Today Stockhead has gone through the best and worst 4C releases so you don’t have to. And tech companies were among the standouts today.


CV Check (ASX:CV1)

As its name suggests, this company’s bread and butter is checking CVs. It surpassed $10m in annualised recurring revenue (ARR) for the first time.

It also made its first revenues from several high profile clients.

While the company has had to reduce costs for now, CEO Rod Sherwood said the company would emerge from COVID-19 in a stronger and leaner position than before.

Shares rose over 20 per cent this morning.


Openpay (ASX:OPY)

The buy now, pay later firm is unique among ASX players, being focused on higher end purchases and hoping to enter the business-to-business market in the near future.

In the March quarter its active customers doubled and active plans tripled compared with the prior corresponding period.

Active merchants and total transaction value grew too by 63 per cent and 71 per cent respectively.


Painchek (ASX:PCK)

Painchek has an app that can identify pain in patients unable to verbalise (such as dementia sufferers) which it began rolling out and making money from over the last several months.

Despite the COVID-19 market panic sending its share price lower it had a good March quarter and is up 17 per cent today.

PainChek saw big rises in its sales KPIs, most notably a 79 per cent rise in contracted clients. It also witnessed a 55 per cent rise in contracted residential aged care (RAC) facilities and a 56 per cent rise in total contracted beds.

It hopes to reach 100,000 people in RACs by May 2021.


Clean Seas Seafood (ASX:CSS)

The South Australian aquaculture stock, which specialises in Yellowtail Kingfish, rose a modest 9 per cent this morning.

While its revenue from in-restaurant dining has dried up due to COVID-19 restrictions, the company is beginning to pivot into retail. Earlier this month it announced a deal with Hofseth Group to sell produce into North America and Asia.

Clean Seas’ financial-year-to-date sales revenue is up 4 per cent compared to this time last year. It also booked positive cash flow from its operations.


MCS Services (ASX:MSG)

This company too has had to pivot due to COVID-19. As a security services provider, it traditionally served live events.

But while some doors closed others have opened. One opportunity it has capitalised on is guarding hotels where returning overseas travellers are quarantined for 14 days.

It finished the quarter with a net cash inflow of $809,000 and expects to benefit from government initiatives such as payroll tax cuts and the JobKeeper subsidy.