A wrap of last week’s major investing news, told by the internet’s highest quality* memes.

*In our humble opinion

On Wednesday, The Dow Jones index punched through 30,0000 points for the first time in history as investors predict economic recovery, vaccine rollouts, and a smooth(ish) transfer of power in the White House in 2021.

How? Here’s a recap.

🚀📈🚀 the stock market in 2020 🚀📈🚀 from r/wallstreetbets

The Aussie market is also on track to have its best month in 32 years.

Meanwhile gold – seen as a hedge against broader market volatility —  is at five-month lows after vaccine hopes and the prospects of a smooth Biden transition improved risk appetite.

For gold bugs, it looks something like this:

A bunch of lithium stocks went for a run, on high volume, for no reason. The ASX slapped them with a speeding ticket.

Collateral damage from r/ASX_Bets

And it was a relatively quiet session to end the week on Friday after US markets were closed overnight for Thanksgiving.

The struggle is real. from r/wallstreetbets