In this week’s recap of substantial holders, Jamie Pherous bought a 5.3 per cent stake in State Gas for $4.9m, Lombard Odier bought more of Salt Lake Potash, and Regal sold out of Visioneering Technologies and increased its stake in Nickel Mines by $11m.

Substantial shareholders are defined as those holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these could be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when their shareholding becomes substantial, when they have ceased to be substantial shareholders or any change in their holdings above 5 per cent.


Jamie Pherous is a Queensland business magnate who founded Corporate Travel in 1994 and is still managing director of the company.

On Monday he bought a 5.3 per cent stake in Queensland gas play State Gas (ASX:GAS) for $4.9m.

It is an exciting time in Queensland’s gas market. This company fracks for coal seam and conventional gas and Jamie’s money will help them fund the project’s next stage.

Interestingly, Tony Ballas, chairman of State Gas, is also chairman of Corporate Travel.

Billionaire investor Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Technologies became substantial holders in Visioneering Technologies (ASX:VTI), taking a 10.64 per cent stake. He paid just under $1m in a recent placement after previously spending $97,000 in February to initially buy in.

Remember Tolga Kumova? He’s a successful investor who profited from Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR). This week he has taken a gamble on Six Sigma Metals (ASX:SI6) taking a 5.34 per cent stake, paying $120,000.

Among the fund manager buys this week were Regal Funds Management spending $11m to increase their stake in Indonesian-focused base metals explorer Nickel Mines (ASX: NIC). They now hold 7.36 per cent.

Paradice Investment Management increased their holdings in Eneco Holdings (ASX:EHL) and Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL).  IOOF did likewise with their stake in Otto Energy (ASX:OEL) spending $1.2m to take their stake to 11.63 per cent.

IOOF also bought into recently IPO’d Victory Offices (ASX:VIC), acquiring a 6.72 per cent stake for $5.5m. Perpetual likewise bought in although they only acquired a 5.5 per cent stake and spent $4.5m.

Vibumum Funds spent $8m to take its stake in Ardent Leisure Group (ASX:ALG) (the owner of Dreamworld) to 14.48 per cent. One of their executives, Gary Weiss has been on Ardent’s board for the last two years, joining in the aftermath of the Dreamworld disaster.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
TerraCom TER $238.3M Bonython Coal 0.1695 Increasing
GI Dynamics GID $14.7M Cystal Atiher Fund 0.4878 Increasing
Skyfii SKF $50.6M Jagafil 0.0997 Increasing
Aspen Group APZ $98.7M Brahman Capital Management 0.173 Increasing
Venture Minerals VMS $12.4M Ephinsture Group 0.0723 Increasing
Deep Yellow DYL $77.2M Paradice 0.077 Becoming
BWX BWX $263.4M Bennelong 0.2218 Increasing
Eneco Holdings EHL $568.9M Paradice 0.0905 Increasing
Empired EPD $43.2M Microequities Asset Management 0.0831 Increasing
Qantm IP QTM $27.5M Fidelity 0.0536 Becoming
Volpara Health Technologies VHT $351.9M Harbour Asset Management 0.0647 Increasing
Visioneering Technologies VTI $20.0M Thorney Technology 0.1064 Becoming
Peel Mining PEX $74.0M St Barbara 0.161 Increasing
Boart Longyear BLY $94.7M Centrebridge 0.5384 Increasing
Latin Resources LRS $3.6M Lind Asset Management 0.0559 Becoming
Ora Banda Mining OBM Susp GR Engineering Services 0.0634 Becoming
iCar Asia ICQ $93.1M PM Capital 0.107 Increasing
Magnetic Resources MAU $78.8M Dale Alcock 0.0578 Becoming
1st Group 1ST $17.8M John Plummer; Gold Tiger Investments 0.2758 Increasing
Ardent Leisure Group ALG $513.3M Vibumum Funds 0.1448 Increasing
Nickel Mines NIC $564.4M Regal Funds Management 0.0736 Increasing
Urbanise.comUBN $20.5M Australian Ethical Investment 0.0504 Becoming
Venture Minerals VMS $12.4M Delphi 0.0625 Becoming
Strandline Resources STA $51.3M Tembo Capital 0.3369 Increasing
Ora Banda Mining OBM Susp NPS Mining Alliance 0.0805 Becoming
Victory Offices VOL $92.0M IOOF 0.0672 Becoming
Victory Offices VOL $92.0M Perpetual 0.055 Becoming
Reffind RFN $2.6M Ryan Yarsley 0.0514 Becoming
Otto Energy OEL $108.3M IOOF 0.1163 Increasing
Harris Technology HT8 $5.0M First Growth Fund 0.1622 Becoming
State Gas GAS $99.6M Jamie Pherous 0.053 Becoming
Six Sigma Metals SI6 $2.5M Tolga Kumova 0.0534 Becoming
K2 Energy K2F $2.1M Balander Pty Ltd - Sam Gazel 0.0598 Becoming
Salt Lake Potash SO4 $176.7M Lombard Odier 0.1501 Increasing
Winchester Energy WEL $11.2M Larry Liu and Yang Xiangyang 0.1599 Increasing
Intermin Resources IRC $42.8M Ashok Parekh 0.0537 Becoming
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Two weeks after Ron Brierley announced he was retiring, he sold $9m of his Mercantile (ASX:MVT) shares. While he still owns 24.73 per cent, this was a significant sell down from his previous 54.3 per cent stake. But rather than being paid in cash, he was paid in Sandon Capital shares.

QVG sold down their stake in traffic information supplier GTN (ASX:GTN) by $3.8m, but they still hold 5.18 per cent.

While Thorney bought into Visioneering Technologies (ASX:VTI), Regal Funds Management cut their stake to 9.24 per cent, selling $151,000 in shares throughout May — although a dilution due to Thorney’s buy also impacted.

Although People Infrastructure (ASX: PPE) completed a $20m raise, IOOF used it as a chance to sell $3.1m, shrinking their stake to 10.46 per cent.

Also selling were AustralianSuper who decreased their stake in Audinate Group (ASX:AD8) to 5.02 per cent after selling $4.3m in six weeks. The Mizikovsky Group (led by prominent businessman Lev Mizikovsky) sold $1.8m in Collection House (ASX: CLH) shares, thus reducing their stake to 8.42 per cent.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
GTN GTN $224.0M QVG 0.0518 Decreasing
Impedimed IPD $47.5M Kinetic Investment Partners 0 Ceasing
UUV Aquabotix UUV $2.3M Longhill Capital 0.2748 Decreasing
Mitchell Services MSV $107.8M Washington H Soul Pattison 0.0978 Decreasing
Visioneering Technologies VTI $20.0M Regal Funds Management 0.0924 Decreasing
E2 Metals E2M $16.4M Martin Dohohue 0.0501 Decreasing
Venture Minerals VMS $12.4M Molton Holdings 0 Ceasing
Mercantile MVT $44.9M Siblow - Ron Brierley 0.2473 Decreasing
Collection House CLH $175.5M Mizikovsky Group 0.0842 Decreasing
Audinate Group AD8 $512.8M AustralianSuper 0.0502 Decreasing
People Infrastucture PPE $204.1M IOOF 0.1046 Decreasing
Evolve Education EVO $116.8M Accident Compensation Corporation (NZ) 0.0498 Ceasing
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