Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder movements focusing on fund managers.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.



Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Eclipx Group ECX $461.9M Maso Capital Investments 6.79% Increasing
Range International RAN $3.7M Black Marlin Fund 6.00% Becoming
BTC Health BTC $28.3M Naos Asset Managment 21.55% Increasing
The Reject Shop TRS $117.4M Grahger Retail Securities 9.27% Increasing
Damstra Holdings DTC $133.3M Perennial Value Management 6.20% Increasing
Silver City Minerals SCI $3.0M Gavin Wates 9.64% Increasing
Grand Gulf Energy GGE $2.3M Sacha Investments 6.25% Becoming
GTN GTN $188.6M Viburnum Funds 20.89% Increasing
Peet PPC $630.7M L1 Capital 8.36% Increasing
HGL HNG $20.7M Sery 27.53% Increasing
ReadyTech RDY $152.0M Microequities Asset Management 5.99% Becoming
Anatara Lifesciences ANR $17.0M RTL Group Investments 11.00% Increasing
AMA Group AMA $709.8M Milford Asset Managmeent 5.00% Becoming
Accelerate Resources AX8 $1.2M GTT Global Opportunities 12.92% Becoming
Aura Energy AEE $10.7M Asean Deep Value Fund 17.46% Increasing
RPMGlobal RUL $203.8M Forager Funds Management 5.64% Becoming
GBM Resources GBM Suspended Stibium Mining 8.37% Becoming
Elementos ELT $7.6M Mark Wellings 15.75% Becoming
Experience Co EXP $133.4M Naos Asset Managment 8.89% Becoming
IntelliHR IHR $21.1M Colinton Capital Partners 19.90% Increasing
Candy Club Holdings CLB $14.7M James Bailleu and JCKB 25.23% Becoming
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Gut health focused Anatara Lifesciences (ASX:ANR) has well and truly put a tough couple of years behind it, soaring from 19c in December to 34c yesterday.

It all began with solid pre-clinical data suggesting its dietary supplement reduces gut inflammation. It anticipates beginning a human trial next quarter.

RTL Group Investments bought another $50,000 in shares, taking its stake to 11 per cent. This company belongs to Robert Lederer, the son of Financial Review rich lister Paul Lederer and a notable angel investor in his own right.

According to his Linkedin profile he is also an investor in Life360 (ASX:360), Splitit (ASX:SPT) and BNK Bank (ASX:BBC).

The Range International (ASX:RAN) directors who went in big last week were joined by Mauritius-based Black Marlin Fund, which now owns 6 per cent.

Perannial Value Management increased its holdings in tech stock Damstra Holdings (ASX:DTC) to 6.2 per cent.

Another tech stock with a substantial holder buying is ReadyTech (ASX:RDY). Microequities Asset Management now owns 5.99 per cent.




Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Class CL1 $243.6M Pinnacle Investment Management 10.17% Decreasing
Red5 RED $404.7M Regal Funds Management 6.02% Decreasing
RXP Services RXP $88.6M Microequities Asset Management 8.13% Decreasing
Open Learning OLL $43.3M Regal Funds Management 4.75% Ceasing
McPherson's MCP $303.4M Investors Mutual 10.08% Decreasing
Metals X MLX $81.7M L1 Capital 13.39% Decreasing
Vintage Energy VEN $49.3M Tribeca Investment Partners 6.16% Decreasing
Beston Global Food Company BFC $40.3M Mackenzie Financial Corporation 5.41% Decreasing
Wellness & Beauty Solutions WNB $9.0M Regal Funds Management 5.93% Decreasing
Lycopodium LYL $250.3M Celeste Funds Management 4.90% Ceasing
Coventry Group CYG $96.5M Lanyon Asset Management 5.40% Decreasing
Metgasco MEL $20.7M Keybridge Capital 15.60% Decreasing
Ellex ELX $109.1M Investors Mutual 6.22% Decreasing
BidEnergy BID $142.6M Auction Design 0.00% Ceasing
UUV Aquabotix UUV $2.0M Bergen Special Opportunity Fund 0% Ceasing
CML Group CGR $119.7M Naos Asset Managmeent 8.53% Decreasing
Cogstate CGS $82.4M Martyn Myer 14.03% Decreasing
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After a shaky start to listed life, Open Learning (ASX:OLL) has recovered and sits 35 per cent higher than its IPO price.

Regal Funds Management cashed out some of its holdings and how holds only 4.75 per cent. Regal also sold some of its holdings in gold explorer Red5 (ASX:RED) and Wellness & Beauty Solutions (ASX:WNB).

UUV Aquabotix’s (ASX:UUV) biggest shareholder, the Bergen Special Opportunity Fund, sold its 17 per cent stake this week. Having listed nearly three years ago, UUV fell from 20c to just 0.4c. Ouch.

Celeste Funds Management ceased to be a substantial holder of one of the ASX’s few management consultants, Lycopodium (ASX:LYL).