Comedian Tom Gleeson is being accused of taking the p*ss out of the Logies with his “smear campaign” of rivals.

Last year he campaigned for former Family Feud host Grant Denyer to win a Gold Logie (which he did), and now the host of what he calls his “Hard franchise” — Hard Chat and Hard Quiz — is campaigning for his own on Sunday night.

As he says, “To win the Gold Logie, you have to fight dirty.”

However it’s difficult to keep pretending that said rivals care much — gossip mag New Idea would have you believe Denyer has “slammed” Gleeson for his #Gleeson4Gold mission — when they’ve already collaborated in said smear campaign…


ASX small cap winners

June 24-28

It was the little uranium play that could which stole your hearts this week.

Battery metals player Hylea Metals (ASX:HCO) likes the uranium market so much it is buying Paladin Energy’s (ASX:PDN) stake in the Kayelekera uranium mine in Malawi for $10m, and that was enough to send their stock up 346 per cent over the week.

Managing director Simon Andrew has faith uranium prices are on their way up while Paladin wants to devote its energies to its Namibian uranium mine.

All this just as HBO’s miniseries on the Chernobyl disaster is exploding into lounge rooms around the world.

Acacia Coal (ASX:AJC) was a late bloomer this week, jumping into the ranks — admittedly with a “100 per cent” move from 0.1c to 0.2c — after saying on Friday it had signed All Points Sampling to do the initial exploration activities at its Mt Bruce copper-cobalt project.

The project is in the Pilbara near the oddly named township of Tom Price.

Discovery Africa (ASX:DAF), which actually likes to explore for gold in Australia, had to go into a quickie trading halt this week after the welcome news that legal proceedings that started in 2014 have been settled and its getting a cool $2m out of it.

The suit was in relation to payments made to directors on the eve of their resignations, and as lawsuits have a tendency to do, it’s dragged on.

Even though, all going well, they’re about to get $2m, the Discovery board is making hay while the sun shines and raising $100,000 while the share price is up.

Explorer Geopacific Resources (ASX:GPR) will buy Kula Gold’s (ASX:KGD) remaining interest in the 1m ounce Woodlark gold project to streamline its development, sending the latter’s shares flying.

Right now, Geopacific owns 85 per cent of Kula (and over 90 per cent of Woodlark in Papua New Guinea) following a hostile takeover bid in 2017.

But after Geopacific becomes sole owner, Kula will cease to be a subsidiary and be free to “pursue new opportunities”, Geopacific says.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for June 24-28:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
HCO HYLEA METALS LTD0.0130.058346 $5,808,074
AJC ACACIA COAL LTD0.0010.002100 $8,135,304
DAF DISCOVERY AFRICA LTD0.0070.014100 $2,551,286
KGM KALNORTH GOLD MINES LTD0.0030.006100 $5,365,441
KGD KULA GOLD LTD0.0230.04183 $2,364,372
OKR OKAPI RESOURCES LTD0.110.16565 $5,666,573
PNX PNX METALS LTD0.0060.00760 $19,482,306
OXX OCTANEX LTD0.0060.00860 $2,181,704
MOY MILLENNIUM MINERALS LTD0.0820.11559 $93,574,584
OAU ORA GOLD LTD0.010.01456 $9,045,342
ORM ORION METALS LTD0.010.01550 $7,171,462
PSM PENINSULA MINES LTD0.0030.00350 $3,038,616
NSE NEW STANDARD ENERGY LTD0.0040.00650 $4,932,493
VAR VARISCAN MINES LTD0.0010.00250 $1,906,610
PCH PROPERTY CONNECT HOLDINGS0.0020.00350 $2,057,590
CAV CARNAVALE RESOURCES LTD0.0030.00350 $2,228,999
XST XSTATE RESOURCES LTD0.0020.00250 $3,421,473
BUY BOUNTY OIL & GAS NL0.0030.00350 $2,860,203
ADN ANDROMEDA METALS LTD0.0130.01645 $21,687,988
FNT FRONTIER RESOURCES LTD0.0140.01442 $8,314,733
EDE EDEN INNOVATIONS LTD0.0280.03841 $63,110,468
DNA DONACO INTL LTD0.1050.14040 $115,302,992
QEM QEM LTD0.10.14040 $14,000,000
MGL MAGONTEC LTD0.0240.02537 $37,622,424
RDG RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT GROUP L0.0160.01936 $12,008,552
MOD MOD RESOURCES LTD0.3050.41035 $127,679,600
RTR RUMBLE RESOURCES LTD0.050.06435 $25,076,418
POD PODIUM MINERALS LTD0.0670.09235 $8,801,177


ASX small cap losers June 24-28

It’s all pain no gain for Arq Group (ASX:ARQ) shareholders.

A month after the CEO said he was “reluctant” to sell over a third of his stock but had to for tax reasons, the company issued a downgrade and the shares plunged nearly 40 per cent.

And biotech Bionomics (ASX:BNO) also had some bad news: the drug that didn’t work for PTSD last year also hasn’t worked to help with anxiety among the elderly.

The drug didn’t work any better than a placebo over five days but there is some cold comfort for those who haven’t done any EOFY year selling and are still in: at least the stock’s 31 per cent one-day fall wasn’t as bad as after that PTSD news, when it plummeted 66 per cent.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for June 24-28:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
RPG RAPTIS GROUP LTD0.0490.070-30 $7,489,279
EWC ENERGY WORLD CORP LTD0.0600.077-31 $104,146,640
ADV ARDIDEN LTD0.0020.003-33 $3,362,761
RIM RIMFIRE PACIFIC MINING NL0.0020.003-33 $2,139,236
MTB MOUNT BURGESS MINING NL0.0020.003-33 $970,259
PCL PANCONTINENTAL OIL & GAS NL0.0010.002-33 $5,406,716
OEX OILEX LTD0.0020.003-33 $5,174,636
DDD 3D RESOURCES LTD0.0010.002-33 $1,107,221
CAD CAENEUS MINERALS LTD0.0020.002-33 $2,141,260
SAN SAGALIO ENERGY LTD0.0020.003-33 $409,320
MMR MEC RESOURCES LTD0.0040.005-33 $2,072,892
CZN CORAZON MINING LTD0.0020.004-33 $2,761,377
QGL QUANTUM GRAPHITE LTD0.0020.003-33 $15,321,162
UNL UNITED NETWORKS LTD0.0090.011-33 $1,006,600
LMW LANDMARK WHITE LTD0.1800.270-33 $15,324,140
SUP SUPERIOR LAKE RESOURCES LTD0.0190.026-34 $16,443,597
PUR PURSUIT MINERALS LTD0.0110.017-35 $1,963,801
RES RESOURCE GENERATION LTD0.1250.175-38 $72,672,544
ZEU ZEUS RESOURCES LTD0.0080.013-38 $1,441,200
CMC CHINA MAGNESIUM CORP LTD0.0110.018-39 $5,086,824
RMG RMG LTD0.0090.015-40 $5,542,784
BNO BIONOMICS LTD0.0340.056-40 $18,519,320
NGY NUENERGY GAS LTD0.0070.012-42 $10,366,688
TRM TRUSCOTT MINING CORP LTD0.0080.015-47 $942,732
ARQ ARQ GROUP LTD0.7001.400-50 $87,934,408
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY LTD0.0010.002-50 $1,943,207
RXH REWARDLE HOLDINGS LTD0.0040.004-50 $1,578,965
HT8 HARRIS TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD0.0120.027-56 $2,220,022
AEV AVENIRA LTD0.0060.013-57 $6,351,770