On Stockhead today, the gaming stocks punters are betting on; two gold IPOs capitalising on the current bull run; and by this measure, FY20 reporting season is on track to be the best in 5 years.

But first…

The day ahead

Local markets will get weekly payroll data from the ABS (a new edition to track post-COVID volatility).

Later on, US markets will get updates on home price data and home sales, as well as the US Fed’s Richmond manufacturing index where Westpac says “shipments and new orders data suggest expansion ahead”.

The following companies are in trading halts and are expected to exit in the next two trading days:


Cobre (ASX:CBE) – acquisition
Mint Payments (ASX:MNW) – ASX delisting vote
Six Sigma Metals (ASX:SI6) – acquisition
Emeco Holdings (ASX:EHL) – capital raising
RTG Mining (ASX:RTG) – arbitration proceedings


Kingwest Resources (ASX:KWR) – capital raising
Anova Minerals (ASX:AWV) – asset divestment
Petratherm (ASX:PTR) – proposed transaction
Wellness & Beauty Solutions (ASX:WNB) – proposed acquisition
Manuka Resources (ASX:MKR) – exploration results
Australian Mines (ASX:AUZ) – capital raising
Minotaur Exploration (ASX:MEP) – capital raising
Broo (ASX:BEE) – capital raising
Cycliq Group (ASX:CYQ) – board appointments
Lake Resources (ASX:LKE) – capital raising
Astro Resources (ASX:ARO) – capital raising
Comet Resources (ASX:CRL) – acquisition
Hastings Technology Metals (ASX:HAS) – capital raising


Gold: $US1,928.44 ($2,692.55) (-0.57%)

Silver: $US26.60 ($37.14) (-0.33%)

Oil (WTI): $US42.38 (+0.09%)

Oil (Brent): $US44.35 (+1.49%)

Coal: $US50.45 (-1.75%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US122.79 (-0.77%)

AUD/USD: $US0.7161 (+0.01%)

Bitcoin: $US11,737.67 (+0.54%)

What got you talking yesterday

Readers took an interest in Stockhead columnist Barry Fitzgerald’s bullish outlook for copper, as well as our analysis of what metals electric car giant Tesla needs more of.

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Yesterday’s winners

Stocks highlighted in yellow made market-moving announcements
PPY Papyrus Australia 0.018 80.00% 13.4M
CCE Carnegie Clean Energy 0.0015 50.00% 5.6M
UUV UUV Aquabotix 0.0015 50.00% 5.0M
SI6 Six Sigma Metals 0.011 37.50% 413.0M
SHK Stone Resources Australia 0.038 35.71% 5.2M
MTB Mount Burgess Mining 0.012 33.33% 112.9M
XTC Xantippe Resources 0.004 33.33% 123.5M
VTI Visioneering Technologies 0.028 33.33% 25.7M
TPD Talon Petroleum 0.004 33.33% 830.0k
VMG VDM Group 0.002 33.33% 1.3M
GAP Gale Pacific 0.22 29.41% 745.5k
BEL Bentley Capital 0.07 29.09% 826.3k
BUX Buxton Resources 0.1 28.21% 392.0k
WCN White Cliff Minerals 0.014 27.27% 183.0M
SRK Strike Resources 0.17 26.92% 8.0M
FE8 Faster Enterprises 0.03 25.00% 20.0k
DHR Dark Horse Resources 0.0025 25.00% 2.0M
NXE New Energy Minerals 0.02 23.53% 1.2M
SPL Starpharma Holdings 1.3 23.33% 8.5M
WBT Weebit Nano 0.48 23.08% 7.5M
GTG Genetic Technologies 0.011 22.22% 74.6M
MJC Mejority Capital 0.05 21.95% 261.7k
AQC Australian Pacific Coal 0.17 21.43% 7.7k
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Yesterday’s losers

Code Name Price % Chg Volume
DTR Dateline Resources Ltd 0.002 -33.33% 500.0k
CZN Corazon Mining Ltd 0.002 -33.33% 8.5M
CCE Carnegie Clean Energy Ltd 0.001 -33.33% 6.8M
TPD Talon Petroleum Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 1.0M
AUH AustChina Holdings Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 600.0k
TRM Truscott Mining Corp Ltd 0.016 -20.00% 50.0k
TYM Tymlez Group Ltd 0.12 -17.86% 468.9k
KEY Key Petroleum Ltd 0.005 -16.67% 30.9M
ICT iCollege Ltd 0.06 -15.71% 546.4k
FRX Flexiroam Ltd 0.023 -14.81% 6.9M
RIM Rimfire Pacific Mining NL 0.006 -14.29% 7.2M
NWE Norwest Energy NL 0.003 -14.29% 3.4M
IMS Impelus Ltd 0.006 -14.29% 1.1M
FPL Fremont Petroleum Corp Ltd 0.003 -14.29% 11.6M
BSM Bass Metals Ltd 0.003 -14.29% 1.6M
EN1 engage:BDR Ltd 0.006 -14.29% 55.2M
DRE Dreadnought Resources Ltd 0.012 -14.29% 26.5M
BXN Bioxyne Ltd 0.013 -13.33% 1.6M
HGL Hudson Investment Group Ltd 0.35 -12.50% 10.0k
XST XState Resources Ltd 0.0035 -12.50% 277.5k
GRV Greenvale Mining Ltd 0.043 -12.24% 1.2M
POD Podium Minerals Ltd 0.09 -12.00% 2.9M
WOA Wide Open Agriculture Ltd 1.23 -11.87% 3.4M
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