This week was the 1 year anniversary of the end of the COVID-19 crash.

Debates goes on  — is this a bubble? Is everything about to crash? Again?

Speaking of bubbles, it appears a trans-Tasman bubble is finally happening. This week the Kiwis revealed…that will reveal the details after Easter.

If you’re that desperate for some sort of overseas travel  here’s a travel tip – Norfolk Island. While it is an Australian territory flights actually depart and leave from the international terminals in Australia.

And for those wanting to use points, Qantas (ASX:QAN) has taken over the route for the next few months from Air New Zealand (ASX:AIZ).




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IDT Australia (ASX:IDT) +124%

This time last week, the pharmaceutical manufacturer released a three-paragraph announcement in which it said was looking to see if it could help in the COVID-19 vaccination roll out.

Specifically it said was undertaking a feasibility assessment to see if its manufacturing facility could help.

Shares have been on a tear ever since the announcement – which came just as the next phase of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout gets underway.


Lefroy Exploration (ASX:LEX) +81%

Lefroy’s Burns prospect appears the best candidate of being 2021’s major discovery with shares having gained 5 times since a major gold intercept a few weeks back.

Today the company gave another exploration update in which it noted six pre-collars had been completed in preparation for a subsequent diamond drill program to evaluate the Eastern Porphyry at Burns. It is expecting assay results in mid-April.


Oneview Healthcare (ASX:ONE) +53%

The Irish domiciled telehealth stock has surged from 7 cents to well over 30 cents today and this week it got 2 good pieces of news.

First it has been offered an investment by research group StocksDigital – a move shareholders will vote on come April 15 – and second it was awarded ISO 27001 certification.


Nanoveu (ASX:NVU) +46%

The anti-viral tech company signed a deal with global beverage company Nestle.

The deal will see Nanoveu’s anti-viral protector on touchscreens and touchpads on Nestle’s coffee machines.



ECT Env Clean Tech Ltd. 0.002 100 11360000 $ 9,601,032.79
LEX Lefroy Exploration 1.09 58 4257876 $ 82,806,670.23
CLZ Classic Min Ltd 0.0015 50 26277000 $ 17,557,191.35
AER Aeeris Ltd 0.13 33 463168 $ 5,877,438.08
MPA Mad Paws 0.26 31 13145612 $ 37,630,202.00
IMM Immutep Ltd 0.44 28 12544647 $ 231,963,963.33
DW8 Digital Wine Venture 0.1375 25 51062553 $ 182,962,923.33
UUV UUV Aquabotix Ltd 0.0025 25 2029187 $ 4,776,749.62
PVL Powerhouse Ven Ltd 0.135 23 37498 $ 7,108,581.26
WWI West Wits Mining Ltd 0.096 22 15031077 $ 110,209,456.00
8CO 8Common Limited 0.2 21 926115 $ 33,067,609.74
OZM Ozaurum Resources 0.18 20 182000 $ 7,803,000.00
OVT Ovato Limited 0.006 20 34611 $ 61,064,061.26
MGT Magnetite Mines 0.051 19 48087664 $ 122,954,744.68
PAK Pacific American Hld 0.026 18 1085692 $ 7,008,867.80
XST Xstate Resources 0.014 17 4196355 $ 32,275,050.19
ASO Aston Minerals Ltd 0.099 16 3532003 $ 74,094,281.47
ONE Oneview Healthcare 0.365 16 8662121 $ 125,303,187.24
RBR RBR Group Ltd 0.011 16 19758608 $ 11,874,403.31
5GG Pentanet 0.82 15 761037 $ 124,502,520.02
PRM Prominence Energy NL 0.015 15 5722205 $ 7,863,151.22
FGO Fargo Enterprises 0.008 14 123750 $ 8,300,296.92
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Freedom Food (ASX:FNP) -83%

The dairy processing company recommenced trading after a 9 month suspension. The company had discovered accounting irregularities which resulted in an exodus of senior staff and directors and required the company to recapitalise.

Its major shareholder, the family investment company of Tony Perich and his family, stumped up the cash but shareholders rushed for the exits.


Atrum Coal (ASX:ATU) -78%

Coal mining in the Canadian province of Alberta is under threat. The government has decided to reinstate a previously rescinded policy that substantially restricts coal mining. In the interim all future exploration approvals on “Category 2 lands” will be banned.

Atrum has opted to pause works at its Elan Project to direct efforts to a stakeholder consultation process being undertaken by the government.