Seasoned financial advisor, investment manager and corporate director Dr Nigel Finch is back in the radio booth for another instalment of The StockDoc Podcast.

This week, the good doctor discusses all things funds management with Technical Investing managing director and portfolio manager, Craig Scheef.

Craig boasts over 30 years experience working with and analysing public companies, including over 20 years directly managing portfolios. Craig has also been a consultant to some of Australia’s largest investment funds as a technical analyst.

Striving to enhance and improve his repertoire of investment techniques, Craig has undertaken extensive research and trading using methodologies based on human nature and the pattern of share price movements over time (technical analysis).

Craig’s open-minded approach and methodology have enabled him to identify significant themes and trends before the majority of investors move in.

This resulted in identifying technology, the Internet and security as substantial investment opportunities in the late 1990s. Since Technical Investing was established in 2006 this approach has continued to identify new and important themes and trends.

So click below to hear Nigel and Craig discuss all things fund management, 50 per cent returns and technical investing.