Leading the news this week is the revelation that cancer faker Belle Gibson worked the computers for a Brunswick, Melbourne, strip club in 2016 after her business was revealed to be based on a fraud.

She wasn’t a stripper, but was the organisational back bone behind the Australia Adult Industry Awards.

Also, someone has renamed all of the parks in a Perth suburb after characters from the US version of The Office.

Dwight Schrute park and Jim Halpert reserve are slightly to the south-east of Pam Beesly reserve in Port Kennedy, both of which come recommended with two five star Google reviews each.

In actual business news, have you seen the price of gold lately? It cracked $2000 an ounce today — a record — thanks to a “perfect storm of factors”.

Read on to find out where it’s going next (spoiler alert: probably up).

ASX small cap winners June 17-21

Orion Metals (ASX:ORM) dished a quarterly and an annual report this week which generated exactly zero chatter amongst the online forums but did create some buzz on the market, as the share price moved from an almost-rock bottom 0.8c to 0.2c.

The 150 per cent share price spike is all the more surprising given the company is not actually doing anything.

No “on ground exploration” is happening at any of its four tenements, but Orion is at least talking to the Kimberley Land Council and the Tjurabalan Native Title Land Aboriginal Corporation to start some work this year at the Tanami West rare earths and gold project.

The flavour of the week in marijuana was Botanix Pharma (ASX:BOT). It released research showing cannabis does in fact help with inflammation and can act as an antibiotic against the worst of the worst superbugs.

Neither of these are news to avid pot fans as cannabis is already hyped as a treatment for both (as well as almost every other ailment on the planet), but there is a dearth of data around the medicinal properties of the plant so this kind of research is pretty important.

If the gold price has spiked, the price of iron ore has been stronger for longer.

Yet Legacy Iron Ore’s (ASX:LCY) news this week, the piece that likely sent its shares up 67 per cent, was that the company has started drilling for nickel at its Mt Bevan iron ore project, so go figure.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for June 17-21:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
ORM ORION METALS LTD0.0080.020150 $9,561,949
AHK ARK MINES LTD0.0070.01386$664,683
LCY LEGACY IRON ORE0.0030.00567 $5,873,056
OKR OKAPI RESOURCES0.1000.16565 $4,464,572
STN SATURN METALS LT0.2150.33556 $20,683,930
CHK COHIBA MINERALS0.0090.01456 $8,639,985
TOM TOMIZONE LTD0.0020.00350 $1,275,602
TMX TERRAIN MINERALS0.0020.00350 $1,931,196
RXH REWARDLE HOLDING0.0040.00650 $3,157,929
RCP REDBANK COPPER L0.0100.01440 $1,637,606
BOT BOTANIX PHARMACE0.1300.18039 $158,491,280
EQE EQUUS MINING LTD0.0080.01138 $9,870,045
POD PODIUM MINERALS0.0670.09237 $8,801,177
DCN DACIAN GOLD LTD0.4400.61037 $133,170,904
RMG RMG LTD0.0110.01536 $9,237,973
BRN BRAINCHIP HOLDIN0.0690.09436 $82,936,848
UWL UNITI WIRELESS L1.3101.76034 $249,222,736
DRE DREADNOUGHT RESO0.0030.00433 $4,437,926
AKN AUKING MINING LT0.0020.00233 $1,398,876
GLV GLOBAL VANADIUM0.0020.00233 $2,829,480
AZI ALTA ZINC LTD0.0030.00433 $7,286,537
ABL ABILENE OIL AND0.0030.00433 $1,590,457
1ST 1ST GROUP LTD0.0490.06533 $21,678,554
MOY MILLENNIUM MINER0.0590.07832 $58,818,312
OKU OKLO RESOURCES L0.1250.16532 $55,002,512
E25 ELEMENT 25 LTD0.1740.23031 $20,679,136
LSH LIFESPOT HEALTH0.0690.09030 $6,981,181
FIN FIN RESOURCES LT0.0100.01330 $3,791,988
BCN BEACON MINERALS0.0200.02630 $62,819,664
MPW MSL SOLUTIONS LT0.1000.13030 $32,479,248
ANR ANATARA LIFESCIE0.2000.26030 $12,600,375
PVL POWERHOUSE VENTU0.0500.06530 $1,905,262


ASX small cap losers June 17-21

Clearly someone got wind of the news at Avenira (ASX:AEV), which went into a death spiral falling 54 per cent this week before hitting a trading halt.

The phosphate miner has been waiting on $11m-14m worth of funding to keep the wheels spinning and hopes to have some news to share on Monday.

Silver Chef (ASX:SIV) had to extend an exclusivity period twice this week as it waits for the company that’s supposed to be acquiring it to cobble together some cash.

Silver Chef has been in breach of its own loan conditions for months, and the Next Capital takeover was supposed to dig its creditors out of a hole.

But Next, Next’s own lenders, and Silver Chef’s creditors haven’t been able to agree on a recapitalisation plan yet.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for June 17-21:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket Cap
PCL PANCONTINENTAL0.0020.0015-25 $8,110,073.00
GPP GREENPOWER ENERG0.0020.0015-25 $3,886,414.25
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA0.0020.0015-25 $5,854,395.50
SRN SUREFIRE RESOURC0.0040.003-25 $1,509,460.88
SMI SANTANA MINERALS0.0040.003-25 $2,025,598.50
UNL UNITED NETWORKS0.0160.012-25 $1,509,899.38
AVW AVIRA RESOURCES0.0040.003-25 $3,000,000.00
CUX CROSSLAND STRATE0.0080.006-25 $6,069,878.50
RIM RIMFIRE PAC MNG0.0040.003-25 $3,208,854.25
JPR JUPITER ENERGY L0.0150.011-27 $1,687,154.63
IDZ INDOOR SKYDIVING0.0150.011-27 $1,503,661.63
NME NEX METALS EXPLO0.0150.011-27 $2,120,220.75
ADR ADHERIUM LTD0.0360.026-28 $4,342,399.00
GME GME RESOURCES LT0.060.043-28 $21,768,446.00
MQR MARQUEE RESOURCE0.1350.096-29 $4,231,684.00
KKL KOLLAKORN CORP L0.0170.012-29 $2,517,326.25
IBN IBUYNEW GROUP LT0.0260.018-31 $457,663.59
GCR GOLDEN CROSS RES0.0260.018-33 $1,829,200.13
MGT MAGNETITE MINES0.0060.004-33 $3,194,599.25
RNX RENEGADE EXPLORA0.0030.002-33 $1,425,253.25
XST XSTATE RESOURCES0.0030.002-33 $2,280,981.75
AUH AUSTCHINA HOLDIN0.0060.004-33 $4,461,540.00
EER EAST ENERGY RESO0.0030.002-33 $6,401,974.00
FAM FAMILY INSIGHTS0.00150.001-33 $2,500,000.00
SAN SAGALIO ENERGY L0.0030.002-33 $409,320.25
OLV OTHERLEVELS HOLD0.0110.007-36 $2,007,889.75
KTE K2 ENERGY LTD0.0110.007-36 $2,104,600.00
OLH OLDFIELDS HLDGS0.0550.035-36 $2,876,167.00
CLA CELSIUS RESOURCE0.0640.038-41 $28,774,288.00
FRX FLEXIROAM LTD0.0270.016-41 $3,873,335.25
SIV SILVER CHEF LTD0.05950.3-50 $13,940,110.00
PSM PENINSULA MINES0.0040.002-50 $1,985,744.13
AEV AVENIRA LTD0.0130.006-54 $6,351,769.50