Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder movements focusing on fund managers.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.


A week after Southern Cross Austereo (ASX:SXL) fell due to an earnings downgrade, Challenger has bought a 5.09 per cent stake in the company, spending nearly $2 million to do so.

Since AustralianSuper bought into Gage Roads Brewing (ASX:GRB) the share price has stagnated. But it has increased its stake to 6.94 per cent.

Tech stock ReadyTech (ASX:RDY) has increased 30 per cent since its April IPO. New Zealand based fund manager Pie Funds Management now hold 5.01 per cent of the company.

Speaking of tech IPOs, a more recent one was Damstra Holdings (ASX:DTC). While it has a solid first day, it has begun to retreat from those highs.

Regal Funds Management put $5.5 million into the stock but crossed the substantial holder threshold by exercising convertible notes.

SeaLink Travel Group (ASX:SLK) is in the middle of a $154 million capital raise. Two fund managers that bought in were Bennelong Australia Equity Partners and Lennox Capital Partners. These fund managers bought stakes of 7.38 per cent and 5.78 per cent respectively.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Tanami Gold TAM $51.9M APAC Resources 46.30% Increasing
National Tyre & Wheel NTD $42.2M Forager Funds Management 7.08% Increasing
AMA Group AMA $923.2M AustralianSuper 10.47% Increasing
Gage Roads Brewing GRB $103.2M AustralianSuper 6.94% Increasing
Breaker Resources BRB $70.3M Tom & Helen Sanders 10.98% Increasing
MetalsX MLX $158.8M L1 Capital 5.90% Becoming
Riversgold RGL $1.2M Eaglehawk Investment 17.61% Becoming
Ive Group IGL $299.4M Anthony Young 6.10% Increasing
Pursuit Minerals PUR $3.3M Jamber Investments 6.06% Becoming
Southern Cross Media SXL $665.2M Challenger 5.09% Becoming
Angel Seafood AS1 $17.6M Issac Halman 18.79% Increasing
Readytech RDY $154.8M Pie Funds Management 5.01% Becoming
Armour Energy AJQ $41.3M David Rooke 11.22% Becoming
Capitol Health CAJ $178.3M Lennox Capital partners 8.82% Increasing
Food Revolution Group FOD $51.5M Domenal Enterprises 9.03% Increasing
Stonehouse Energy SHE $6.0M Merchant Funds Management 5.67% Becoming
Blackham Resources BLK $52.9M Delphi 11.47% Increasing
AusCann Group AC8 $84.0M Merchant Funds Management 12.43% Increasing
Avero Group AOG $1.2B Maso Capital Investments 5.42% Becoming
Damstra Holdings DTC $162.2M Regal Funds Management 8.61% Becoming
Metalsearch MSE $7.2M Goody Investments 7% Becoming
Blackstone Minerals BSX $23.0M Delphi 14.83% Increasing
UCW UCW $21.0M Viburnum Funds 9.51% Becoming
Noni B NBL $246.2M Perpetual 8.00% Increasing
Virtus Health VRT $357.7M Vinva Investment Management 5.24% Becoming
SeaLink Travel Group SLK $667.2M Bennelong Australian Equity Partners 7.38% Becoming
MetalsX MLX $199.6M L1 Capital 15.05% Increasing
SeaLink Travel Group SLK $667.2M Lennox Capital partners 5.78% Becoming
Avecho Biotechnology AVE $7.9M Mark Kerr 12.65% Increasing
Great Boulder Resources GBR $7.9M Chris Retzos 5.19% Becoming
Bowen Coking Coal BCB $44.4M M Resources 14.89% Increasing
Anglo Australian Resources AAR $35.3M Braham Investments 11.22% Increasing
Lifespot Health LSH $4.0M Niv Dagan 8.26% Increasing
ShareRoot SRO $5.9M Antanas Guoga 12.63% Increasing
Palla Pharma PAL $72.2M Wentworth Williamson Management 8.28% Increasing
Metalstech MSE $15.2M Russell Moran 15.70% Increasing
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Former Flamingo AI (ASX:FGO) chair Catherine Reid sold nearly $90,000 in shares, taking her stake to only 3.56 per cent. She departed in June last year saying she was unable to commit the time required for an ASX-listed company.

Following the Bellamys (ASX:BAL) takeover offer last month, interest in the infant formula sector surged once again. One of the more successful companies in the sector is Clover Corp (ASX:CLV) which made a hefty profit last financial year.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
OFX OFX $316.9M Health Employees Superannuation Trust 4.78% Ceasing
Metgasco MEL $17.6M Keybridge Capital 17% Decreasing
Flamingo AI FGO $2.2M Catherine Reid 3.56% Ceasing
Vintage Energy VEN $41.3M Tribeca Investment Partners 8.02% Decreasing
Autosports Group ASG $325.6M Copia Investment Partners 0.00% Ceasing
XRF Scientific XRF $31.5M Skye Alba 7.83% Decreasing
Rhythm Biosciences RHY $17.1M Merchant Funds Management 5.31% Decreasing
RPMGlobal RUL $170.0M Perennial Value Management 13.21% Decreasing
Virtus Health VRT $357.7M Challenger 5.89% Decreasing
Austin Engineering ANG $104.2M LIM Asia 6.00% Decreasing
Clover Corporation CLV $487.3M Challenger 4.97% Ceasing
Hub24 HUB $786.1M Pinnacle Investment Management 10.43% Decreasing
EML Payments EML $1.0B Challenger 6.30% Decreasing
Genetic Technologies GTG $17.6M Jimmy Thomas 0.49% Ceasing
Western Areas WSA $853.5M Paradice Investment Management 7.48% Decreasing
Medibio MEB $11.0M Regal Funds Management 3.82% Ceasing
Oilex OEX $12.9M Republic Investment Management 12.72% Decreasing
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