On Stockhead today, the key ingredients needed for medtech growth, the stocks Wisetech’s Michael Gregg has been buying and Australian energy productivity goals are slipping out of reach.

But first…


The day ahead

The following companies are in trading halts and are expected to exit in the next two trading days:


QuickFee (ASX:QFE) – capital raising
St George Mining (ASX:SGQ) – capital raising
Titanium Sands (ASX:TSL) – updated mineral resource statement
RBR Group (ASX:RBR) – capital raising
Cellnet Group (ASX:CLT) – capital raising


K2fly (ASX:K2F) – underwriting of options
Great Southern Mining (ASX:GSN) – capital raising
Fraser Range Metals Group (ASX:FRN) – capital raising



Gold: $US1,683.50 ($2,628.56) (-1.32%)

Silver: $US14.76 (-1.74%)

Oil (WTI): $US24.11 (-1.83%)

Oil (Brent): $US29.76 (-3.81%)

Coal: $US53.75 (+0.90%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US83.06 (+1.11%)

AUD/USD: $US0.6403 (-0.44%)

Bitcoin: $US9,250.56 (+3.13%)


What got you talking yesterday

Who said it was easy being a large cap? Iron ore producers, particularly the Big 4, are seeing their production capacity decline. This could be good news for the ASX’s smaller iron ore plays.

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These were the most tipped stocks (weekly) on Stocks In Play:

Yesterday’s winners

Code Company Price % Change Volume
E2M E2 Metals Ltd 0.19 +111.11% 7.2M
XPE Xped Ltd 0.002 +100.00% 3.0M
GED Golden Deeps Ltd 0.013 +85.71% 60.2M
TAR Taruga Minerals Ltd 0.014 +55.56% 79.4k
FSG Field Solutions Holdings Ltd 0.03 +50.00% 9.2M
DDD 3D Resources Ltd 0.003 +50.00% 4.4M
MCT Metalicity Ltd 0.003 +50.00% 1.0M
ROG Red Sky Energy Ltd 0.0015 +50.00% 676.4k
VIC Victory Mines Ltd 0.0015 +50.00% 48.4M
CE1 Calima Energy Ltd 0.007 +40.00% 2.9M
AXI Axiom Properties Ltd 0.04 +40.00% 240.0k
RFG Retail Food Group 0.08 +36.36% 11.3M
XF1 XREF Ltd 0.13 +35.87% 1.3M
AEE Aura Energy Ltd 0.004 +33.33% 12.0M
CZL Consolidated Zinc Ltd 0.004 +33.33% 829.0k
LRS Latin Resources Ltd 0.004 +33.33% 1.7M
AJQ Armour Energy Ltd 0.04 +28.57% 679.8k
TSL Titanium Sands Ltd 0.05 +27.78% 991.3k
INF Infinity Lithium Corp Ltd 0.04 +26.67% 168.4k
CAP Carpentaria Resources Ltd 0.02 +26.32% 262.1k
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Yesterday’s losers

Code Company Price % Change Volume
JPR Jupiter Energy Ltd 0.05 -64.67% 7.8M
MAR Malachite Resources Ltd 0.06 -39.00% 30.5k
PCL Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL 0.001 -33.33% 551.8k
ICU iSentric Ltd 0.004 -33.33% 9.3k
ASN Anson Resources Ltd 0.02 -29.17% 17.3M
CUX Crossland Strategic Metals Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 125.0k
CTO Citigold Corp Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 5.1M
BSM Bass Metals Ltd 0.003 -25.00% 360.0k
AIB Aurora Global Income Trust 0.09 -22.73% 1.7k
NVU Nanoveu Ltd 0.09 -22.50% 5.5M
PKO Peako Ltd 0.007 -22.22% 13.9k
VAR Variscan Mines Ltd 0.012 -20.00% 3.8k
WCN White Cliff Minerals Ltd 0.006 -20.00% 7.4M
SPQ Superior Resources Ltd 0.004 -20.00% 114.8k
POW Protean Energy Ltd 0.004 -20.00% 1.6M
MNW Mint Payments Ltd 0.004 -20.00% 3.7M
DLC Delecta Ltd 0.004 -20.00% 190.0k
MZZ Matador Mining Ltd 0.19 -19.15% 2.6M
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