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Coming up on Stockhead today, who’s bought back into their own company, how can anyone compete with Netflix and Uber Eats, and what stocks are battling climate change – and losing?

But first, here’s what you need to know right now:


The week ahead in data

Nothing much of interest being released today, but it ramps up from Tuesday onwards.

Tomorrow the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases quarterly and yearly house price data and the minutes of the latest Reserve Bank of Australia meeting will be publicly issued.

Assistant governor at the RBA Michele Bullock will deliver a speech on Wednesday, while Westpac has monthly leading index data.

The RBA releases a bulletin on economic developments on Thursday and the ABS drops a range of employment figures.


Company news

A number of companies have shares coming out of escrow this week, including Apiam Animal Health (ASX:AHX)eCargo (ASX:ECG) and Moho Resources (ASX:MOH). View the full list here.

There are also a stack of companies due out of trading halts early this week. Alliance Resources (ASX:AGS), Metals Australia (ASX:MLS), Cazaly Resources (ASX:CAZ), Venturex Resources (ASX:VXR), Total Brain (ASX:TTB) and Bowen Coal (ASX:BCB) all have news of capital raises. Kingsgate Consolidated (ASX:KCN) have an update on some court proceedings, Northern Minerals (ASX:NTU) some funding news and Infinity Lithium (ASX:INF) are set to tell the market about an acquisition.



Gold: $US1303.13 ($1,837.67) +0.39%

Silver: $US15.27 +0.64%

Oil (Brent): $US 67.16 -0.10%

Oil (WTI): $US58.52 -0.15%

Coal: $US91.25 -1.64%

Iron ore 62% fe: $US86.12 +0.16%

AUD/USD: $US0.7084


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What got you talking last week

FYI Resources (ASX:FYI) created some discussion on the Stockhead Facebook chat forum, with news it had produced 99.999 per cent purity alumina.

Member Maxwell Percy wrote: “Interesting article. They are not alone of course. Altech Chemicals (ASX:ATC) is another that appears to be progressing well towards the same ends and has several patents in place to protect its processes.”

These were the five most-discussed stocks on trading gossip forum HotCopper at close on Friday:



Last week’s winners

Lithium play Strike Resources (ASX:SRK) led the pack this week, rocketing from 4 cents to above 10 cents for a weekly gain of 150 per cent,

Investors were excited by Strike’s acquisition of a 90 per cent interest in a prospective lithium site in Argentina.

The site supposedly sits within South America’s ‘Lithium Triangle’ in north-west Argentina. The company is targeting a fast-track exploration program to test geological models for production of lithium carbonates.

And junior explorer Ausmex (ASX:AMG) had a good week, after spiking on Thursday when it announced 3D geophysical modelling revealed a “massive” conductive structure at its Golden Mile tenements in Queensland.

Shares in the mining company, led by an experienced team with a strong history of value creation, closed the week at 13 cents for a gain of 101 per cent.

ASX codeCompanyMarket CapPrice this FridayPrice last FridayOne-week change
SRK STRIKE RESOURCES LTD $15,260,098.00 0.1050.042150
SKN SKIN ELEMENTS LTD $6,206,301.50 0.0430.018139
KGM KALNORTH GOLD MINES LTD $6,259,680.50 0.0070.003133
GBG GINDALBIE METALS LTD $40,490,200.00 0.0270.012125
AMG AUSMEX MINING GROUP LTD $63,923,920.00 0.1550.077101
KLH KALIA LTD $10,057,390.00 0.0040.002100
VRM VERDANT MINERALS LTD $33,112,844.00 0.0300.015100
TMK TAMASKA OIL & GAS LTD $3,920,000.00 0.0020.001100
BMT BERKUT MINERALS LTD $7,875,916.50 0.1450.08277
AWV ANOVA METALS LTD $9,586,984.00 0.0150.00967
SRN SUREFIRE RESOURCES NL $2,203,268.25 0.0050.00367
ICQ ICAR ASIA LTD $67,265,816.00 0.1750.11552
JXT JAXSTA LTD $39,259,244.00 0.1800.12050
EMU EMU NL $8,662,812.00 0.0660.04450
RXH REWARDLE HOLDINGS LTD $1,578,964.50 0.0030.00250
GTE GREAT WESTERN EXPLORATION LT $5,791,196.00 0.0060.00450
AVW AVIRA RESOURCES LTD $3,000,000.00 0.0030.00250
OLI OLIVER'S REAL FOOD LTD $8,524,885.00 0.0340.02348
UWL UNITI WIRELESS LTD $32,100,772.00 0.2450.17044
NVX NOVONIX LTD $83,733,624.00 0.6800.48042
CT1 CCP TECHNOLOGIES LTD $4,907,837.50 0.0110.00837
ENR ENCOUNTER RESOURCES LTD $25,188,008.00 0.0960.07037
PDI PREDICTIVE DISCOVERY LTD $2,833,704.75 0.0120.00933
CYQ CYCLIQ GROUP LTD $3,814,049.75 0.0040.00333
MHC MANHATTAN CORP LTD $2,965,114.75 0.0040.00333
DUB DUBBER CORP LTD $167,275,888.00 1.0850.82032
NCR NUCOAL RESOURCES LTD $19,215,310.00 0.0250.01932
TIE TIETTO MINERALS LTD $28,655,118.00 0.1250.09532
SL1 SYMBOL MINING LTD $9,943,727.00 0.0170.01331
VRS VERIS LTD $28,352,966.00 0.0780.06030
HMX HAMMER METALS LTD $8,486,021.00 0.0270.02129
AVH AVITA MEDICAL LTD $335,599,136.00 0.1800.14029
RXL ROX RESOURCES LTD $11,329,025.00 0.0090.00729
ARD ARGENT MINERALS LTD $7,081,382.50 0.0140.01127
HOR HORSESHOE METALS LTD $2,725,130.75 0.0140.01127
SRZ STELLAR RESOURCES LTD $4,936,275.50 0.0140.01127
FTZ FERTOZ LTD $26,894,518.00 0.2100.16527
SVT SERVTECH GLOBAL HOLDINGS LTD $4,054,105.00 0.0190.01527
LNU LINIUS TECHNOLOGIES LTD $41,331,292.00 0.0440.03526
ANL AMANI GOLD LTD $8,706,819.00 0.0020.00225
ICG INCA MINERALS LTD $15,092,677.00 0.0050.00425
MZN MARINDI METALS LTD $9,923,794.00 0.0050.00425
PRL PETREL ENERGY LTD $12,072,187.00 0.0050.00425


Last week’s losers

Red Emperor Resources (ASX: RMP) came back to earth with a thud, after rocketing higher last week following an announcement on its drilling operations at the Winx-1 oil & gas well in Alaska.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a dud. The clay formation in the Winx area makes it hard to get the oil out and also takes up more space, so there’s less oil to extract. RMP led the market lower with a weekly fall of 84 per cent.

And lithium player Galan (ASX:GLN) also suffered a heavy fall after a rollercoaster of a week.

The company’s stock price initially rocketed above 60 cents (prompting a please-explain from the ASX), before an equally sharp fall to finish the week 50 per cent lower.

A Monday announcement was to blame, as Galan advised that drill hole number two at the Candelas lithium brine project in Argentina wasn’t replicating the success of the first just yet. But here’s its boss still being pretty chirpy, saying the price plunge is a bit of an “overreaction”.

TickerNameMarket capPrice this FridayPrice last Friday% change
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY LTD $3,130,740.75 0.0020.002-20
ROG RED SKY ENERGY LTD $1,646,417.63 0.0020.002-20
MEB MEDIBIO LTD $3,980,824.00 0.0160.020-20
OEX OILEX LTD $10,307,952.00 0.0040.005-20
MRR MINREX RESOURCES LTD $1,150,532.75 0.0120.015-20
MTC METALSTECH LTD $2,806,893.25 0.0240.030-20
BNR BULLETIN RESOURCES LTD $3,585,861.50 0.0200.025-20
BGS BIRIMIAN LTD $42,321,620.00 0.1600.200-20
TNT TESSERENT LTD $8,618,063.00 0.0600.075-20
DXN DATA EXCHANGE NETWORK LTD $14,060,305.00 0.0720.091-21
GSS GENETIC SIGNATURES LTD $110,268,552.00 1.0601.350-21
LSA LACHLAN STAR LTD $5,277,059.50 0.0070.009-22
BUG BUDERIM GROUP LTD $18,064,590.00 0.2100.270-22
NES NELSON RESOURCES LTD $4,787,249.00 0.1050.135-22
IHR INTELLIHR HOLDINGS LTD $12,644,016.00 0.1200.155-23
ZGL ZICOM GROUP LTD $21,714,078.00 0.1000.130-23
GSW GETSWIFT LTD $33,934,376.00 0.1800.235-23
VEC VECTOR RESOURCES LTD $27,799,068.00 0.0130.017-24
CLZ CLASSIC MINERALS LTD $4,508,580.00 0.0020.002-25
NSE NEW STANDARD ENERGY LTD $2,364,179.50 0.0030.004-25
PNN PEPINNINI LITHIUM LTD $2,456,023.25 0.0030.004-25
MRD MOUNT RIDLEY MINES LTD $3,499,296.50 0.0020.002-25
ADV ARDIDEN LTD $5,030,640.50 0.0030.004-25
RNY RNY PROPERTY TRUST $1,580,483.38 0.0060.008-25
MDI MIDDLE ISLAND RESOURCES LTD $6,281,113.00 0.0060.008-25
AOA AUSMON RESOURCES LTD $1,638,203.75 0.0030.004-25
RNX RENEGADE EXPLORATION LTD $2,137,880.00 0.0030.004-25
OVL ORO VERDE LTD $4,667,035.50 0.0030.004-25
UNL UNITED NETWORKS LTD $1,132,424.50 0.0090.012-25
EQE EQUUS MINING LTD $9,870,045.00 0.0110.015-27
TRM TRUSCOTT MINING CORP LTD $1,296,257.00 0.0110.015-27
SCI SILVER CITY MINERALS LTD $2,349,682.00 0.0080.011-27
88E 88 ENERGY LTD $94,973,104.00 0.0150.021-29
ORM ORION METALS LTD $2,390,487.25 0.0050.007-29
AKN AUKING MINING LTD $932,584.44 0.0010.002-33
VPR VOLT POWER GROUP LTD $8,244,533.50 0.0010.002-33
SRO SHAREROOT LTD $1,569,454.38 0.0010.002-33
REF REVERSE CORP LTD $1,485,769.00 0.0160.027-41
ARO ASTRO RESOURCES NL $2,544,194.75 0.0020.004-50
GLN GALAN LITHIUM LTD $34,294,648.00 0.3050.615-50
RMP RED EMPEROR RESOURCES NL $8,404,684.00 0.0160.098-84


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