Trading Places is Stockhead’s weekly recap of substantial holder movements focusing on fund managers.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.


Alex Waislitz’ Thorney Group spent another $900,000 on NSX (ASX:NSX) stock. The exchange is attempting to become an alternative market to the ASX, but by managements’ own admission is held back by a lack of liquidity.

The other two purchases by Thorney this week included a 5.57 per cent stake in enviro-tech stock Calix (ASX:CXL) and a topping up of its stake in Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (ASX:SXE).

This week GBST (ASX:GBT) shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of an acquisition. Buying in only a few days before was London-based fund manager Samson Rock Capital, taking a 5.39 per cent stake.

The only timber stock on the ASX, Kangaroo Island Plantation Timber (ASX:KPT), saw Washington H Soul Pattison increase its holdings to 10.57 per cent.

Merchant Funds Management bought a 11.43 per cent stake in pot stock AusCann Group (ASX:AC8) while Regal Funds Management increased its stake in Medadvisor (ASX:MDR) to 7.38 per cent.

Australian Ethical Investment’s buys this week included Janison Education (ASX:JAN) taking a 7.99 per cent stake and consumer tech stock Shriro Holdings (ASX:SHM) now owning 11.63 per cent.

Challenger bought into SeaLink Travel Group (ASX:SLK) as part of a capital raising to help with an acquisition.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Shriro Holdings SHM $67.0M Australian Ethical Investment 11.63% Increasing
Credit Intelligence CI1 $14.2M Tan Biing Gim 7.96% Becoming
Hansen Technologies HSN $702.8M Fidelity 10.00% Increasing
Advanced Braking Technology ABV $7.5M Keith Knowles 16.52% Increasing
Spectrum Metals SPX $110.8M Chalice Gold Mines 7.01% Increasing
GBST Holdings GBT $260.1M Samson Rock Capital 5.05% Becoming
Wingara Ag WNR $30.5M Naos Asset Management 26.48% Increasing
AusCann Group Holdings AC8 $98.3M Merchant Funds Management 11.43% Becoming
Southern Cross Electrical Engineering SXE $141.1M Thorney Opportunities 18.53% Increasing
Motorcycle Holdings MTO $147.5M Auscap Asset Mangement 5.51% Becoming
Gale Pacific GAP $83.4M Castle Point Funds Management 5.03% Becoming
Millennium Servives Group MIL $13.3M Wayne & Eileen Crewes 13.90% Increasing
Zenith Energy ZEN $96.4M Pendal Group 8.76% Increasing
Lefroy Energy LEX $21.6M Michael Davies 13.91% Increasing
Sealink Travel Group SLK $497.0M Challenger 5.11% Becoming
NSX NSX $33.3M Thorney Group 7.45% Increasing
Todd River Resources TRT $6.6M S2 Resources 30.62% Increasing
Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers KPT $140.2M Washington H Soul Pattison 10.57% Increasing
Thorn Group TGA $87.0M Investor Mutual 9.98% Increasing
Eagle Health Holdings EHH $43.7M Chen Linxiang 18.21% Becoming
Hansen Technologies HSN $702.8M Franklin Resources 5.68% Becoming
Theta Gold Mines TGM $69.9M Xinzhou Li 6.11% Becoming
Anova Metals AWV $7.0M Jetosea - Charles Arve 5.39% Becoming
Aurora Minerals ARM $2.7M Jetosea - Charles Arve 9.09% Becoming
Medadvisor MDR $89.4M Regal Funds Management 7.38% Increasing
Calix CXL $101.3M Thorney Technologies 5.57% Becoming
Janison Education JAN $57.2M Australian Ethical nvestment 7.99% Becoming
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San Francisco-based Osium Partners cut its stake in online market place Redbubble (ASX:RBL) to 7.9 per cent. After retreating during the last quarter of 2018, the stock has bounced back gaining 60 per cent this year.

Challenger cut its stake in EML Payments (ASX:EML) to 7.73 per cent while PM Capital reduced its stake in iCar Asia (ASX:ICQ) to 9.64 per cent.

Among fund managers that ceased to be substantials were Lowell Resources Fund, selling out of gold miner Santana Minerals (ASX:SMI). Naos Asset Management now holds only 4.28 per cent of Motorcycle Holdings (ASX:MTO) after sales over the last week.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Antisense Therapeutics ANP $41.2M Australian Ethical Investment 18.50% Decreasing
Santana Minerals SMI $2.7M Lowell Resources Fund 0% Ceasing
Leigh Creek Energy LCK $123.7M Crown Ascent Development 5.20% Decreasing
Oilex OEX $11.5M Republic Investment Management 13.72% Decreasing
BWX BWX $505.7M NN Group 16.93% Decreasing
Beston Global Food Company BFC $44.3M Mackenzie Financial Corporation 7.81% Decreasing
Konekt KKT $51.3M Alan Berrick 1.38% Ceasing
Davenport Resources DAV $7.6M Parkway Minerals 20.80% Decreasing
Boss Resources BOE $101.4M Davey Management 6.11% Decreasing
Pearl Global PG! $21.1M Erasmus Technologies 4.41% Ceasing
Apollo Minerals AON $8.3M Juniper Capital Partners 9.76% Ceasing
EML Payments EML $1.0B Challenger 7.73% Dereasing
iCar Asia ICQ $118.8M PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund 9.64% Decreasing
Vimy Resources VMY $32.4M Michael Fewster 6.40% Decreasing
Redbubble RBL $383.9M Osium Partners 7.90% Decreasing
Motorcycle Holdings MTO $145.6M NAOS Asset Management 4.28% Ceasing
Millennium Servic MIL $13.3M Royce Galea 14.85% Decreasing
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