It’s hump day – which means very different things to various sectors of the community – but for us poor working stiffs, it does mean that the inexorable march of time has now consumed the lion’s share of the week, leaving us just two more working days to fight over the scraps of what’s left before the weekend.

But that sounds like a problem for tomorrow – so for now, sit back and be amazed by the news from the markets and elsewhere that there’s a good chance you might have missed.



Great news for cat owners today, after researchers revealed that it is – technically – possible to communicate with your furry friend.

It turns out that when cats do that thing where they squint like they’ve lost their glasses and then blink so slowly you’d swear they are in the middle of a mild case of the Oops, I’ve eaten all my Oxy Droops, that’s them trying to let you know that they’re not a threat.

In the first experiment, owners slow-blinked at 21 cats from 14 different households” is not only a sentence that I never, ever though I would read, but also a testament to how utterly ridiculous some science has become.

That’s hundreds of work-hours wasted on animals that obviously hate humans, which could have been spent on helping get this next initiative off the ground.

You see, Google has been slowly building its own AI – as prophesied in the Ancient Scriptures we more commonly know as The Terminator – in order to fractionally decrease the amount of time it takes to serve us all commercials while we’re trying to do other stuff on the internet.

But in a rare move, Google has been pointing it’s prodigious massive silicon-based super-brain at the task of helping to tackle breast cancer – by feeding gazillions of mammogram images into the computer to allow it to help diagnose the horrible disease, and save some lives.

Microsoft would do well to hurry up and try to do something similar, as it is widely known that it’s Bing search engine is the far superior option for searching for pictures of boobies – a fact that my soon to be grounded for life son recently found out, without first learning that “Incognito Mode” is a thing.

He claimed that he was doing research for a “school project about certain types of birds” – but even I’m savvy enough to know that when a 12-year-old is searching for”tits” and “boobies”, school is most likely the last thing on his mind.

At least, I hope it is…



Just a couple of quickies this arvo, because I totally didn’t have an impromptu nap just now and nearly sleep straight through my afternoon deadline. Honest.

In Canada, Aussie-listed Pure Resources (ASX:PR1) says it has secured a solid 160km2 chunk of claims. situated 65 km northeast of Patriot Battery Metals’ Corvette discovery, covering part of the 7 km long Laforge Greenstone Belt that has structural and lithological analogies to the nearby La Grande Greenstone Belt, host to the Corvette pegmatite discoveries.

The whole thing lies snugly in the Superior Province, Quebec – while I’m just sitting her in what is obviously the Inferior Province, my house.

And lastly for today, copper digger Cobre (ASX:CBE) has completed the acquisition of the remaining 49% interest in Kalahari Metals Limited (KML) moving to 100% ownership of KML and the 5,348 km2 of Botswana’s Kalahari Copper Belt KML holds the tenure for.

The news caps of a big step for Cobre, which also announced that it has also issued a total of 2,956,800 shares to Mitchell Drilling pursuant to the Subscription Deed announced to the ASX on 4 August 2022 as part of a drill for equity swap – which seems like a very reasonable outcome, seeing as how they were actually meant to be drilling for copper. #DadJoke.



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The Market Herald (ASX:TMH) – TMH is shuffling the deck chairs in the boardroom and will have an update on finances soon.

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