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Host Justin Kelly, former broadcast journalist and PR veteran, chats with leaders from across Australia and internationally on business strategy; what it takes to build a successful company; how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey.

In this episode, Justin interviews leading Australian businessman Chris Christofi, the founder and CEO of Reventon and Vinnies CEO Sleepout Ambassador.

Chris is a remarkable figure in the Australian business and philanthropic communities. Chris has not only led his company to success but has also dedicated a significant portion of his life to helping those in need. Chris is perhaps best known for his unwavering dedication to the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, an annual event where business leaders sleep outdoors to raise awareness and funds for Australians experiencing homelessness.

This year marks his seventh participation in the sleepout, and he has already raised over $750,000 for the cause over the years. His recent fundraising success at the ‘Lead With Kindness’ gala, where he raised nearly $80,000 in one night, underscores the incredible support and generosity he has garnered in his mission to combat homelessness. This year, he aims to raise $120,000 to help the homeless.

Beyond his philanthropic efforts, Chris is an entrepreneur whose vision and drive have propelled Reventon to the forefront of property investment and wealth management strategies. His ability to balance his professional responsibilities with his charitable endeavours certainly makes him a unique leader.

This podcast was developed in collaboration with Reventon, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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