Good morning and happy Monday. On Stockhead today, why is Beijing so empty right now, why Tolga Kumova got into Meteoric, and how to raise money for… raising money.

Here’s what you need to know ahead of an important week on the ASX and global markets.

The week ahead in data

It’s the start of a new month, which usually means a pick-up in activity on the economic data front.

This week is no exception, with the added highlight of Tuesday night’s much-anticipated federal budget. While the broader economy has lost steam recently, stable commodity prices and low unemployment have left the budget in good shape.

As a result, markets are watching to see what kind of fiscal stimulus the Morrison government delivers ahead of the federal election in May.

There’s also monthly house price data from CoreLogic this morning, and a spate of PMIs scheduled throughout the week for manufacturing, services and construction.

And before the budget on Tuesday night, the RBA will make its monthly interest rates announcement on Tuesday afternoon (2:30pm AEST). The central bank is starting to lean dovish, but markets still expect rates to stay on hold at 1.5 per cent in April.

Globally, key data will be led by all-important US employment figures, scheduled for release after Asian markets close on Friday night.

Company news

There are eight companies currently in a trading halt that are set to provide updates over the next couple of days.

Stemify (ASX: SF1), Ausmex Mining Group (ASX; AMG) and Navarre Minerals (ASX: NML) all have capital raising announcements scheduled today, while Sunbridge Group (ASX: SBB) is expected to provide an explanation regarding the impact of a prior-year accounting adjustment.

VRX Silica (ASX: VRX) will make a capital raising announcement on Tuesday, while Bubs Australia (ASX: BUB) while provide an update on a capital raising in connection with a possible acquisition.

Also on Tuesday, Konekt (ASX: KKT) will recommence trading after advising on the details of a customer contract, along with Core Lithium (ASX: CXO), which requested a halt pending the details of a mining offtake agreement.


Gold: $USD1,291.90 ($1,814.83) +0.14%

Silver: $USD15.13 +0.83%

Oil (Brent): $USD68.39 +0.84%

Oil (WTI): $USD60.14 +1.42%

Iron ore 62% fe: $USD85.70 +0.07%

AUD/USD: $USD0.7119 (+0.32%)

What got you talking last week

Adtech company Adveritas (ASX: AV1) fostered some discussion on the Stockhead Facebook chat forum, as it climbed around 30 per cent for the week following the announcement on Monday of a new integrated marketing platform.

Member Jim Skazas wrote on Wednesday: AV1 is running today. Just breaking out. Fundamentals are there. Are likely to be exceptionally good in the eyes of US venture capitalists who do business with them. Any raising likely to come from US VC money imo.

These were the five most-discussed stocks on trading gossip forum HotCopper at close on Friday:

Last week’s winners

Coal explorer Resource Generation (ASX:RES) was up nearly 70 per cent over the week to end at 12.5c.

The company got a price query from the ASX earlier in the week, but didn’t have a key reason for the sudden jump in its share price and volume of shares traded.

RES said it may have been due to a delayed market response from an update earlier this month, when the company advised that Hong-Kong based Noble House had agreed to lend the company another $2.5m.

And there were some big jumps among a couple of penny stocks, with PR firm R3D Global (ASX:R3D) and air conditioning supplier Multistack International (ASX:MSI) both notching a 200 per cent gain without posting any key updates to the market.

If you’re after some more price-action details ahead of this morning’s market open, Stockhead’s weekly wrap has everything you need to know.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for the week ended March 29:

ASX codeCompanyMarket CapPrice last FridayPrice this Friday% change
R3D R3D GLOBAL LTD $617,206 0.0050.015200
RES RESOURCE GENERATION LTD $69,765,640 0.0740.12569
ARX ARC EXPLORATION LTD $5,050,147 0.1250.20060
FSG FIELD SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS LTD $10,750,360 0.0160.02556
LI3 LITHIUM CONSOLIDATED LTD $6,811,659 0.0460.07154
WEL WINCHESTER ENERGY LTD $8,188,698 0.0190.02847
RFG RETAIL FOOD GROUP LTD $43,858,924 0.1650.25052
THD THRED LTD $5,368,173 0.0020.00350
SHK STONE RESOURCES AUSTRALIA LT $2,434,939 0.0020.00350
DDD 3D RESOURCES LTD $3,321,663 0.0020.00350
DTR DATELINE RESOURCES LTD $22,857,094 0.0020.00350
NET NETLINKZ LTD $59,351,696 0.0350.05249
KOR KORAB RESOURCES LTD $12,045,383 0.0270.03944
WRM WHITE ROCK MINERALS LTD $11,455,205 0.0050.00845
GID GI DYNAMICS INC-CDI $18,313,668 0.0190.02742
8CO 8COMMON LTD $7,287,482 0.0430.06142
WCN WHITE CLIFF MINERALS LTD $2,822,081 0.0050.00740
MOB MOBILICOM LTD/AUSTRALIA $21,762,672 0.0840.11537
CHZ CHESSER RESOURCES LTD $11,669,069 0.0380.05237
AJX ALEXIUM INTERNATIONAL GROUP $55,270,976 0.1150.15535
LBT LBT INNOVATIONS LTD $16,476,016 0.0610.08234
SPX SPECTRUM METALS LTD $26,279,546 0.0210.02833
TMX TERRAIN MINERALS LTD $2,574,928 0.0030.00433
GLV GLOBAL VANADIUM LTD $11,317,920 0.0030.00433
GGX GAS2GRID LTD $4,625,637 0.0030.00433
OSP OSPREY MEDICAL INC-CDI $56,133,660 0.1050.14033
REY REY RESOURCES LTD $27,610,084 0.0970.13034
PO3 PURIFLOH LTD $138,085,008 3.6004.75032
PKO PEAKO LTD $1,800,517 0.0190.02532
WEC WHITE ENERGY CO LTD $51,631,860 0.0800.10531
AFR AFRICAN ENERGY RESOURCES-CDI $10,653,713 0.0130.01731
UWL UNITI WIRELESS LTD $55,029,896 0.3750.49031

Last week’s losers

It was a rough week for Stemify (ASX:SF1), a US-based distributor of 3D printers. Its share price halved to 0.2 cents after the ASX raised doubts about its half-year accounts, before it announced a trading half in advance of a pending capital raise.

And Orinoco Gold (ASX:OGX) tumbled by 38 per cent to 0.25 cents amid another round of chaos at its Brazil-based gold project. The company is now trying to raise more cash from investors as it faces allegations of poor conduct and theft at its Cascavel gold mine.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for the week ended March 29:

TickerNameMarket capPrice last FridayPrice this Friday% change
SF1 STEMIFY LTD $1,117,737.88 0.0040.002-50
MTB MOUNT BURGESS MINING NL $1,355,638.13 0.0050.003-40
OGX ORINOCO GOLD LTD $5,695,514.50 0.0040.0025-38
RGL RIVERSGOLD LTD $2,737,548.00 0.0440.0289-34
BAH BOJUN AGRICULTURE HOLDINGS $12,151,201.00 0.1500.10-33
GBP GLOBAL PETROLEUM LTD $4,053,058.50 0.02990.02-33
UUV UUV AQUABOTIX LTD $3,249,376.00 0.02990.02-33
ANL AMANI GOLD LTD $7,380,455.00 0.0030.002-33
DRE DREADNOUGHT RESOURCES LTD $1,311,629.88 0.0030.002-33
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA LTD $5,383,595.50 0.0030.002-33
VPR VOLT POWER GROUP LTD $8,244,533.50 0.00150.001-33
TOM TOMIZONE LTD $2,126,003.50 0.0060.004-33
NWE NORWEST ENERGY NL $6,764,185.50 0.0030.002-33
CLZ CLASSIC MINERALS LTD $4,508,580.00 0.00150.001-33
TZL TZ LTD $11,642,097.00 0.2390.165-31
PSA PETSEC ENERGY LTD $25,432,566.00 0.1000.07-30
FNT FRONTIER RESOURCES LTD $3,423,713.50 0.010.007-30
NGY NUENERGY GAS LTD $20,733,376.00 0.02700.0189-30
MTH MITHRIL RESOURCES LTD $2,534,335.25 0.0070.005-29
KEY KEY PETROLEUM LTD $9,296,773.00 0.0070.005-29
CTM CENTAURUS METALS LTD $16,229,893.00 0.0070.005-29
ARN ALDORO RESOURCES LTD $4,085,375.00 0.1590.115-28
CT1 CCP TECHNOLOGIES LTD $3,569,336.25 0.0110.008-27
BIR BIR FINANCIAL LTD $12,000,056.00 0.1500.109-27
SKN SKIN ELEMENTS LTD $4,762,975.50 0.04300.0320-26