As more and more ASX stocks file their quarterlies, the list of the best performers looks somewhat different this afternoon than what it did this morning. Stockhead has recapped the latest changes:


Applyflow (ASX:AFW)

The HR tech stock only has a market cap of $16 million and total contract value for SaaS agreements of $681,500.

But the latter figure was up 227% quarter on quarter and its cash receipts for FY21 were up 1,045%, from $260,258 to $2,981,075.

Applyflow also reported signing on several new recruitment agencies including Hudson Pacific Asia and it launched an instalment-based recruitment fee payment product.

Applyflow (ASX:AFW) share price chart


Broo (ASX:BEE)

The beer brewer, named after its signature brand, also impressed shareholders with its growth.

Compared to the March quarter its revenue grew 200% and its case sales grew 400%.

Broo took the opportunity to update shareholders on its market opportunity noting its 3 target markets: full-strength traditional beer, mid-strength beer and premium beer was a $3.38 billion opportunity, making up 78.8% of the beer market segment.

It said its distribution agreements with Carlton United and ALM would be key factors for its success.

Broo (ASX:BEE) share price chart


Mosaic Brands (ASX:MOZ)

Mosaic owns several fashion brands including Rivers’, Noni B and Katie’s.

The group made underlying earnings of $48 million for the full year and $111m in online sales, with the latter figure growing 19% on the prior corresponding period.

It said the June quarter was particularly strong with the absence of lockdowns in certain markets growing consumer confidence.

While it warned the current period would impact the company and it was no longer providing guidance for FY22, it says once lockdowns cease and the vaccine roll out advances it would come out of the current environment strongly.

Mosaic Brands (ASX:MOZ) share price chart


AusCann (ASX:AC8)

Few cannabis companies on the ASX are focused on dogs but AusCann is one of them.

It closed the quarter with $13.7 in cash and restricted operating outflows to $1.6 million.

Its highlights included positive results from a Phase 2a pilot study for its veterinary drug candidate CPAT-01 against osteoarthritis in dogs and entered into an agreement to supply its Neuvis THC/CBD oral capsules to the Tasmanian Department of Health.

AusCann (ASX:AC8) share price chart


Fintech Chain (ASX:FTC)

Fintech Chain’s market update included a response to fears of a regulatory clampdown by the Chinese government which have substantially hit tech stocks this week.

Fintech Chain said the measures were fair, would not hurt its own growth and development.

“Recent policy measures rectifying China business environment (such as antitrust), imposed by the Chinese government are fair and will have a positive influence on the long-term social and economic development of Chinese business and the community at large,” it said.

The company said anti-trust principles were embedded in the framework of its technology and consequently would not impact the company’s current business and future plans.

Fintech Chain (ASX:FTC) share price chart