In this week’s recap of substantial holders, James Baillieu has bought into Candy Club (ASX: CLB), WiseTech’s Michael Gregg bought into Oliver’s Real Foods (ASX: OLI) and Delphi bought a 14.6 per cent stake in Variscan Mines (ASX: VAR).

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.


While most of 2019’s IPOs have performed well, ‘sweets as a service’ firm Candy Club (ASX: CLB) has been one of the few exemptions, falling over 70 per cent since its IPO.

But James Baillieu has taken a $174,000 punt and became a substantial holder – holding 5.67 per cent. Also buying was director Chi Kan Tang who took his stake to 18.38 per cent and he forked out $565,000.

As we mentioned last Friday, Oliver’s Real Foods (ASX: OLI) welcomed WiseTech executive and investor Michael Gregg. He bought $704,000 in stock for a 6.82 per cent stake.

German institutional investor Delphi bought a 14.6 per cent stake in Variscan Mines (ASX: VAR) and increased its stake in TNG (ASX: TNG) to 12.28 per cent. The former is closer to Delphi than you may think. It just bought advanced zinc projects in Spain.

PointsBet (ASX: PBH) welcomed its new business partner Penn Interactive as a 5.57 per cent shareholder. The latter will help the former roll out gaming operations into five US states.

Among fund managers, Ethical Partners Funds Management bought a 7.77 per cent stake in Nick Scali (ASX: NCK) and Spheria Asset Management took its stake in GBST Holdings (ASX: GBT) to 17.99 per cent. The latter bought $5.3 million this week.

Naos Asset Management now has a 19.65 per cent stake in BTC Health (ASX: BTC) and Westoz Funds Management increased its stake in Zenith Energy (ASX: ZEN) to nearly 9 per cent.

Microequities Asset Management bought $870,000 in UCW (ASX: UCW) stock and now holds a 5.25 per cent stake. After a record quarterly, Redbubble (ASX: RBL) saw Challenger take a 5.11 per cent stake.

Alex Waislitz’ Tiga Trading bought a 6.35 per cent stake in Sundance Energy (ASX: SEA). In the company’s own words it overachieved last quarter, selling over a million barrels of oil equivalent.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
HRL Holdings HRL $56.7M Viburnum Finds 21.87% Increasing
Reffind RFN $1.8M First State Super 5.66% Becoming
Alliance Mineral Assets A40 $121.1M Weier Antriebe 9.06% Increasing
Vimy Resources VMY $39.1M Acorn Capital 5.17% Decreasing
Yellow Brick Road YBR $20.8M Mercantile Investment Comnapy 21.43% Increasing
Comet Resources CRL $8.3M Alberta Resources 10.01% Increasing
GTI Resources GTI $3.4M Jason Peterson 11.61% Increasing
GBST Holdings GBT $264.2M Spheria Asset Management 17.99% Increasing
Oro Verde OVL $14.1M JGM Property Investments 7.55% Increasing
A2B Australia A2B $208.4M Edgbaston Investment Partners 8.27% Increasing
Oliver's Real Foods OLI $10.3M Michael Gregg 6.82% Becoming
TNG TNG $110.2M Delphi 12.28% Increasing
Spectrum Metals SPX $101.2M Chalice Gold Mines 5.21% Becoming
MCS Services MSG $4.3M Capital H Management 8.53% Becoming
JCurve JCS $11.5M Phillip Ewart 9.48% Increasing
Nick Scali NCK $498.2M Ethical Partners Funds Management 7.77% Becoming
UCW UCW $20.0M Microequities Asset Management 5.25% Becoming
Zenith Energy ZEN $85.4M Westoz Funds Management 8.91% Increasing
Redbubble RBL $356.1M Challenger 5.11% Becoming
GBST Holdings GBT $263.5M Pinnacle Investment Management 5.00% Becoming
Northern Minerals NTU $151.6M Liu Xiaohua 5.00% Becoming
Aeris Environmental AEI $62.5M Link Enterprises 6.97% Increasing
Venus Metals Corporation VMC $26.0M Christopher Wallin 5.03% Becoming
Consolidated Zinc CZL $13.0M Copulos Group 29.51% Increasing
Registry Direct RD1 $1.5M Donald McLay 27.89% Increasing
Registry Direct RD1 $1.5M Ian Roe 41.59% Increasing
Temple & Webster TPW $188.0M Ice Investors 7.57% Increasing
Orcoda ODA $18.4M Pronk Holdings 12.30% Becoming
Conico CNJ $3.5M Gregory Solomon 7.07% Increasing
Conico CNJ $3.5M Douglas Solomon 6.56% Increasing
Genesis Minerals GMD $41.4M Alkane Resources 5.82% Becoming
BTC Health BTC $24.3M Naos Asset Management 19.65% Increasing
Australian Pacific Coal AQC $19.2M Buguo Wang 7.69% Increasing
PointsBet PBH $360.3M Penn Interactive Ventures 5.57% Becoming
Sudance Energy SUD $120.3M Tiga Trading 6.35% Becoming
Variscan Mines VAR $2.5M Delphi 14.60% Becoming
Boom Logistics BOL $68.1M Greig and Harrison 7.70% Increasing
Vimy Resources VMY $39.1M Forrest Family Investments 12.71% Increasing
Kingwest Resources KWR $13.5M Bank of Nova Scotia 7.29% Becoming
Candy Club Holdings CLB $8.9M Chi Kan Tang 18.38% Increasing
Candy Club Holdings CLB $8.9M James Baillieu 5.67% Becoming
Admedus AHZ Suspended Star Bright Group 22.62% Increasing
Agency Group AU1 $7.9M Magnolia Equities 7.65% Becoming
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Among this weeks sellers, CBC sold out of Carawine Resources (ASX: CWX). The gold miner was spun off from Sheffield Resources (ASX: SFR) two years ago.

Another sell-out occurred in Hammer Metals (ASX: HMX) with Resource Capital selling all its shares – nearly $500,000.

IOOF decreased its stake in Imdex (ASX: IMD) to 5.3 per cent while Perpetual ceased to be substantial holders of McGrath (ASX: MEA).

This came despite predictions this coming spring could be when the euphoria of Scott Morrison’s election among property investors translates from feelings to action.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Invigor Group IVO $8.6M Yun Cong Ye & Min Hua Huang 0% Ceasing
GBST Holdings GBT $264.2M Microequities Asset Management 3.07% Ceasing
VRX Silica VRX $54.6M Goldfire Enterprises 4.95% Ceasing
Hammer Metals HMX $9.3M Resource Capital Fund 0% Ceasing
GBST Holdings GBT $264.2M Burgundy Asset Management 6.94% Decreasing
Cirralto CRO $8.6M Propex Derivatives 4.79% Ceasing
XPlore Wealth XPL $28.8M Argo Investments 4.25% Ceasing
Imdex IMD $492.5M IOOF 5.30% Decreasing
TV2U TV2 $18.0M Lind Asset Management 8.03% Decreasing
McGrath MEA $33.6M Perpetual 4.81% Ceasing
Peet PPC $541.3M Eley Griffiths 4.87% Ceasing
Venturex Resources VXR $51.8M Regent Pacific 12.59% Decreasing
Carawine Resources CWX $8.4M CVC 0% Ceasing
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