There’s nothing like leaving it to the last minute.

Before we ran out of fingers and toes, Stockhead counted more than 430 quarterly cashflow reports lodged with the ASX on deadline day yesterday.

(Quarterly cash flow statements are due from explorers and other relevant listed companies one month after the end of the quarter).

One thing that stands out each quarter is the difference between cash receipts and market caps. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Not surprisingly, the blockchain stocks were notable.

Would-be blockchain investor First Growth Funds, which is worth $27 million, still isn’t making any money at all.

Reffind (market cap $18 million) isn’t much better on the cashflow front — its quarterly receipts fell from $86,000 to just $49,000, although it has just finalised an investment in global loyalty points company Loyyal.

Crypto exchange aspirant Byte Power Group — valued at $27 million — took $31,000 in receipts, down from $1.2 million last quarter.

But it is the much-revered Yojee, a company that wants to shake up the logistics industry using blockchain software — that really stands out on the cash front.

Yojee is valued at $200 million, but banked a similar amount to those smaller blockchain aspirants: $139,000 — up from $62,000 last quarter.

Compare the blockchain stocks to a couple of more vanilla software plays.

HR platform Gooroo reported $69,000 in cashflow for a $3.8 million valuation. (It stayed in cashflow positive territory thanks to a $730,000 government tax refund.)

Software developer Ziptel earned $8000 and is worth $5.4 million.

Other stocks looked much healthier on the cashflow front when compared to their market caps.

Fluence Corp and Freelancer have similar market caps to Yojee — and healthy cashflows.

Water treatment expert Fluence (market cap $195 million) banked $US17.9 million ($22 million) in the December quarter, up from $US7.7 million last quarter. Fluence expects revenue to double to $US105 million to US$115 this year. Its shares bounced 6 per cent bounce on Wednesday to 50c.

Freelancer (market cap $210 million) banked $12.4 million — about the same as last quarter.

While the freelance marketplace is taking in a lot of cash, it’s also spending heavily on administration and corporate costs and staff — two cost centres that in the last quarter cost it $9.6 million.

Beautician Total Face logged receipts of $5.8 million for a market cap of $11 million. Novatti reported $8.7 million quarterly cash for a market cap of $42 million.

Code Company Customer Receipts Market Cap Operating cashflow Cash in the bank Expected spending
FLC Fluence Corp $22.1m $195.2m -$13m $93m $31m
CLI CropLogic $418,000 $7.2m -$777,000 $5.5m $2.7m
FGF First Growth Funds $0 $27.2m -$21,000 $994,000 $130,000
YOJ Yojee $139,000 $196m -$1.2m $5m $1.3m
RFN Reffind $49,000 $18m -$420,000 $5m $334,000
PVL Powerhouse Ventures $64,000 $6.2m -$1.1m $1.5m $1.3m
NOV Novatti Group $8.7m $40.4m $107,000 $4.4m $19m
TFG Total Face Group $5.8m $11.4m $96,000 $801,000 $6m
MEB Medibio $4000 $59m -$1.7m $15.1m $4.8m
FLN Freelancer $12.4m $210.6m -$1.9m $31m $12m
ZIP Ziptel $8000 $5.4m -$213,000 $1.4m $140,000
GOO Gooroo Ventures $69,000 $3.8m $25,000 $1.9m $982,000
MJP Martin Aircraft $0 $16.7m -$2.9m $6.2m $3.4m
DUB Dubber $258,000 $74.8m -$3m $8.8m $2.7m
GMV G Medical $22,000 $34.4m -$3.4m $14.2m $8.3m
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G Medical and Medibio are two health tech companies that investors love, but for all the hype are not making much money yet.

G Medical banked $22,000 in quarterly cashflow for a $34 million valuation. Mental health company Medibio reported a tiny $4000 in receipts for a market cap of $59 million.

Agronomy consultant CropLogic’s quarterly cash halved to $418,000. Its shares — which listed last year at 20c — were flat at 9c, valuing the company at $7.2 million.