In this weekly column, Stockhead overviews all substantial holder filings of ASX small-caps. Substantial shareholders are those holding 5% or more and these could be directors, individual investors or institutions.

Companies are required to announce when new substantial holders have come on board, when they have ceased to be shareholders or when they change their holdings. 

Entrances and Exits

On rare occasions, ASIC can be an investor and this happened with Tribune Resources (ASX: TBR).

In September, the Takeovers Panel investigated a proposed acquisition of the company and found some substantial shareholders had not been truthful about the size of their holdings.

The Commonwealth took 19.9% stake of Rand Mining in late November.

Last Monday, ASIC sold the stake to Evolution Mining for $41.3 million, although they will remit the proceeds (less brokerage) to Rand. Evolution Mining have announced the purchase to their shareholders but have withheld the reasons for their purchase.

Notwithstanding what we reported on Monday that shareholders of suspended stocks can get ‘trapped’ their holdings – in that they cannot be sold ‘on market’ – it did not stop Pancontinental Oil and Gas buying a 9.3% stake in Raven Energy (ASX: REL).

The biggest purchase came from Malaysian institution Leading and Junction which took a 21.8% stake in glove maker VIP Gloves (ASX: VIP), despite no news coming out of the company this year.

The biggest cessation was in Duxton Water (ASX: D2O) where the spin-off agriculture company, Duxton Vineyards, sold most of their 19.59% stake. They still hold 4.5% but have fallen below the ‘substantial shareholder’ definition.

Baby store operator Baby Bunting (ASX: BBN) welcomed a major institution, Yarra Funds Management, as a shareholder with a 5.03% stake, as did Helios Energy (ASX: HE8) with Credit Suisse coming aboard with 5%.

A busy fortnight in IPOs has led to a number of initial holders in those companies. One was African Gold (ASX: A1G), which saw three directors – Steve Parsons, Tolga Kumova and John Cranston – acquire 9.98% each.

Another was Candy Club (ASX: CLB) whose biggest shareholder will be company director and venture capitalist Chi Kan Tang with 15.23%. Two other substantial shareholders, with 6.54% each, are venture capitalist firm Sabone Internet and founder Keith Conh’s de facto partner Neysa Demann.

AustralianSuper run the retirement savings of over 2 million Australians so any substantial investment by them is worth noting. This week, they bought a 6.94% stake in Vitalharvest Freehold Trust (ASX: VTH). Members won’t have to wait long to see the prudence of this investment with earnings being released today (Thursday).

UPDATE: Vitalharvest have announced a comprehensive loss of $8.1 million since their IPO. The Company has blamed various factors including an impairment loss, a restructure and IPO costs. They have nonetheless declared a dividend of 4 cents per unit.

Other notable transactions were Acorn Capital selling its 5.8% stake in Range International (ASX: RAN) and Regal Funds Management selling their 5.03% stake in Jupiter Mines (ASX: JMS).

Here is a wrap of all becoming or ceasing to be substantial holder notices lodged with the ASX in the last week, among small cap companies.

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Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Movement
Beadell Resources BDR $108.8M Franklin Resources 0.099 Ceasing
Candy Club Holdings CLB $28.5M Chi Kan Tang 0.1523 Becoming
First Cobalt Corp FCC $77.2M Tribeca Investment Partners 0.0615 Becoming
HT&E Ltd HT1 $518.4M IOOF Holdings 0.0526 Ceasing
Paragon Care Ltd PGC $160.1M Karst Peak Capital 0.119 Ceasing
Primero Group PGX $65.8M Morgan Stanley 0.0605 Ceasing
Pure Minerals PM1 $4.4M Avela Asset Mgmt 0.0673 Becoming
West African Resources WAF $229.1M Mason Hill Advisors 0.0549 Becoming
African Gold Ltd A1G $14.3M Steve Parsons 0.0998 Becoming
African Gold Ltd A1G $14.3M Tolga Kumova 0.0998 Becoming
African Gold Ltd A1G $14.3M John Cranston and Loreta Cranston 0.0998 Becoming
Baby Bunting Group Ltd BBN $280.7M Celeste Funds Mgmt 5.00% Ceasing
Candy Club Holdings CLB $25.7M Sabone Internet Investments 0.0654 Becoming
Candy Club Holdings CLB $25.7M Neysa Demann 0.0654 Becoming
Duxton Water D2O $150.2M Duxton Vineyards 19.59% Ceasing
Firstwave Cloud Technology FCT $80.0M Alium Alpha Fund 0.0545 Ceasing
Helios Energy HE8 $194.2M Credit Suisse 0.05 Becoming
Jupiter Mines JMS $646.4M Regal Funds Mgmt 0.0503 Ceasing
Raven Energy Ltd REL $21.7M Pancontinental Oil & Gas 0.093 Becoming
Primero Group Ltd PGX $68.6M Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (controlled by Morgan Stanley) Ceasing
VIP Gloves VIP $20.0M Leading and Junction Sdn Bhd 0.218 Becoming
Rhipe Ltd RHP $218.9M IOOF Holdings 0.0702 Ceasing
Nickel Mines Ltd NIC $589.9M UBS 0.0508 Becoming
Range International Ltd RAN $5.0M Acorn Capital 0.058 Ceasing
Baby Bunting Group BBN $293.3M Yarra Funds Mgmt 0.0503 Becoming
E2 Metals E2M $10.6M Dellta Pty Ltd 0.1188 Becoming
Temple & Webster Group Ltd TPW $141.8M SG Hiscock & Company Ltd 0.0567 Becoming
Tribune Resources TBR $227.6M ASIC & Commonwealth 0.199 Ceasing
Tribune Resources TBR $227.6M Evolution Mining 0.199 Becoming
Pureprofile PPL $4.4M FMG Holdings 0.0527 Becoming
Southern Gold Ltd SAU $10.3M PS Super Nominee 0.0533 Becoming
Vitalharvest Freehold Trust VTH $170.2M AustralianSuper 0.0694 Becoming
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Rameulis (ASX: RMX) continued its takeover of Explaurum (ASX: EXU), upping its stake from 93.21% to 95.58%. After giving Explaurum shareholders a time frame to voluntarily sell their shares, it will now use compulsory acquisition powers to acquire them.

Two shareholders of Technology Metals (ASX: TMT), Station Nominees and Twentieth Century Motor Company, reduced their combined stake from 31.8% to 22.8%. While a recent placement did dilute these stakes, both companies sold 6.65 million shares through a couple of off-market transfers over the holiday period. This netted the pair over $2 million between them.

Hazer Group (ASX: HZR) saw former CEO Geoff Pocock, who quit in April, reduce his stake from 7% to 5.9%. Another former director who sold shares was former E2 Metals (ASX: E2M) director Gregory Seers who reduced his stake from 19.4% to 15.53%.

Perpetual were an active fund manager this week upping their 13.78% stake in Elanor Investor Group (ASX: ENN) to 14.78%. They also hiked their stake in Qantm Intellectual Property (ASX: QIP) from 9.19% to 10.33% and in ERM Power (ASX: EPW) from 5.62% to 6.63.

Acorn Capital reduced its 8.47% stake in Integrated Payment Technologies (ASX: IP1) to 6.26% and its 6.49% stake in Vimy Resources (ASX: VMY) to 5.49%. Australian Super reduced its 6.42% stake in Aurelia Metals to 5.31%.  

After the Royal Commission, the Commonwealth Bank has been looking for safer ways to care for families than lend money. It seems their quick fix was to invest in Baby Bunting (ASX: BBN) because its 7.29% stake is now 8.29%.

IOOF Holdings also upped its stake in Baby Bunting, from 6.22% to 7.85%. It also increased their stake in Latam Autos (ASX: LAA) from 13.04% to 14.08% and reduced its stake in Pacific Energy (ASX: PEA) from 11.06% to 9.88%.

Here is a wrap of all changes substantial holder notices lodged with the ASX in the last week, among small cap companies.

Swipe or Scroll to reveal the full table. Click headings to sort.

Listed Company Code Market Cap Purchaser/Seller Past Stake Present Stake
Altura Mining AJM $236.2M Shaanxi J&R Optimum Energy 0.1747 0.1614
Aurelia Metals AMI $755.1M AustralianSuper 0.0642 0.0531
IncentiaPay INP $19.4M New Gold Coast Holdings 0.1367 0.1492
iSignThis ISX $199.4M Red 5 Solutions 0.1207 0.1045
Metals X MLX $248.1M BlackRock 0.0711 0.0593
Paragon Care PGC $160.1M First Samuel 0.0763 0.1059
Sunbridge Group SBB $5.6M Redbrook Nominees 0.1368 0.148
Sunbridge Group SBB $5.6M Acres Holdings 0.0498 0.0511
Adslot Ltd ADJ $61.4M Private Portfolio Managers 0.0585 0.0692
Baby Bunting BBN $280.7M CBA 0.0729 0.0829
Contago Asset Mgmt CGA $17.1M NAOS Asset Mgmt 0.1698 0.1874
Eclipx ECX $637.7M Pendal Group 0.0703 0.0594
Elanor Investor Group ENN $163.2M Perpetual 0.1378 0.1479
Pureprofile Ltd PPL $4.11M EFM Global Growth Fund 0.135 0.152
WhiteHawk WHK $8.5M Darren Carter 0.1374 0.14
Lakes Oil NL LKO $36.8M Armour Energy 0.0818 0.0649
Advance Nanotek ANO $103.5M Mizikovsky Group 0.451 0.456
Baby Bunting Group BBN $287.0M IOOF Holdings 0.0622 0.0785
Celamin Holdings CNL $7.8M Chris Retzos 0.1204 0.1354
Lakes Oil NL LKO $36.8M DGR Global 0.415 0.3971
Lakes Oil NL LKO $36.8M Dark Horse Resources 0.32 0.31
Droneshield DRO $22.2M Bergen Global Opportunity Fund 0.3407 0.3184
E2 Metals Ltd E2M $11.4M Gregory Seers 0.194 0.1553
Integrated Payment Technologies Ltd IP1 $4.2M Acorn Capital Ltd 0.0847 0.0626
Swift Media SW1 $37.5M Robert & Wendy Sofoulis 0.256 0.221
Vimy Resources VMY $31.5M Acorn Capital Ltd 0.0649 0.0549
Angel Seafood AS1 $17.7M Bonadife Wealth Mgmt 0.1306 0.147
Austral Ltd AGD $37.4M Allan Gray 0.1855 0.1745
Consolidated Zinc CZL $24.2M Chris Retzos 0.1077 0.0683
Droneshield DRO $22.2M Brian Hearing 0.088 0.0762
ERM Power EPW $429.6M Perpetual 0.0562 0.0663
Explaurum EXU $88.4M Rameulis 0.9321 0.9558
HGL HNG $25.9M Donus Australia Foundation 0.244 0.255
Janison Education Group JAN $50.2M IOOF Holdings 0.1145 0.1378
Imdex Ltd IMD $451.5M IOOF Holdings 0.122 0.1065
Love Group LVE $5.3M Michael Ye 0.1877 0.1981
Southern Cross Exploration SXX $5.4M Stephen Baghdadi 0.237 0.249
Zenith Energy ZEN $74.5M Westoz Funds Management 0.051 0.061
Hazer Group HZR $22.9M Geoff Pocock 0.07 0.059
Advance Nanotek ANO $104.1M Mizikovsky Group 0.456 0.458
Latam Autos Ltd LAA $56.5M IOOF Holdings 0.1304 0.1408
Pacific Energy PEA $277.1M IOOF Holdings 0.1106 0.0988
Qantm Intellectual Property QIP $227.5M Perpetual 0.0919 0.1033
Technology Metals Australia Ltd TMT $21.9M Station Nominees 0.0803 0.0571
Technology Metals Australia Ltd TMT $21.9M Twentieth Century Motor Company 0.2378 0.1713
Visioneering Technologies VTI $24.9M Regal Funds 0.1344 0.1239
Weststar Industrial Ltd WSI $12.9M Econ (WA) Rechichi Family 0.1087 0.1274
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