An upward-tracking chart is usually a sight worth savouring for investors, though 2023 to date has thrown some curveballs against conventional wisdom for some.

Inflation has been front and centre in the early months of the year as the nation grapples with rising costs and an increasing cash rate. Upward movement of a different kind.

It’s the sort of investment environment we haven’t seen in the Lucky Country for a very long time. Until last May, it was possible for an Australian homeowner to have held a mortgage for more than 11 years without experiencing a cash rate rise. Those days are clearly well behind us now. But as with every moment of economic pivot, new investment opportunities present for those who are poised and ready.

How exactly do you identify opportunity in times of economic turbulence? Well, no one is better placed to read the economic tea leaves than Australia’s best and brightest investment managers. And no publication will offer retail investors the same level of insight and introduction to the minds that read the market as we hope to do here at Outperform.

The investment management industry covers more scope than at any time in human history. Fixed interest, domestic equities, small cap equities, sector funds, digital assets, ETFs, residential and commercial property offerings. Financial security and freedom are the end goal but given the sheer range of options out there and the importance of a diversified portfolio, you could mount a case that there has never been a better time in history for a professional’s investment touch.

Through the pages of this edition of Outperform you will find timely commentary and advice from relevant industry specialists, as well as introductions to some of Australia’s most respected and successful boutique money managers – the sort who can properly inform your investment decisions and deliver outcomes to suit your financial needs.

Opportunity is borne of change. You just need to know where to find it.