studies showed it mostly worked and was safe.

But results from the middle group in its phase 2b study that showed people who had 40 capsules implanted in their brains showed no difference from the placebo.

Also falling was skydive operator Experience Co (ASX:EXP), down 23 per cent to 21.5c after releasing a revenue downgrade, with expectations it will be 4 per cent lower than previously outlined. This has been attributed to less people flying into Cairns to have fun holidays.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for May 13-17:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket cap
COYCOPPERMOLY LTD0.0100.008-20 $ 13,784,347
DAFDISCOVERY AFRICA LTD0.0100.008-20 $ 1,457,878
FGOFLAMINGO AI LTD0.0070.006-20 $ 6,720,766
TDO3D OIL LTD0.1250.095-20 $ 26,518,838
NAGNAGAMBIE RESOURCES LTD0.0500.040-20 $ 17,496,312
WWGWISEWAY GROUP LTD0.3000.235-22 $ 28,452,390
EXPEXPERIENCE CO LTD0.3000.215-23 $ 127,836,720
TNOTANDO RESOURCES LTD0.1000.076-24 $ 14,799,107
PWNPARKWAY MINERALS NL0.0040.003-25 $ 1,824,981
UTRULTRACHARGE LTD0.0040.004-25 $ 3,220,142
CADCAENEUS MINERALS LTD0.0020.002-25 $ 2,792,948
CIOCONNECTED IO LTD0.0040.003-25 $ 5,439,255
AU1AGENCY GROUP AUSTRALIA LTD0.1150.086-25 $ 8,927,664
ABTABUNDANT PRODUCE LTD0.0700.052-26 $ 3,151,763
NGYNUENERGY GAS LTD0.0190.014-26 $ 20,733,376
VALVALOR RESOURCES LTD0.0050.004-27 $ 7,572,769
AYRALLOY RESOURCES LTD0.0030.002-33 $ 3,386,555
SRNSUREFIRE RESOURCES NL0.0060.004-33 $ 2,012,615
PPYPAPYRUS AUSTRALIA LTD0.0100.005-50 $ 1,155,748
LCTLIVING CELL TECHNOLOGIES LTD0.0550.029-51 $ 15,428,906
CMCCHINA MAGNESIUM CORP LTD0.0350.020-43 $ 9,248,771
ICUISENTRIC LTD0.0120.006-50 $ 1,101,930
TMKTAMASKA OIL & GAS LTD0.0020.001-50 $ 1,960,000
ACWACTINOGEN MEDICAL LTD0.0480.015-69 $ 16,788,470