Trading Places is Stockhead’s recap of the buys and sells of ASX small cap shares by fund managers and other famous investors over the last fortnight.

Specifically, Stockhead tracks substantial shareholder movements, being shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares . These can be directors, individual investors, or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold, as well as any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Empire Resources ERL $14.2M Michael Ruane 31.18% Increasing
Caravel Minerals CVV $189.0M Paradice Investment Management 7.86% Increasing
MaxiPARTS MXI $129.2M Wilson Asset Management 5.14% Becoming
Eureka Group EGH $152.0M Ethical Partners Funds Management 9.84% Increasing
PointsBet PBH $2.8B HR Vora Capital Management 6.02% Increasing
Paladin Energy PDN $2.5B Paradice Investment Management 8.93% Increasing
Superloop SLC $570.3M Perennial 11.24% Increasing
Energy Technologies EGY $27.3M Xplore Wealth 6.84% Increasing
3P Learning 3PL $374.6M Viburnum Funds 15.79% Increasing
Australian Unity Office Fund AOF $384.7M Valtellina Properties 6.06% Increasing
Cannon Resources CNR $29.2M Ponderose Investments 7.18% Increasing
Computershare CPU $10.9B AustralianSuper 12.99% Increasing
Deterra Royalties DRR $2.1B Schroder 6.04% Increasing
Probiotec PBP $168.7M Copia 5.36% Becoming
Lark Distilling LRK $340.8M Perennial 5.47% Becoming
McPhersons MCP $128.7M Australian Ethical 7.09% Increasing
Imugene IMU $2.6B Paul Hopper 6.97% Increasing
Felix Group FLX $29.2M Thorney Opportunities 9.05% Increasing
Orica ORI $6.1B Australian Super 14.34% Increasing
Healthia HLA $249.1M Glen Richards 5.89% Increasing
Cooper Energy COE $472.6M First Sentier 8.82% Increasing
Aussie Broadband ABB $1.1B Challenger 6.01% Increasing
Lark Distilling LRK $340.8M Perennial 7.30% Increasing
OFX OFX $391.5M Australian Ethical 7.70% Increasing
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One fund manager that made multiple buys was AustralianSuper – the country’s largest super fund. It increased its stake in share registry platform Computershare (ASX:CPU) to 12.99% and in global mining explosives and blasting technology firm Orica (ASX:ORI) to 14.34%.

Tassie whisky company, Lark Distilling (ASX:LRK) welcomed Perennial as a new substantial shareholder as part of a capital raise which helped it complete the purchase of iconic Tasmanian distillery Kernke Family Shene Estate. Perennial also topped up its holdings in Superloop (ASX:SLC) to just over 11%.

Buys by Australian Ethical included health, beauty and wellness product outlet McPhersons (ASX:MCP) and currency transfer service OFX (ASX:OFX).

Still with ESG focused investors, Eureka Group (ASX:EGH), a firm which provides rental accomodations for seniors, saw Ethical Partners Funds Management top up its stake to 9.84%.

Construction and industrial companies made up a handful of places on the list this week. Thorney Opportunities increased its stake in construction-focused software company Felix Group (ASX:FLX) to just over 9%.

Wilson Asset Management became a substantial holder of trailers specialist MaxiTrans (ASX:MXI) to, just crossing the 5% threshold.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Pacific Current Group PAC $401.7M Fidelity 5.28% Decreasing
Hydrix HYD $20.1M Perennial <5% Ceasing
Eclipx Group ECX $760.3M Vinva Investment Management <5% Ceasing
Vimy Resources VMY $279.2M Paradice Investment Management 7.54% Decreasing
IPH IPH $2.0B Paradice Investment Management 5.08% Decreasing
United Malt Group UMG $1.2B Challenger <5% Ceasing
Dominos DMP $11.4B Fidelity <5% Ceasing
Altium ALU $4.9B Pinnacle 6.11% Decreasing
Santana Minerals SMI $28.5M Regal Funds Management <5% Ceasing
Horizon Oil HZN $150.9M Spheria Asset Management 7.13% Decreasing
Iluka Resources ILU $4.0B Aware Super 5.15% Decreasing
IPH IPH $1.9B Paradice Investment Management <5% Ceasing
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Aware Super cut its stake in Iluka Resources (ASX:ILU), one of the few companies in the mineral sands space.

Large cap tech stock Altium (ASX:ALU) saw Pinnacle cut its stake in it to 6.11%.