ASX small cap winners April 8-12

Diversified industrials play AJ Lucas (ASX:AJL) posted the biggest weekly gain this week, climbing by almost 70 per cent after three straight days of double-digit percentage gains.

There were no major announcements from the company for traders to respond to, although on the previous Wednesday AJL told the market it had renegotiated the terms of a debt funding agreement with its Singapore-based financier.

It was also a good week for fintech company 8Common (ASX:ACO), which posted a 60 per cent weekly gain to 8 cents a share.

Shares in 8Common rose strong for the last three days of the week after the company released its quarterly 4C filing on Wednesday, which showed a 72 per cent increase in quarterly revenue to $955,000.

Junior explorer Argent Minerals (ASX:ARD) had a good week, rising by almost 60 per cent to 2.2 cents per share — its highest level since June last year.

It followed an announcement early last week that the company had commenced drilling at its Pine Ridge gold mine. After two days of heavy buying, Argent Minerals’s price cooled off in Friday trade and was down by around 13 per cent as at 2pm AEST.

And New World Cobalt (ASX:NWC) closed the week more than 50 per cent higher, after rocketing up by 75 per cent on Tuesday when it announced the acquisition of the Jones Hill VMS gold deposit in New Mexico, USA, along with 4,300 acres of prospective land next door.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for April 8-12 (prices as at 2pm Friday, eastern time).

TickerNameMarket capPrice last FridayPrice this Friday% change
AJL AJ LUCAS GROUP LTD $116,265,072.00 0.0920.15568
8CO 8COMMON LTD $10,493,974.00 0.050.0860
ARD ARGENT MINERALS LTD $11,633,700.00 0.0140.02257
NWC NEW WORLD COBALT LTD $9,375,800.00 0.0110.01755
RXL ROX RESOURCES LTD $13,846,586.00 0.0080.01250
CYQ CYCLIQ GROUP LTD $2,860,537.25 0.0020.00350
VAL VALOR RESOURCES LTD $5,679,577.00 0.0020.00350
VAR VARISCAN MINES LTD $1,906,610.38 0.0010.001550
RXH REWARDLE HOLDINGS LTD $1,578,964.50 0.0020.00350
QGL QUANTUM GRAPHITE LTD $22,687,282.00 0.0020.00350
IVX INVION LTD $143,015,760.00 0.0170.02547
AAU ADCORP AUSTRALIA LTD $4,550,745.50 0.0070.0143
DVL DORSAVI LTD $11,628,957.00 0.040.05743
NET NETLINKZ LTD $152,311,168.00 0.0810.011542
RFT RECTIFIER TECHNOLOGIES LTD $62,877,428.00 0.0350.04940
SP3 SPECTUR LTD $7,591,809.50 0.0970.13539
RHT RESONANCE HEALTH LTD $50,312,196.00 0.090.12539
KIS KING ISLAND SCHEELITE LTD $23,574,806.00 0.0650.0938
AEI AERIS ENVIRONMENTAL LTD $43,408,036.00 0.160.2238
REY REY RESOURCES LTD $53,096,316.00 0.190.2637
VAN VANGO MINING LTD $110,435,648.00 0.140.1936
DRO DRONESHIELD LTD $25,139,240.00 0.10.13535
B2Y BOUNTY MINING LTD $44,292,288.00 0.0860.11534
ANL AMANI GOLD LTD $7,380,455.00 0.00150.00233
IVO INVIGOR GROUP LTD $10,377,550.00 0.0030.00433
TSC TWENTY SEVEN CO LTD $3,568,245.25 0.0030.00433
SI6 SIX SIGMA METALS LTD $1,830,012.63 0.0030.00433
AOA AUSMON RESOURCES LTD $2,198,557.25 0.0030.00433
ROG RED SKY ENERGY LTD $3,339,626.50 0.0030.00433
REV REAL ESTATE INVESTAR GROUP L $1,865,640.88 0.0060.00833
RNX RENEGADE EXPLORATION LTD $2,850,506.50 0.0030.00433
HHM HAMPTON HILL MINING NL $5,896,107.50 0.0150.0233
UNL UNITED NETWORKS LTD $2,516,499.00 0.0150.0233
EM2 EAGLE MOUNTAIN MINING LTD $18,505,320.00 0.150.233
PLL PIEDMONT LITHIUM LTD $107,260,856.00 0.1250.16532
LNY LANEWAY RESOURCES LTD $55,200,988.00 0.0110.01532
IHR INTELLIHR HOLDINGS LTD $15,450,283.00 0.110.14532
AR9 ARCHTIS LTD $16,618,093.00 0.110.14532
BRI BIG RIVER INDUSTRIES LTD $70,018,016.00 1.011.3231
AGR AGUIA RESOURCES LTD $28,797,152.00 0.1350.17530

ASX small cap losers April 8-12

It was a rough week for the minnows, as embattled 3D printing company 333D Limited (ASX:T3D) lost half its value to fall to 0.1 cents per share. The declines came on no news, although it’s not the first time 333D’s share price has fluctuated with big percentage gains beneath the one-cent mark.

And graphite play Metals Australia (ASX:MLS) also lost 50 per cent to fall to 0.1 cents, as it continues to lose momentum after hitting a recent high of 3.5 cents per share last November. The company completed a capital raise in March to finance development of its Lac Rainy project in Quebec, Canada.

Elsewhere, there were heavy percentage falls among the usual round of small-cap mining minnows. Of the 33 companies that posted a weekly loss of more than 20 per cent, just five of them had a market capitalisation of more than $10 million.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for April 8-12 (prices as at 2pm Friday, eastern time).

TickerNameMarket capPrice last FridayPrice this Friday% change
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA LTD $4,037,696.75 0.0020.001-50
T3D 333D LTD $881,226.19 0.0020.001-50
IS3 I SYNERGY GROUP LIMITED $24,714,192.00 0.230.135-41
SBR SABRE RESOURCES LTD $1,220,920.88 0.0050.003-40
NME NEX METALS EXPLORATION LTD $2,097,255.00 0.0180.011-39
BTC BTC HEALTH LTD $9,772,240.00 0.120.075-35
GBZ GBM RESOURCES LTD $4,362,388.00 0.0060.004-33
AJC ACACIA COAL LTD $4,067,651.75 0.00150.001-33
EER EAST ENERGY RESOURCES LTD $6,401,974.00 0.0030.002-33
APG AUSTPAC RESOURCES NL $2,095,481.75 0.00150.001-33
CLZ CLASSIC MINERALS LTD $3,005,720.00 0.00150.001-33
LIN LINDIAN RESOURCES LTD $5,667,182.00 0.0190.013-32
GCR GOLDEN CROSS RESOURCES LTD $2,845,422.25 0.040.028-30
NTI NEUROTECH INTERNATIONAL LTD $1,085,951.00 0.010.007-30
AXT ARGO EXPLORATION LTD $1,829,700.00 0.0140.01-29
TKM TREK METALS LTD $1,561,518.13 0.0070.005-29
AMT ALLEGRA ORTHOPAEDICS LTD $9,955,905.00 0.140.10-29
ENT ENTERPRISE METALS LTD $3,612,714.75 0.0120.009-25
PDI PREDICTIVE DISCOVERY LTD $2,125,278.50 0.0120.009-25
AZI ALTA ZINC LTD $4,106,897.00 0.0040.003-25
MRD MOUNT RIDLEY MINES LTD $3,499,296.50 0.0020.0015-25
TMX TERRAIN MINERALS LTD $1,931,196.00 0.0040.003-25
BUY BOUNTY OIL & GAS NL $3,813,604.00 0.0040.003-25
TOM TOMIZONE LTD $1,275,602.00 0.0040.003-25
SRO SHAREROOT LTD $2,354,181.50 0.0020.0015-25
NGY NUENERGY GAS LTD $22,214,332.00 0.020.015-25
IXU IXUP LTD $14,259,938.00 0.1199999970.090000004-25
OLH OLDFIELDS HOLDINGS LTD $3,780,105.00 0.0610000010.046-25
HWK HAWKSTONE MINING LTD $7,984,452.00 0.0170000010.013-24
WEL WINCHESTER ENERGY LTD $14,092,091.00 0.0440.034000002-23
GBR GREAT BOULDER RESOURCES LTD $8,569,062.00 0.1350000050.104999997-22
OXX OCTANEX LTD $1,908,990.63 0.0090.007-22
AHL AHALIFE HOLDINGS LTD $4,706,524.50 0.0090.007-22
DSE DROPSUITE LTD $16,785,138.00 0.0430000010.034000002-21