Want to know where fund managers are putting their money? We’ve been keeping track so you don’t have to.

Trading Places is Stockhead’s recap of the substantial holder movements among ASX small caps over the last fortnight.

Substantial shareholders are those holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares — these can be directors, individual investors, or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold, as well as any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Bionomics BNO $38.8M Aperion Investment Group 13.02% Becoming
Estia Health ESH $8.2M Seven Group Holdings 10.01% Increasing
DGO Gold DGO $199.2M Regal Funds Management 19.75% Increasing
Centaurus Minerals CTM $125.5M Harmanis Family 6.54% Increasing
Centaurus Minerals CTM $125.5M McCusker Holdings 5.56% Becoming
Northern Minerals NTU $79.8M Vastness Investment Group 5.02% Becoming
Inventis IVT $2.8M Debra Noun 25.57% Becoming
Rey Resources REY $65.8M ASF Group 16.34% Becoming
ActivEX AIV $23.0M ASF Group 19.62% Becoming
Zenith Energy ZEN $147.2M Westoz Funds Management 12.94% Increasing
Lucapa Diamond Company LOM $28.4M Equigold 8.09% Increasing
ESense Lab ESE $8.5M Chifley Portfolios 12.20% Becoming
Novonix NVX $306.4M St Baker Energy Holdings 18.10% Becoming
Pacific Star Network PNW $59.8M Viburnum Funds 22.32% Increasing
Norwood Systems NOR $5.7M Apsec Funds Management 12.00% Increasing
Castle Minerals CDT $3.0M Stepstone 12.58% Increasing
Eumundi Group EBG $32.8M SJ Shoebridge Super Fiund 8.60% Increasing
Black Cat Syndicate BC8 $82.9M Silver Lake Resources 8.74% Becoming
Saunders International SAU $17.3M Naos Asset Management 22.59% Increasing
Biotech Capital BTC $25.8M Naos Asset Management 23.76% Increasing
Baby Bunting BBN $433.7M AustralianSuper 12.53% Increasing
Imdex IMD $426.8M L1 Capital 6.91% Increasing
Blackstone Minerals BSX $54.1M EcoPro 15.89% Becoming
Visioneering Technologies VTI $17.2M Thorney Technologies 26.97% Increasing
Estia Health ESH $12.3M Australian Capital Equity 10.01% Increasing
Onevue Holdings OVH $101.0M Thorney Technologies 17.09% Increasing
ReadyTech RDY $111.6M Microequities Asset Management 9.57% Increasing
Gage Roads Brewing GRB $59.3M Perennial Value Management 13.28% Increasing
Torian Resources TNR $8.9M Nova Minerals 17.39% Becoming
DGO Gold DGO $193.3M Costa Asset Management 7.03% Increasing
Primero Group PGX $49.8M The Makarska Trust 10.94% Increasing
The Reject Shop TRS $285.6M Bennelong Australian Equity Partners 11.78% Increasing
Atrum Coal ATU $154.9M Regal Funds Management 5.04% Becoming
DGO Gold DGO $193.3M Ginga - Thomas Klinger 16.67% Increasing
Hot Chili HCH $58.6M Murray Black 6.55% Increasing
Swick Mining Services SWK $39.5M Perennial Value Management 15.00% Increasing
E2 Metals E2M $20.3M Capri Family 8.47% Increasing
Metalsearch MSE $13.8M Goody Family 7.85% Increasing
Metalsearch MSE $13.8M Anthony Sheridan 9.05% Increasing
RMG RMG $550K Hin Cheong Hung 8.91% Increasing
Spirit Telecom ST1 $115.0M Regal Funds Management 16.70% Increasing
Family Zone Cyber Safety FZO $91.4M Regal Funds Management 10.03% Increasing
Carbon Revolution CBR $218.8M ECP Asset Management 5.17% Becoming
Kalium Lakes KLL $128.4M Greenstone Resources 20.59% Increasing
Village Roadshow VRL $408.1M Mittleman Investment Management 8.50% Increasing
Vault Intelligence VLT $55.0M Regal Funds Management 11.81% Increasing
PSC Insurance Group PSI $743.4M Ethical Partners Funds Management 5.17% Becoming
MMA Offshore MRM $53.7M Thorney Opportunities 10.80% Increasing
Longtable Group LON $50.8M Dynasty Peak - Geoff Wilson 7.60% Becoming
Ironbark Zinc IBG $9.2M Danny Segman 17.79% Increasing
Alt Resources ARS $29.2M Aurenne Ularring 18.29% Increasing
Cygnus Gold CY5 $16.8M John Huizenga 14.65% Increasing
Cardno CDD $98.3M Viburnum Funds 6.03% Increasing
Tanga Resources TRL $3.1M Martyn Brown 5.49% Becoming
Recce Pharmaceuticals RCE $134.1M Graham Melrose 25.28% Increasing
Matador Mining MZZ $59.3M Terra Capital Nature Resource Fund 5.00% Becoming
Image Resources IMA $166.8M Paradice Investment Management 6.54% Increasing
Kyckr KYK $28.5M Regal Funds Management 7.27% Increasing
Matador Mining MZZ $59.3M Nero Resource Fund 5.02% Becoming
VIP Gloves VIP $46.5M Endless Earnings 6.12% Becoming
VIP Gloves VIP $46.5M Leading & Junction 17.17% Increasing
Vitalharvest Freehold Trust VTH $140.6M Primewest Management 19.99% Increasing
Damstra Holdings DTC $205.7M AustralianSuper 6.02% Increasing
Calix CXL $117.9M AustralianSuper 6.08% Increasing
BTC Health BTC $23.4M Naos Asset Management 24.76% Increasing
Bowen Coking Coal BCB $45.8M M Resources 15.93% Increasing
Auteco Minerals AUT $266.4M Robert Rogers 7.24% Increasing
VIP Gloves VIP $68.1M Choong Choy Lee 9.80% Becoming
Cygnus Gold CY5 $17.2M Steve Parsons 9.31% Becoming
Race Oncology RAC $136.1M Merchant Funds Management 9.28% Increasing
Uniti Group UWL $779.3M Tribeca Investment Partners 5.01% Becoming
Rhiomed RNO $19.8M Whitney George 41.48% Increasing
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The most peculiar trade this week was in food business Longtable Group (ASX:LON) which owns Maggie Beer among other brands.

Accumulating a 7.6 per cent stake over the last month has been an entity called Dynasty Peak, the personal superannuation fund of financial heavyweight Geoff Wilson.

Despite COVID-19, the company last week reported strong sales throughout May and June which will result in net sales for FY20 growing on FY19.

Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Technologies topped up its holdings in wealth management software stock OneVue Holdings (ASX:OVH) and offshore vessel provider MMA Offshore (ASX:MRM)

Carbon fibre wheel manufacturer Carbon Revolution (ASX:CBR) fell last week after a negative COVID-19 trading update. But Sydney-based ECP Asset Management took the chance to buy more shares, crossing the substantial holder threshold by owning 5.17 per cent.

Regal Funds Management trades included in telco Spirit Telecom (ASX:ST1) and web safety platform Family Zone Cyber Safety (ASX:FZO).

Australian Super topped up its holdings in sustainable infrastructure play Calix (ASX:CXL), baby store Baby Bunting (ASX:BBN) and software stock Damstra Holdings (ASX:DTC).

The latter of these companies last week announced the acquisition of Vault Intelligence (ASX:VLT) and that, despite COVID-19, its earnings would increase.

Merchant Funds Management was so confident in further success with its investment in cancer fighting biotech Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) that it made an unsolicited approach to contribute more capital. Race took up the offer and now Merchant owns 9.28 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Leigh Creek Energy LCK $51.7M Crown Ascent Development 4.5% Ceasing
Tempo Australia TPP $14.9M Spheria Asset Management 4.51% Ceasing
Element25 E25 $47.7M Duketon Mining 4.56% Ceasing
Noxopharm NOX $42.6M Eleanore Goodridge 4.56% Ceasing
Sigma Healthcare SIG $680.1M Vinva Investment Management 4.93% Ceasing
Eclipx Group ECX $450.7M Vinva Investment Management 4.99% Ceasing
ReadyTech RDY $112.0M Pie Funds Management 1.87% Ceasing
Damstra Holdings DTC $187.6M Perennial Value Management 4.13% Ceasing
SRG Global SRG $113.7M Perennial Value Management 13.28% Decreasing
Quantum Health Group QTM $41.8M Crisp Holdings & Phillip Sidney 23.25% Decreasing
PWR Holdings PWH $435.4M Tribeca Investment Partners 5.25% Decreasing
DGO Gold DGO $193.3M Regal Funds Management 17.40% Decreasing
Droneshield DRO $30.3M Regal Funds Management 4.43% Ceasing
BWX BWX $451.0M Wilson Asset Management 5.05% Decreasing
PWR Holdings PWH $435.4M Perennial Value Management 7.90% Decreasing
Alto Metals AME $22.0M Goldsea Australia Mining 9.99% Decreasing
Ovato OVT $5.9M Wentworth Williamson Management 2.63% Ceasing
Medival Developments International MVP $431.8M Regal Funds Management 4.98% Ceasing
Cygnus Gold CY5 $17.2M Resource Capital Fund 7.99% Decreasing
3P Learning 3PL $149.3M Sterling Equity 7.90% Decreasing
Readcloud RCL $32.4M Amity Agency 9.54% Decreasing
Neurotech International NTI $2.2M Bonvoyolo 5.85% Decreasing
Creso Pharma CPH $10.5M L1 Capital 4.65% Ceasing
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Perennial Value Management sold shares in Damstra (ASX:DTC) as well as engineering firm SRG Global (ASX:SRG).

Auckland based Pie Funds Management reduced its holdings in ReadyTech (ASX:RDY) which makes people management software for schools.

Sales by Regal Funds Management included in drone security stock DroneShield (ASX:DRO) and pain-killing device maker Medical Developments International (ASX:MVP).