ASX small cap winners May 6-10

No surprises that the week’s biggest winner was Orthocell (ASX:OCC), which rose 277 per cent to 41c after patients reported the company’s CelGro collagen scaffold treatment had helped their nerve damage issues.

Company chief Paul Anderson later told Stockhead “the sky is the limit” for Orthocell. “There has been a realisation within the market that we were grossly undervalued.”

The miner named after a song, Liontown Resources (ASX:LTR), keeps finding thick zones of high grade lithium outside the current resource at its Kathleen Valley lithium-tantalum project in WA and its shares rose 100 per cent to 7.6c.

The latest round of drilling results, which includes 18m at 1.6 per cent Li2O from 189m, could substantially increase the current mineral resource estimate, the company says.

Nex Metals Exploration (ASX:NME) rose 85 per cent to 2.4c, though it had no news out.

They were followed by Pure Alumina (ASX:PUA), up 78 per cent, to 6.6c, after announcing sales growth of a company called Polar Sapphire, which it is acquiring.

Dreamscape Networks (ASX:DN8) had a great week, up 35 per cent to 14c after telling the market it has basically smashed it in 2019, lifting revenue by 16-18 per cent and profit by a massive 59 per cent.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for May 6-10:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket cap
OCCORTHOCELL LTD0.110.41277 $ 50,150,588
LTRLIONTOWN RESOURCES LTD0.040.076100 $ 122,262,816
NMENEX METALS EXPLORATION LTD0.0130.02485 $ 4,575,829
PUAPURE ALUMINA LTD0.0270.06678 $ 8,212,365
GMCGULF MANGANESE CORP LTD0.0050.00960 $ 33,744,572
HWKHAWKSTONE MINING LTD0.0130.02154 $ 11,406,360
PCLPANCONTINENTAL OIL & GAS NL0.0020.00250 $ 16,220,146
SBRSABRE RESOURCES LTD0.0040.00650 $ 2,034,868
ADDADAVALE RESOURCES LTD0.0100.00350 $ 332,579
FFCFARMAFORCE LTD0.080.11544 $ 14,697,113
SESSECOS GROUP LTD0.0360.0542 $ 15,486,524
DW8DIGITAL WINE VENTURES LTD0.0050.00740 $ 5,449,641
DDTDATADOT TECHNOLOGY LTD0.0080.00937 $ 8,916,670
GLEGLG CORP LTD0.110.1536 $ 11,115,000
TSLTITANIUM SANDS LTD0.0140.01936 $ 12,071,007
KPOKALINA POWER LTD0.0200.02835 $ 19,578,862
DN8DREAMSCAPE NETWORKS LTD0.10.1435 $ 52,494,300
BMGBMG RESOURCES LTD0.0090.01233 $ 6,692,789
CVSCERVANTES CORP LTD0.0030.00433 $ 1,994,033
PWNPARKWAY MINERALS NL0.0030.00433 $ 2,433,308
BUYBOUNTY OIL & GAS NL0.0030.00433 $ 3,813,604
UWLUNITI WIRELESS LTD0.6150.8733 $ 107,439,320
IBNIBUYNEW GROUP LTD0.0230.0330 $ 653,805


ASX small cap losers May 6-10

The week’s biggest faller was Actinogen Medical (ASX:ACW), which sadly revealed a 10mg dose of its drug Xanamem was safe and well-tolerated by patients, but not effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Shares in Actinogen fell 69 per cent to 1.5c, though the biotech lives to fight another day and will continue to trial different dosages to treat patients.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for May 6-10:

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TickerNamePrice last FridayPrice this Friday% changeMarket cap
GESGENESIS RESOURCES LTD0.0080.006-25 $ 4,697,048
TSCTWENTY SEVEN CO LTD0.0040.003-25 $ 2,676,184
MSRMANAS RESOUCES LTD0.0040.003-25 $ 7,929,488
PCHPROPERTY CONNECT HOLDINGS0.0040.003-25 $ 2,057,590
CADCAENEUS MINERALS LTD0.0020.002-25 $ 2,792,948
MZNMARINDI METALS LTD0.0040.003-25 $ 6,397,113
RCPREDBANK COPPER LTD0.0240.018-25 $ 2,105,494
PURPURSUIT MINERALS LTD0.0230.016-26 $ 3,034,965
CXZCONNEXION TELEMATICS LTD0.0110.008-27 $ 6,761,321
LMWLANDMARK WHITE LTD0.380.275-28 $ 23,411,880
TBHBETMAKERS HOLDINGS LTD/THE0.0530.04-28 $ 11,483,966
P2PP2P TRANSPORT LTD0.320.23-28 $ 19,608,304
CZRCOZIRON RESOURCES LTD0.0140.010-29 $ 17,855,512
KKLKOLLAKORN CORP LTD0.0100.007-30 $ 1,468,440
ENTENTERPRISE METALS LTD0.0100.007-30 $ 2,809,889
HCOHYLEA METALS LTD0.0280.017-32 $ 1,902,629
QTGQ TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD0.0090.006-33 $ 901,237
VARVARISCAN MINES LTD0.0010.001-33 $ 1,271,074
AROASTRO RESOURCES NL0.0030.002-33 $ 2,544,195
RXHREWARDLE HOLDINGS LTD0.0030.003-33 $ 1,052,643
CMCCHINA MAGNESIUM CORP LTD0.0350.020-43 $ 9,248,771
ICUISENTRIC LTD0.0120.006-50 $ 1,101,930
TMKTAMASKA OIL & GAS LTD0.0020.001-50 $ 1,960,000
ACWACTINOGEN MEDICAL LTD0.0480.015-69 $ 16,788,470