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Trading Places is Stockhead’s recap of the substantial holder movements among ASX small caps over the last fortnight.

Substantial shareholders are those holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares — these can be directors, individual investors, or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold, as well as any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Pure Alumina PUA $9.0M Keith Knowles 5.12% Increasing
Home Consortium HMC $702.6M Spotlight Group 43.51% Increasing
Patrys PAB $13.9M Mason Stevens 5.24% Becoming
Victory Offices VOL $30.7M Regal Funds Management 9.78% Becoming
Kin Mining KIN $85.6M Delphi 23.05% Increasing
Victory Offices VOL $30.7M Perennial Value Management 13.49% Increasing
Boom Logistics BOL $42.8M Grove Investment Group 5.17% Becoming
MyFiziq MYQ $32.6M The Rain Maker 11.95% Increasing
Empired EPD $56.0M Thorney Opportunities 15.51% Increasing
Ragnar Metals RAG $1.9M John Gaffney 6.54% Becoming
Benjamin Hornigold BHD $4.8M Glennon Capital 6.98% Becoming
Kleos Space KSS $31.5M Janet Cameron 14.52% Increasing
White Rock Minerals WRM $27.5M Palisades GoldCorp 10.69% Increasing
Catapult Group International CAT $242.4M One Managed Investment Funds 5.03% Becoming
Iselect ISU $44.8M Thorney Opportunities 11.04% Increasing
Black Cat Syndicate BC8 $82.0M Les Davis 5.24% Becoming
Vault Intelligence VLT $57.0M Regal Funds Management 12.96% Increasing
Integrated Payment Technologies IPT $11.9M Paul Collins 7.79% Becoming
Pointerra 3DP $82.9M Bevan Slattery 7.54% Becoming
Anteris Technologies AVR $25.4M Constellation Immunotherapy 5.53% Becoming
Iselect ISU $44.8M Thorney Opportunities 13.23% Increasing
Vault Intelligence VLT $57.0M Pie Funds Management 5.20% Becoming
Benjamin Hornigold BHD $5.0M Glennon Capital 8.18% Increasing
Alchemy Resources ALY $10.5M Stephen Nordstrom 7.27% Increasing
Spirit Telecom ST1 $126.5M Peter & Diana Diamond 21.31% Increasing
Experience Co EXP $66.7M Naos Asset Management 18.63% Increasing
Strategic Energy Resources SER $5.9M 1215 Capital 5.20% Becoming
Integrated Payment Technologies IP1 $11.9M Colin Scully 25.80% Increasing
Integrated Payment Technologies IP1 $11.9M Don Sharp 18.83% Increasing
Matador Mining MZZ $71.5M Nero Resource Fund 6.21% Increasing
Kula Gold KGD $5.5M Bowman Gate 18.70% Increasing
Kula Gold KGD $5.5M Riverview Corporaiton 8.80% Increasing
Gateway Mining GML $31.8M Omni Geox 8.47% Increasing
Pure Foods Tasmania PUA $10.6M Illewa 6.76% Increasing
Kula Gold KGD $5.5M Merchant Holdings 11.60% Increasing
Dark Horse Resources DHR $7.9M David Mason 6.70% Increasing
Dark Horse Resources DHR $7.9M Neil Stuart 8.37% Increasing
Dark Horse Resources DHR $7.9M DGR Global 10.23% Increasing
Spirit Telecom ST1 $128.8M Regal Funds Management 17.77% Increasing
DTI Group DTI $8.0M Permanent Mutual 32.82% Increasing
First AU FAU $8.0M Bryan Frost 7.04% Increasing
Lotus Resources LOT $54.3M Copia Investment Partners 5.95% Increasing
Powerwrap PWL $55.4M Praemium 15.10% Increasing
Warrego Energy WGO $141.2M Dennis Donald 17.45% Increasing
Homestay Care HSC $13.4M Kyle Haynes 6.39% Increasing
Calidus Resources CAI $129.6M Elanwi Trust 6.32% Increasing
Northern Minerals NTU $84.5M Vastness Investment Group 7.10% Increasing
Imdex IMD $512.2M L1 Capital 8.17% Increasing
Life360 360 $503.0M Regal Funds Management 10.58% Increasing
Vault Intelligence VLT $70.4M Regal Funds Management 15.80% Increasing
IXUP IXU $6.2M Regal Funds Management 14.75% Increasing
Nick Scali NCK $554.0M Eley Griffiths 5.04% Becoming
Onevue Holdings OVH $101.8M Thorney Opportunities 17.52% Increasing
Redbank Copper RCP $4.6M Jason Peterson 7.92% Becoming
Tesoro Resources TSO $61.9M Scion HDG SPA 6.01% Becoming
Monash IVF MVF $212.4M Perennial Value Management 5.44% Becoming
RBR Group RBR $7.1M Ian Mcpherson 8.02% Increasing
Caravel Minerals CVV $8.7M African Energy Resources Australia 8.23% Increasing
Helloworld HLO $250.4M Burnes Group 14.38% Increasing
Audinate AD8 $385.2M AustralianSuper 6.42% Increasing
Equus Mining EQE $16.9M Tribeca Investment Partners 6.31% Becoming
Metalsearch MSE $17.9M LL & P/ Andrew Solomons 6.50% Becoming
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The tourism sector has taken the biggest hit due to COVID-19 of any industry with lockdowns and travel bans literally wiping out demand.

However, several buys this week were in tourism stocks as investors continued to take a punt on a strong comeback.

Naos Asset Management upped its stake in Experience Co (ASX:EXP) to 18.63 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Burnes family, led by husband and wife duo Andrew & Cinzie, injected $5m in travel agency Helloworld Travel (ASX:HLO) as part of a capital raising.

All up the pair own 28.15 per cent between them, a stake actually lower than before due to the deal’s dilution of their holdings.


Investors still buying gold stocks

One of 2020’s under the radar gold stories has been Chile-focused Tesoro Resources (ASX:TSO)

It entered the bourse in January as part of a reverse takeover of jeweller Plukka at 3c per share and is now at 13c following exploration success.

Earlier this month it undertook a $6m capital raising and Chilean mining services firm Scion bought nearly $700,000 more in shares, taking its holdings to just over 6 per cent.

Also in gold, one stock that missed much of 2020’s price action is Kula Gold (ASX:KGD), having been suspended for several months as it searched for a project.

The ASX permitted it to recommence trading and three of its substantial holders, entities owned by its directors, raised their collective stakes to 39.1 per cent.


Takeover targets

Other notable trades included in stocks facing takeovers.

Alex Waislitz’s Thorney Opportunities bought more of digital wealth management stock OneVue Holdings (ASX:OVH) and now owns 17.5 per cent.

Another stock in the same situation is workplace management software Vault Intelligence (ASX:VLT), which is facing acquisition by fellow listee Damstra Holdings (ASX:DTC) .

Regal Funds Management bought more shares, taking its stake to 15.8 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
DXN DXN $26.3M Kenneth Baker 4.99% Ceasing
Oneview Healthcare ONE $7.0M Perennial Value Management 0.00% Ceasing
Aurelia Metals AMI $489.4M Perennial Value Management 6% Decreasing
Redbubble RBL $558.5M Perennial Value Management 5.58% Decreasing
SciDev SDV $91.6M Perennial Value Management 11.61% Decreasing
Uniti Group UWL $789.6M Perennial Value Management 0.00% Ceasing
Anteris Technologies AVR $28.3M Star Bright Holding 12.35% Decreasing
Sigma Healthcare SIG $736.3M Allan Gray 8.29% Decreasing
Atomos AMS $94.8M Domazet FT3 6.71% Decreasing
Boom Logistics BOL $44.9M Paradice Investment Management 4.68% Ceasing
New Zealand Coastal Seafoods NZS $13.8M Bergen Global Opportunities Fund 6.80% Decreasing
Caravel Minerals CVV $8.1M Copulos Group 2.82% Ceasing
DXN DXN $23.2M Carason Ward 0.00% Ceasing
GWA Group GWA $670.4M Ethical Partners Funds Management 8.05% Decreasing
Pursuit Minerals PUR $3.9M Jamber Investments 0.00% Ceasing
Spectur SP3 $5.0M Charles Wilkins 5.47% Decreasing
Nick Scali NCK $554.0M Perpetual 6.18% Decreasing
Cygnus Gold CY5 $15.3M John Huizenga 10.54% Decreasing
PRescient Therapeutic PTX $26.0M Australian Ethical Investment 6.48% Decreasing
Little Green Pharma LGP $50.1M Elixxir 22.09% Decreasing
Life360 360 $503.1M ADT Security 0.00% Ceasing
Aurelia Metals AMI $541.9M Vinva Investment Management 4.96% Ceasing
Smart Parking SPZ $34.1M Viburnum Funds 4.95% Ceasing
Family Zone Cyber Safety FZO $128.2M Regal Funds Management 8.97% Decreasing
Imdex IMD $510.3M Yarra Funds Management 6.95% Decreasing
Dragontail Systems DTS $31.4M Internet Fund 10.80% Decreasing
Helloworld HLO $250.4M Irene Alysandratos 13.76% Decreasing
YPB YPB $9.5M Wuhang Zhang 6.31% Decreasing
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Child tracking app Life360 (ASX:360) is still below its listing price but has begun to gain momentum in recent weeks with solid financial updates.

US home security firm ADT, which is a substantial holder having bought in back in 2014, opted to sell its $46m stake last week. This was just over 10 per cent of Life360.