Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder movements among ASX small caps, and fund managers feature prominently in this week’s edition.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Alice Queen AQX $25.2M Morris Family 8.42% Increasing
Adairs ADH $419.3M Pendal Group 5.32% Becoming
Chant West Holdings CWL $12.7M Troy Harry 6.45% Becoming
Broken Hill Prospecting BPL $4.1M Hill Family Group 21.38% Increasing
Pacifico Minerals PMY $14.4M Craig Chapman 5.19% Increasing
Cobalt Blue Holdings COB $18.1M Broken Hill Prospecting 5.63% Becoming
Environmental Clean Technologies ECT $2.4M LJ & K Thomson 15.26% Increasing
SIPA Resources SRI $7.8M JM Financial Group 7.79% Becoming
Mosaic Brands MOZ $123.0M Perpetual 12.80% Increasing
K&S Corporation KSC $190.9M Linfox Australia 18.05% Increasing
John Lyng Group JLG $564.5M QVG Capital 5.22% Becoming
City Chic Collective CCX $579.3M QVG Capital 5.09% Becoming
Adairs ADH $419.3M Pendal Group 5.32% Becoming
Alice Queen AQX $25.2M Datt Group 6.60% Increasing
Zoono ZNO $264.6M Regal Funds Management 9.18% Becoming
NRW Holdings NWH $1.0B Vinva Investment Management 5.30% Becoming
Mach7 Technologies M7T $131.6M Clime Investment Management 5.32% Becoming
Saturn Metals STN $35.9M 1832 Asset Management 7.51% Increasing
Fertoz FTZ $12.7M John Bond 5.66% Becoming
Fertoz FTZ $12.7M Bucket Super - Kimberly Chisolm 6.63% Increasing
Pure Minerals PM1 $8.9M Robert Pearce 6.45% Becoming
Infomedia IFM $649.4M Pendal Group 6.14% Increasing
NSX NSX $31.1M Exchange Technology Investments 8.07% Increasing
Gullewa GUL $7.0M Cyril Bell 7.40% Increasing
Southern Cross Media SXL $484.5M Ubique Asset Management 13.07% Increasing
Ioneer INR $268.8M Centaurus Capital 9.21% Increasing
Hansen Technologies HSN $671.3M Long Path Partners 5.01% Becoming
Mincor Resources MCR $224.9M Squadron Resources 8.51% Increasing
EML Payments EML $1.2B Challenger 6.27% Increasing
Zip Co Z1P $1.1B Regal Funds Management 5.03% Becoming
Imcor Medical Systems IMR $135.9M Regal Funds Management 6.02% Becoming
Pure Alumina PUA $3.3M Keith Knowles 6.13% Increasing
Gage Roads Browing GRB $78.0M Perennial Value Management 11.10% Increasing
SciDev SDV $94.6M Perennial Value Management 12.53% Increasing
Aerometrex AMX $176.5M Perennial Value Management 5.27% Becoming
MoneyMe MME $266.9M Perennial Value Management 9.44% Increasing
EnviroSuite EVS $183.3M Perennial Value Management 6.52% Becoming
Capitol Health CAJ $228.7M Paradice Investment Management 8.76% Increasing
Toro Energy TOE $18.3M Sentinent Executive 18.56% Increasing
DGO Gold DGO $85.1M Costa Asset Management 8.99% Increasing
Alto Metals AME $16.4M Harvest Lane Asset Management 5.32% Becoming
Consolidated Zinc CZL $12.1M Copulos Group 31.91% Increasing
DGO Gold DGO $85.1M John Barlow 8.34% Increasing
Cazaly Resources CAZ $8.3M Nathan McMahon 9.61% Increasing
Spectur SP3 $6.1M Charles Wilkins 8.54% Increasing
Tigers Real Coal TIG $56.8M Hansen Investment 6.80% Increasing
OM Holdings OMH $296.9M Huang Gang 13.08% Increasing
Select Harvests SHV $608.8M Paradice Investment Management 8.37% Increasing
DGO Gold DGO $85.1M Regal Funds Management 17.13% Increasing
Ashley Services ASH $54.0M Viburnum Funds 9.67% Increasing
Chant West Holdings CWL $13.3M DMX Asset Management 5.48% Becoming
Titan Minerals TTM $76.3M MM Asset Management 6.65% Becoming
Spectrum Metals SPX $189.7M Ramelius Resources 13.48% Increasing
Ovato OVT $22.0M Wentworth William Management 8.82% Increasing
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Zoono (ASX:ZNO) is more than a 20 bagger with investors demanding the stock in much the same fashion customers are scrambling for the hand sanitiser maker’s products.

This week Regal Funds Management came to the table, buying over $20m in stock, which equates to just over 9 per cent of the company. Regal also became substantial holders of buy now, pay later stock Zip Co (ASX:Z1P) and Imcor Medical Systems (ASX:IMR).

Perennial Value Management made several buys including into recently listed aerial mapping firm Aerometrex (ASX:AMX) and fintech MoneyMe (ASX:MME).

Paradice Investment Management increased its holdings in almond seller Select Harvests (ASX:SHV) and Capitol Health (ASX:CAJ).

Retailers were also popular this week with Perpetual buying more of Mosaic Brands (ASX:MOZ), Pendal Group buying into Adairs (ASX:ADH) and QVG Capital buying into City Chic Collective (ASX:CCX).

Among individual investors, Stephen Copulos bought more of Consolidated Zinc (ASX:CZL) and now owns nearly 32 per cent of the company.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Zoono Group ZNO $262.9M Paul Hyslop 41.00% Decreasing
Renasor Resources RNU $11.9M Kabininge Super Fund 9.96% Decreasing
Energy Resources of Australia ERA $484.7M Zentree Investments 1.55% Ceasing
Mosaic Brands MOZ $99.7M Wilson Asset Management 4.20% Ceasing
Life360 360 $389.3M Challenger 0.00% Ceasing
Baby Bunting BBN $363.6M Vinva Investment Management 4.80% Ceasing
Imdex IMD $586.7M Yarra Funds Management 8.05% Decreasing
Xref XF1 $43.7M Fidelity 6% Decreasing
Rafaella Resources RFR $6.2M Chifley Portfolios 3.35% Ceasing
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Regal’s $22m worth of Zoono shares came from none other than the company’s CEO, Paul Hyslop.

But Hyslop still owns 41 per cent of the company and apparently fund managers like Regal were desperate to buy in. The sale paid back a loan Hyslop had made to Zoono.