Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder movements focusing on fund managers.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Among the new buyers, family-tracking app Life360 (ASX:360) came into the sights of investment firm Regal Funds Management, which picked up a 5.14 per cent stake in the company.

After listing in May this year at $4.79, shares in the San Fransisco-based company — which derives most of its revenue from the US — have declined steadily to around $3.50.

Perth-based investment firm Merchant Advisory Group also had a busy week, topping up stakes in six small caps in which it already had a substantial holding.

Merchant’s current holdings span across energy, security tech, drone production and biotech. The fund now holds almost 20 per cent of Parazero (ASX:PRZ), a company which designs and manufacturers autonomous drone parachute systems for commercial drone safety.

Elsewhere, the Thorney Investment group, run by billionaire Alex Waislitz, increased its stake in Palla Pharma (ASX:PAL) to 20.80 per cent. The company is one of three licensed poppy producers in the Australian market.

And Paradice Investment Management lifted its stake in WA-based gold miner Capricorn Metals (ASX:CMM) to 8.93 per cent.

The stock was highlighted as a compelling value proposition by Rob Brierley, from financial services firm Advantage Management, in a recent edition of Stockhead’s Money Talks.

Here’s a summary of this week’s substantial shareholder moves on the buy-side.

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Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Pilbara Minerals PLS $622.6M Comtemporary Amperex Technology 8.24% Becoming
EML Payments EML $1.0B Challenger 6.67% Increasing
Lotus Resources LOT $14.9M Grant Davey 8.34% Becoming
Esense-Lab ESE $2.6M Jamber Investments 5.27% Becoming
Capricorn Metals CMM $389.7M Paradice Investment Management 8.93% Increasing
Ooh! Media OML $606.0M T Rowe Price Associates 7.59% Increasing
Palla Pharma PAL $64.9M Washington H. Soul Pattinson 23.18% Increasing
Kin Mining KIN $20.3M Delphi 19.09% Increasing
Alice Queen AQX $31.1M Datt Group 7.51% Becoming
Total Brain TTB $38.9M David Daglio 6.47% Becoming
Calima Energy CE1 $19.4M Robert Brown 5.13% Becoming
Palla Pharma PAL $95.1M Thorney Opportunitiesç 20.80% Increasing
Kin Mining KIN $21.8M Harmanis Holdings 15.26% Increasing
TNT Mines TIN $2.7M Merchant Funds Management 9.41% Increasing
Uscom UCM $16.4M Greg Plummer 5.37% Becoming
Stonehorse Energy SHE $5.6M Merchant Funds Management 7.65% Increasing
ArchTIS AR9 $16.0M Merchant Funds Management 15.10% Increasing
Parazero PRZ $8.2M Merchant Funds Management 19.68% Increasing
Heron Resources HRR $55.7M Orion Mine Finance Fund 22.85% Increasing
XTEK XTE $41.1M HighCom Global Security 7.59% Becoming
Azumah Resources AZM $32.3M Harvest Lane Asset Management 5.04% Becoming
Austin Engineering ANG $107.1M Spheria Asset Management 12.25% Increasing
Asaleo Care AHY $510.5M Spheria Asset Management 6.87% Increasing
Althea Group AGH $92.2M Pendal Group 5.14% Becoming
Life360 360 $508.9M Regal Funds Management 5.14% Becoming
Sienna Cancer Diagnostics SDX $12.7M Merchant Funds Management 10.99% Increasing
Eureka Group Holdings EGH $69.1M Naos Asset Management 10.57% Increasing
Bard1 Life Sciences BD1 $70.0M Merchant Funds Management 11.36% Increasing
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Stock-picking fund Perennial Value Management reduced its holding in Ooh! Media (ASX:OLL) back below the 5 per cent threshold, selling down to 4.65 per cent.

Since providing a trading update with revised earnings guidance in mid-August, shares in Ooh! Media have slumped from above $4.50 to around $2.60.

In addition, a number of investment firms ceased to be holders in GBST Holdings (ASX:GBT), in connection with the sale of that company to Scotland-based financial techonology conglomerate FNZ.

Here’s a summary of this week’s substantial shareholder moves on the sell-side.

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Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
GBST Holdings GBT $261.5M Australian Ethical Investment 0% Ceasing
Boss Resources BOE $96.7M Davey Holdings 4.74% Ceasing
Stanmore Coal SMR $275.3M Paradice Investment Management 4% Ceasing
BWX BWX $500.7M NN Group 15.73% Decreasing
Hansen Technologies HSN $671.1M Mawer Investment Management 5.99% Decreasing
GBST Holdings GBT $261.5M Schroder Investment Management 0% Ceasing
Ooh! Media OML $605.5M Perennial Value Management 4.86% Ceasing
CSG CSV $137.0M TDM Growth Partners 0% Ceasing
Frontier Digital Ventures FDV $195.2M Private Portfolio Managers 0% Ceasing
GBST Holdings GBT $261.5M Pinnacle Investment Management 0% Ceasing
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