For the last few weeks, ASX announcements have been full of half yearly results. And so it should be, because companies have to meet several reporting deadlines.

In 2019, one such deadline was February 28, when Half Yearly Reports were due (although explorers have an extension until March 15).

But 11 companies failed to lodge their reports on time and have been suspended from the ASX.

Of these, six gave reasons for the delay and promised to release them soon. For instance, iBuyNew Group (ASX:IBN) blamed a change in accounting standards meaning they took more work than could be done by the due date.

The remainder of the six blamed the auditors and some set deadlines. Rubocor (ASX:RUB) set “1 week” as a deadline whereas Indonesian gold miner Aneka Tambang (ASX:ATM) has promised March 31.

Aneka informed shareholders of the delay yesterday noting it was, “deeply regretted” and nonetheless pledged commitment to “providing transparent and reliable information”.

Another five have not made a specific announcement about why they failed to lodge their accounts. It is possible they may explain themselves later today.

If your stock met the deadline, you can rest easy.

That is, until the next quarterly reporting deadline, which is April 30.


Here’s a table of stocks suspended today for failure to lodge their half-yearly accounts by the ASX deadline

Name Code Market Cap Price Pre-Suspension Return since July 1 Suspension effective Reason
Aneka Tambang TBK (PT) ATM $4.6b 0.955 0.364 20.02.2019 Auditors
Carnegie Clean Energy Ltd CCE $11.5m 0.004 -82.60% 28.02.2019 Auditors
IBuyNew Ltd IBN $2.0m 0.09 -70% 27.02.2019 Accounting Standards
JatEnergy Ltd JAT $47.1m 0.59 -1.70% 28.02.2019 Unknown
Manalto Ltd MTL $3.6m 0.001 0% 20.02.2019 Unknown
Rubicor Group Ltd RUB $2.4m 0.01 -67.70% 26.02.2019 Auditors
Story-I Ltd SRY $8.3m 0.028 12.00% 14.02.2019 Unknown
Simavita Ltd SVA $7.1m 0.017 6.30% 22.02.2019 Unknown
Silver Heritage Group Ltd SVH $12.6m 0.01 -75.10% 26.02.2018 Unknown
VIP Gloves Ltd VIP $13.8m 0.036 0% 14.06.2018 Auditors
Yellow Brick Road Ltd YBR $15.3m 0.054 -40.60% 28.02.2018 Auditors
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