Short & Caught is Stockhead’s fortnightly recap of which ASX small cap stocks are heavily shorted. Stocks that are shorted have investors betting that they fall.

Shorting works by selling stocks you do not actually own in the hope of buying them back at a lower price.

Because shorting is restricted under Australian law, any substantial shorting of stocks is worth knowing about even if you own these stocks and only trade long.

Stockhead’s two preferred metrics are raw short interest as well as percentage changes in them within the last month.


The most shorted

Galaxy Resources (ASX:GXY) and Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR) are still the two most shorted stocks as the markets for their commodities (lithium and graphite) remain flat. While Syrah’s short interest moved little, Galaxy’s rose by 11 per cent.

Moving up the list is Queensland-based zinc producer New Century Resources (ASX:NCZ) which is now the 6th most shorted and has 53 million shares shorted. Despite meeting its operational targets, zinc prices fell 9 per cent last year.

Infant formula exporter Bubs Australia (ASX:BUB) also rose up the list to over 25 million, a 50 per cent rise in the last month.

Other stocks that have been shorted for a while but made big climbs up the list include medical software technology company ImpediMed (ASX:IPD) and water treatment stock Phoslock Environmental Technology (ASX:PET).

Code Name Price (I) Short Interest (Shares) Short Interest 1 Month Chg % Market Cap
GXY GALAXY RESOURCES LTD 1.07 74.23M 10.81 450.43M
SYR SYRAH RESOURCES LTD 0.52 68.72M 0.62 223.38M
SXY SENEX ENERGY LTD 0.31 64.15M -4.47 458.78M
MYR MYER HOLDINGS LTD 0.42 60.73M 4.09 357.26M
INR IONEER LTD 0.17 53.79M 3.96 302.38M
NCZ NEW CENTURY RESOURCES LTD 0.19 53.14M 9.39 140.33M
CLQ CLEAN TEQ HOLDINGS LTD 0.27 40.00M 0.97 197.81M
SWM SEVEN WEST MEDIA LTD 0.24 33.90M -13.09 376.82M
MLX METALS X LTD 0.08 31.36M -1.09 71.67M
MRM MMA OFFSHORE LTD 0.16 28.24M -0.07 148.12M
FAR FAR LTD 0.04 25.81M -58.9 379.20M
BUB BUBS AUSTRALIA LTD 0.69 25.07M 54.6 397.81M
AJM ALTURA MINING LTD 0.06 24.58M -4.57 153.64M
BUD BUDDY TECHNOLOGIES LTD 0.03 19.06M 33.19 78.60M
BGL BELLEVUE GOLD LTD 0.5 19.05M 4.39 287.81M
GRR GRANGE RESOURCES LTD 0.22 18.55M -16.79 266.19M
EWC ENERGY WORLD CORP LTD 0.07 18.34M -0.04 129.29M
PDN PALADIN ENERGY LTD 0.09 17.11M 13.78 172.37M
LNG LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS LTD 0.13 16.58M -0.23 66.32M
SPL STARPHARMA HOLDINGS LTD 1.14 14.26M 1.78 428.42M
HT1 HT&E LTD 1.58 13.19M 0.05 442.76M
SLC SUPERLOOP LTD 0.88 12.96M 6.95 310.99M
DCN DACIAN GOLD LTD 1.4 11.38M 17.13 319.80M
IPD IMPEDIMED LTD 0.13 10.46M 45.26 57.49M
OEL OTTO ENERGY LTD 0.03 10.12M 33.36 63.97M
LVT LIVETILES LTD 0.36 9.40M 36.7 292.54M
CLH COLLECTION HOUSE LTD 1.06 8.20M 2.67 151.17M
FBR FBR LTD 0.05 7.43M 17.88 91.72M
CGB CANN GLOBAL LTD 0.01 7.07M 29.87 51.64M
KGN KOGAN.COM LTD 4.86 6.03M 38.39 463.22M
EMR EMERALD RESOURCES NL 0.05 5.01M 11.62 174.88M
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The newly shorted

Down nearly 90 per cent in the last 12 months, Canada-focused oil and gas explorer Calima Energy (ASX:CE1) is a new target of shorters.

It has a project plan but is yet to make a final investment decision — it is looking for financing and a joint venture partner. The company admitted in its most recent quarterly that current low gas prices did not help.

Construction and engineering firm Decmil Group (ASX:DCG) is another target of shorters, more than halving in the last month after a not-so-great update two days before Christmas.

Women’s fashion retailer Mosaic Brands (ASX:MOZ) saw its sales drop over the summer as a result of the bushfires and it’s been a shorters’ target since.

Code Name Price Short Interest (Shares) Short Interest 1 Month Chg % Market Cap
CE1 CALIMA ENERGY LTD 0.006 4.53M 2,089,094.88 12.93M
PPE PEOPLE INFRASTRUCTURE LTD 3.88 18.61k 1,861,400 279.01M
ACF ACROW FORMWORK AND CONSTRUCTION 0.35 25.50k 364,142.88 71.05M
FOD FOOD REVOLUTION GROUP LTD/TH 0.06 1.08k 107,500 41.31M
FGR FIRST GRAPHENE LTD 0.17 7.06k 100,771.43 78.39M
DCG DECMIL GROUP LTD 0.37 1.13M 92,663.61 92.12M
RXP RXP SERVICES LTD 0.47 50.00k 20,646.89 76.52M
MOZ MOSAIC BRANDS LTD 1.63 82.95k 16,898.77 162.65M
CLV CLOVER CORP LTD 2.59 300.00k 7,949.37 437.40M
MMJ MMJ GROUP HOLDINGS LTD 0.13 25.74k 3,387.4 28.05M
WKT WALKABOUT RESOURCES LTD 0.19 29.21k 1,881.82 66.34M
MGT MAGNETITE MINES LTD 0.004 1.82k 1,601.87 3.86M
TRS REJECT SHOP LTD/THE 4.42 100.59k 1,175.74 128.93M
MTO MOTORCYCLE HOLDINGS LTD 1.75 1.49k 988.32 107.99M
WEC WHITE ENERGY CO LTD 0.07 207.51k 937.89 36.14M
BLK BLACKHAM RESOURCES LTD 0.01 389.91k 908.29 51.88M
LPD LEPIDICO LTD 0.01 273.35k 642.76 60.24M
ADT ADRIATIC METALS PLC-CDI 1.64 5.86k 587.1 291.62M
MVF MONASH IVF GROUP LTD 0.99 149.20k 419.34 234.61M
CHN CHALICE GOLD MINES LTD 0.31 64.93k 371.87 83.59M
SVL SILVER MINES LTD 0.1 891.20k 370.63 87.95M
HRL HRL HOLDINGS LTD 0.14 40.00k 369.04 69.08M
ADA ADACEL TECHNOLOGIES LTD 0.65 384 362.65 49.56M
BID BIDENERGY LTD 1.23 662.17k 353.51 165.72M
TRY TROY RESOURCES LTD 0.09 310.79k 292.14 57.52M
CDD CARDNO LTD 0.37 1.14M 280.81 160.93M
FCT FIRSTWAVE CLOUD TECHNOLOGY L 0.14 29.45k 255.11 44.25M
DEG DE GREY MINING LTD 0.16 1.53M 237.67 140.20M
CCV CASH CONVERTERS INTL LTD 0.21 13.57k 237.62 138.70M
OCC ORTHOCELL LTD 0.49 939.50k 222.69 90.33M
CDV CARDINAL RESOURCES LTD 0.37 1.90k 218.66 182.79M
PWG PRIMEWEST GROUP LTD 1.38 411.88k 211.4 464.35M
TDI 360 CAPITAL DIGITAL INFRA FD 1.7 235.97k 202.94 99.32M
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