Today was not great for the ASX – that much is obvious.

But you know what? It’s nearly over – which means it’s time to loosen your tie, your belt buckle (only if you really have to…), kick off those heels and snuggle down on the Last Orders rug for a look back at the day that was.

You all comfy there? Good… let’s spark up the fire and feed all the Jerome Powell Memorial Charcoal Briquettes we can find, and remember that some people just want to watch the world burn.



From the “It was bound to happen sooner rather than later” files, a (I want to say “elderly” but one of them ain’t much older than me and I’m not quite ready to face that label myself just yet) … a couple in Winnipeg, Canada is in doo-doo with the po-po after handing out cannabis lollies to kids at Halloween.

The cannabis edibles “were all found inside zipped sandwich bags along with full-size chocolate bars, and were packaged to look like the popular Nerds candy”, according to local reports.

Now, we’re not talking weak little edibles here, either – they are labelled as having 600mg of THC in them, far in excess of Canadian law which is cool with anything up to 10mg per package.

Local police say testing the lollies for their THC requirements could take some time, as the hundreds of volunteers to guinea pig the edibles are (possibly) waiting for a quiet weekend evening with a good hockey game on.

Meanwhile, Best Korea Ever Just Ask Anyone™ has reportedly fired a barrage of 20 rockets in response to South Korea and the United States holding war games nearby.

North Korea had warned that, in response to the military drills that it sees as dress rehearsals for imminent invasion, it would make the US and South Korea to “pay the most horrible price in history”.

What that price is remains uncertain, but we suspect that it might include an intimate dinner for two with Dear Leader, followed by a romantic stroll along the empty streets of Pyong Yang and ending with a night of drinks, dancing and grotesque, sweaty passion at a discotheque called Rocket Shotz.

Or, it could be a threat that North Korea will shoot nukes in every direction at once and hope that one of its rockets, finally, hits something other than the ocean.



Just a few quickies today…

The new chapter of the Demetallica (ASX:DRM) vs AIC Mines(ASX:A1M) takeover rumble is about to drop, with both firms dropping into trading halts because of pending announcements about a “potential corporate transaction involving the company”.

This whole thing has been grumbling along for a while now, with the latest instalment seeing A1M’s offer for DRM being declared unconditional on 25 October. We’ve covered this already in some depth, but it looks as if there’s been more movement at the station, so we’re expecting news from ringside tomorrow.

We’ll be watching closely and will definitely keep you in the loop.

Elsewhere, news from Ookami (ASX:OOK) is that it has entered into a binding share sale agreement to acquire the entire issued share capital of First Lithium.

Sounds simple, but… before it all rolls out, First Lithium has entered into agreement to acquire the entire issued share capital of Intermin Mali Lithium Holding.

Now, Intermin Mali Lithium Holding is currently (through its wholly owned subsidiary, Intermin Mali SARL) the proud owner of a 100% interest in two lithium mineral bearing permits, Faraba and Gouna, in – you guessed it – Mali.

Which means, once all the details shake out, Ookami is going to end up with an indirect interest in the Faraba and Gouna permits comprising the Mali Lithium Project.



Sipa Resources (ASX:SRI) – Capital raise.

Cobalt Blue Holdings (ASX:COB) – Material fundraise.

Southern Hemisphere Mining (ASX:SUH) – Capital raise.

Novatti (ASX:NOV) – Novatti is, quite prudently, waiting for an announcement from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority about its application for a restricted banking licence.

Demetallica (ASX:DRM) – There’s news incoming about a “potential corporate transaction” involving the company.

AIC Mines(ASX:A1M) – hold on a sec… A1M also has news incoming about a “potential corporate transaction involving the company”. Those two are at it again…

Invictus Energy (ASX:IVZ) – Invictus is prepping a response to a price query.